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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Marvelous Interactive / Spike
Developed by: Grasshopper Manufacture
Players: 1
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: June 30th 2007 (Japan)
Written by: Tyler Norton

In 2005, one mans twisted idea for a videogame changed the way people think when they game. This man, is Goichi Suda (better known as Suda51), produced Killer7, a game that revolutionized the way any game is played. With sleek cell-shaded graphics, rail-guided moving, and a story line that had more twists and turns than a Spanish soap opera, Killer7 was just the absolute definition of an excellent videogame. Now, Suda51 and his studio Grasshopper are at it again. This time, Suda’s moving up to the Wii for his brand new game No More Heroes. Join me as I take a closer look into the ideas of an abstract genius and his latest work…

The game has a pretty simple storyline, the main character; Travis Touchdown wins an internet auction for a light-saber like katana which he uses for his profession as a hit man. Now with his powerful weapon, he kills a local big-shot Helter Skelter and is ranked the 11th most powerful assassin by the UAA (group of assassins). Now if this game is anything like its predecessor, be prepared for a large surprise plot-twist that will make everything that you thought was true, a lie.

Gameplay wise, you will use the Wii remote as the laser katana. The katana can be used at three heights: high, middle, and low. This is done by holding the Wii remote up high, level, and then down a little lower than level. You then swing the controller side to side to swing the katana. However, the energy level of the katana diminishes the more you use it, so you’ll have to shake the controller to replenish the energy.

The game is also free-roam, which means you can walk around freely. While walking around or riding a motorcycle named Schpeltiger. Now while you walk around, you will encounter various enemies that you must eliminate to keep your name up and keep your home town of Santa Destroy safe.

Graphic wise, the game will keep the cell-shaded anime-style look that Killer7 had. The character style is also very anime like featuring anime novelties all through out the game, most notably on t-shirts worn by Travis. However, he still manages to look tough even with his anime shirts.

Overall, No More Heroes looks like an excellent game. A great captivating story and innovative gameplay makes the game seem irresistible. Plus, sleek cell-shaded graphics add the perfect tone to this games style. So, if this game is anything like its predecessor, we are in store for a treat. The game hits shelves in Japan June 30th, 2007, be sure to look out for a US release date soon.

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