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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Tecmo
Developed By: Team Ninja
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: November 13, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty
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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball has become a cultural phenomenon on the Xbox console. It as captured the eyes and hearts of eager gamers, mostly men, looking for something a bit different from the norm over at Team Ninja. When this game first dropped, many didn’t know what to take of the title. You have several girls in bikinis playing volleyball on the beach. The game boast lifelike visuals, that often left many a gamers drooling in front of their televisions. With the release of Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, gamers are treated to another visual experience, but this time on the much powerful Xbox 360 console. Taken into account how powerful the 360 is compared to the original console, many were wondering how would this title stack up against its predecessor.

From the opening cut-scenes, you can tell that this game isn’t supposed to be taken serious as an actual fighting game. Zack discovers the sunken remains of once lively Zack Island. After a little intervention, the island is resurrected and dubbed New Zack Island (rather catchy isn’t it?). Once the island is open for business, Zack invites several beautiful ladies form the Dead or Alive tournaments (only the ones not bruised) to vacation on the island and to have a little fun. But before any of the “fun in the sun” can happen, you must pick which DOA diva you will control. You have tour choice of any of the ladies from the first volleyball game, or you can pick the lovely new face around town, Kokoro. When choosing your character, there are various stats from favorite color, to their favorite food. Now you would think that this isn’t a real big deal, but these very tidbits will help in your interactions with the other ladies as you progress through the game.

When you first step foot on the island, Lisa, who will be your first of many volleyball partners, guides you around. You have the option of challenging other teams as you may your way around the resort. If you don’t feel up to battling at first, you can simply chill by the poolside, take part in a Jet Ski race, or do a little browsing and various shops. There are three shops, Accessories, Sports, and Zack of All Trades. Within the Accessories shop, you can purchase hats, glasses, shoes, etc. Within the Sports shop, you can pick up new jet skis, swimsuits, volleyballs, or purchase tickets to unlock new beach areas to play a little volleyball. With the Zack of All Trades shop, it all depends on which day you stop by to browse the goods. You could pick up things like sheet music, or even a bucket of fried chicken (finger licking good!). For the things you pick up that you don’t want, you can always pass on to another one of the ladies (this is where the stats come in handy). You don’t want to give a bucket of chicken to one of the ladies who doesn’t care for that at all.

Beyond the visual upfront, interacting with one another is a prominent aspect of DOAX2. Whether you decide to keep your original partner Lisa, or switch her out for another one, keeping your partner happy makes you very successful. So if your partner likes music or leather bas, then picking up those things from Zack’s shop and giving them to her, will increase your chances of winning your volleyball battles and the chances of getting gifts in return. Some of these gifts can be volleyballs, outfits not obtainable within the game, etc. Everyone knows that ladies give the best gifts, so keep a look out, something great may pass your way. If you opt to be all about yourself, your partner will walk out on you, and you wont be able to compete in any of the volleyball games until you find a replacement.

Now…now…now… I am sure you are wondering where all this money will be coming from, well I will tell you. You have to compete and win various volleyball games. Decide not to compete, then you can chill by the poolside alone. But once you start participating in the games, you will realize that the aspects are very similar to the first title. But seeing how volleyball isn’t the focal point of this title, there was no need to include the word within the title of the game. Due to the lack of depth and poor camera angles, it made the game short and very uninteresting. So to make up for this, the focal point was switched to more sisterly love and several different games to partake in. So when Jet Skiing and Volleyball get tiring, you can always hop right into the pool-hopping game. Basically you would hope from one floating platform to another. But unlike the first installment, each tile is color coded, so if you press the corresponding button to the color, you can make some extra money on the side. As time goes on, you can partake in other games like Tug-of-War, Waterslide, Foot Race, or even the rather enjoyable Butt-Battle.

The first thing that stands out within DOAX2 is the character models. Each lovely lady boasts some lifelike animations, often times mistaking the game for an actual beauty on the beach. Each body has its own individual details, which make them look and act differently from one another. If you actually pay close attention to the ladies, you will notice that Team Ninja refined their “soft physics”, which game them more realistic and profound breast which move independently (depending on what you are doing). Though this, like other DOA titles, look to capture a realistic perspective of each character, you could say that the developers went a little overboard with the soft physics and the ever-so flowing hair.

But seeing how this game is meant to capture its audience through female persuasion, the developers decided to include some nice voice-overs and effects. Seeing how most of the ladies are Japanese, you have the option to listen to the characters speak in that given language, which adds to the “sexually charged” atmosphere that’s already present for the character models and the various activities and modes included within the game, The music score is lively and rather upbeat. It consist of several mall-pop and reggae licensed songs. But if these tunes don’t get you in the mood, you can always customize the playlist to your liking (gotta love Xbox!).

When you look at DOAX2 in comparison to the first title, you can see there are several improvements to grasp the gamer’s attention. You have the volleyball games, Jet Ski races, several pool and beach games to compete in, but when it’s all said and done, after a few hours, you are either done with the game or just lusting over the lovely ladies. The only true saving graces you have within this title is the online battles via Xbox Live (one-on-one action only) and trying to collect every single item and swimming suit that there is within the game. And to do that, your best bet would be to beat the game and come back with the same character from the first time through. You will keep all bought and given items, plus your money.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, if you are a fan of the series, then you can do without picking this title up. For those who never played any of the games, this isn’t one to start off with. Though there is some interesting action and sequences, this game has little to no depth that would keep the gamer interested for a long time.


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