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Gaming Evolution
Published by: Global Star
Developed by: Take-Two Interactive
Genre: Trivia, game show, adaptation
Players: 1-2
Release Date: November 6. 2006
Written by: Noel Del Pilar
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Every great TV show, game show, movie, even a toy gets his own game. There are also the games that become a TV series tough sadly they donít end up being so good like the games. In this case we are talking about a game show where you can earn a lot of money and itís none other than Deal or No Deal the game show that has everybody thinking and screaming all day. So just how well does the PC game adapt the show, it will obviously be not the same because you will not receive the money because itís a game but does it adapt the rest of the show nicely? Keep reading and find out.

In deal or no deal the goal is to choose first a case from numbers 1 to 26 in which the models will be holding the cases. You have to choose a case that you think there itís a lot of money in it then hold it. After that you will start opening 6 cases from the models and you will see amount of money disappearing and you can start thinking what could be in youíre case. After those 6 cases the banker will call you. He wants to buy you the case you have for the most little money has possible. Depending on the amounts of money you uncovered on the cases you open the certain amount of money the banker will offer you. If you choose Deal you take the money the banker offered you but if you choose no deal you continue playing but the amount of cases you have to open drops to 1 every turn meaning that next you will open 5 cases.

It can be pretty confusing at first and it can also be understood better in visuals but you get an idea. The game is more of a matter of luck, risks and a lot of thinking. Now the game itself in terms of the gameplay itís quick and easy to play. Itís all using the mouse to select the cases you want to open, decide deal or no deal and thatís about it. Technically you will spend lots of time looking at the ladies, and I didnít say that was a bad thing. Besides the normal gameplay you also have the option to customize the prices. Instead of money make it prices and the 2nd player can be the banker and decide what prize to offer you. This is truly a nice family fun feature.

The most useless feature however itís the helpers. They spend time of making these many different type of shadows of different style of people to make them has youíre helpers. The reason that itís pointless itís because they repeat sometimes the same dialogue and also sometimes just say random stuff. I know that the point was to make it funny, yet I think they should just ignore the idea and never put them because they really donít do anything more fun on the gameplay.

The most important thing in these game shows adaptations is the graphics. Why? Because you have to cover just about every detail of the show in order it to make it feel just has exciting like the game show. In deal or no deal they did a pretty great adaptation of the feeling of the show with Howie Mandel saying all the things he always says on the game show. You get the models which look pretty nice and change their clothes every time you play, of course eventually they will repeat clothes later on. The phone will appear ringing; they will show the banker thinking and when he is seeing that you are winning you can see him hitting himself which is really funny to see.

That being said graphically it still has a fair amount of problems. First of all and most notable is the fact that some models have the same face has others like if they had a clone and not to mention also the hair. And to be fairly honest the models here donít look so sexy in this game they donít look real. Another concern is when you end the game. The crowd always appears applauding no matter what you win and I think if you win 1,000,000 they should make a bigger celebration not just another ordinary one. Those issues are small but still can affect a bit the feeling of the game.

In terms of the audio the soundtrack is exactly like the TV show. The nice dance song with the models, the slow thinking song when you have to decide which case to open, the sound of everyone happy you got a low number of money and of course the sad sound of opening a high number of money. Howie Mandelís voice is great yet he repeats stuff so much. These lines will probably get on youíre nerves: ďHello BankerĒ, ďThat wasnít great but not horribleĒ. This probably happens with this type of games a lot but still more lines would have been nice at least different lines just like the ladies have different clothes.

This game also features a pair of mini-games that are pretty simple and more of the usual stuff you can find on the internet. One of them itís a memory match game that has you opening cases that have pictures of the models and you have to find the same picture. Another one itís finding where the 1,000,000 is in which 4 cases will be moving around and you need to pay attention to the one that has the 1,000,000. The last one itís a jigsaw puzzle where you move the pieces to the empty space. The other featured mentioned before itís putting your own prizes and play on both normal game or prizes game you can play has 2 players, one will be the person playing and the other the banker. There is also another one with both players being the person playing and you have to open a case and then you will get an offer and so on. Whoever did the biggest deal wins. Itís a bit of confusing and itís just better taking turns in the normal TV game.

Overall Deal or No Deal adapts nicely the game show from TV with all that excitement. It also offers a pair of other type of games but they just feel more like putted in because there is no depth to them. It has a few errors here and there through the adaptation. Yet Deal or No Deal for the PC is a must buy for any fan out there of the TV series it adapts everything nicely and itís on a great price. Plus those that donít have a computer with good capabilities of playing games there is also a DVD version on sale that itís the same thing but without all the extras, only the normal game to play with 1 or 2 players.


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