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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Publisher: Codemasters/Taito
Developer: Dreams Interactive
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

Throughout the 1980ís, electronic gaming was captivating little kids all around the world. During this era there was also an innovative title that hit the market for the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was known as Bubble Bobble. Though not one of the prominent titles to come out for the console, it still manage to garner a small fanbase worth enough of several recreations over the next fifteen plus years. With the advancement of technology, we saw new innovations and features incorporated within the series, but still manage to stay true to the original.

With that saying, Taito Corporation decided to team up with publishing giant Codemasters and the talented developing team over at Marvelous Interactive Inc. to recreate the story for the newer generation. This new creation is known to the world as Bubble Bobble Revolution. Donít let the title fool you though, this game is anything but revolutionary. Being designed for the Nintendo DS and its touch screen, many were looking forward to some online action, or even the use of the touch screen, neither of which are within this title.

When fire up this title within your DS, you are greeted with a simple main menu screen. You have the choice of an Options Menu, playing the original action-packed title or venturing off with the new Bubble Bobble Revolution. Within the Optionís menu, you are allowed to edit the file name you have created or clear all the save data from the cartridge. Immediately from them menu, you can already tell this title has some short-comings. For one, there is only room for one file save. So if you decide to let someone else play your game, they canít start their own without erasing your save file.

Within the original Bubble Bobble title, everything is pretty simple to grasp. You utilize the D-pad, A and B buttons. A will allow you to jump up and down, while the B button will allow you to fire out green/blue bubbles to trap your opponent. The object of this title is to save to helpless kids who have been captured. The game seems pretty easy enough for anyone to grasp, but looks and be deceiving. As you progress further and further within the game, you will realize that each level gets harder and harder. Through adding in more enemies or just designing the level to the point, where it works against you, you are put to the test. After you reach certain points with your quest, the enemy will show you the two kids trapped in a bubble, but soon flies of. In all, there are about 100 levels to take part in.

In the new title, Bubble Bobble Revolution, things are taken to a whole new level. You have your choice of four characters, two of which are available from the beginning. And just like the original, there are 100 levels to compete in. What separates the two titles is the use of colors, level design, and a sense of 3D. Seeing how video game consoles of the past were limited due to technology advances, not too much color was used. Any given level of the original title would use five to six colors, whereas Revolution uses almost the entire color spectrum as sand alone colors and blends of two or three. Within the level design, the action works in a more side-scrolling fashion within Revolution and also utilizes both screens. Since the touch screen isnít used at all, Marvelous Interactive made sure to use as much of the DS capabilities within the visual department as possible. In the original title, the action was viewed from a far away distance, whereas the action within the new installment is more of a close up, requiring both screens to be used to display the action.

You will also notice a few new action features within the new installment. For one, you can now hop on the bubbles you create or come up from the depths of the earth. This feature comes in handy when you are trying to reach a higher level, and your character canít make the jump on his/her own. You are also able to fire out bubbles at a faster rate, which is a good thing considering the action is much faster and intense than before. At the same time, the enemies also can utilize these same features, though generally they only use the rapid fire like shooting to end your life. As you progress though this title, you will acquire the use of two more characters. One is a pink version of Bubble & Bobble, and the other character is a ghostly looking creature that will lends its talents.

When it comes to the musical scores, the original title can get rather repetitive. The game used MIDI files due to the lack of space within the cartridges, so the music is rather dated and limited on variety. As far as Revolution, the game still uses those same music files, but they are redone, to create a more engaging feel and rather catchy toon.

Bubble Bobble Revolution does suffer from the same fate as the original title. Unless you just love this game to deaf, once you beat (when you beat it), there isnít much to look forward to afterwards. There is the inclusion of a multiplayer mode for both versions, but all that does increase the difficulty of each level. The multiplayer mode in Revolution is more a battle mode, where you do battle against the other opponent. Also within the Revolution title, all you get is two new characters, which donít really add that much to the overall appear of the title and increase a gamerís likelihood of playing this game more and more. The only thing you really have going for yourself is the shear fact that it will take some time to actually complete all 100 hundred levels.

Bubble Bobble Revolution is a good investing for those old school gamers who want to take their love of Bubble Bobble portable. You still get that same great fun and action that the game packed more than fifteen years ago, but was un able to make the adaptation to the modern times. Those gamers looking for a title they can plpay over and over, this is your title, but once you beat it, there isnít much to look at unless you want to try to beat your score, or beat the game at a faster pace. If there is indeed another Bubble Bobble title created in the enar future, hopefully the developers will be able to adapt the series to modern titles and technology, creating a immersive experience, something gamers experienced when the game first hit consoles.


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