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Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: December 12, 2006
Written By: Graham H.

Elebits will prove to be one of the strangest titles we’ve seen for a long time. Most of these off-the wall titles come from Nintendo, games like Pikmin and Chibi Robo, but Elebits is a strange, intuitive new game from Konami.

We’ll start Elebit. What is an Elebit? Elebit is a tiny creature that is responsible for making the world go ‘round. And your second question is, well, what exactly do you do in this game? And the answer to that is, you run around and collect the Elebits. The Elebits stop working, and to save the world you have to capture them and put them back to work.

And if that didn’t sound wacky enough, to capture said Elebits, your main arsenal consists of some sort of Star Trek-style Ghostbusters gun...thing, which commonly gets called “gravity gun,“ to do said catching of Elebits. For the most part, you manipulate objects with your gun, and move them around to find hiding Elebits.

You can’t just lift and move whichever items you want. The amount of power in your gravity gun dictates what you can or can not move around. To increase the power of the gun, you need to collect more Elebits. As one could probably guess, this allows for some interesting puzzles. A lot of these are comparable to puzzles in Geist, in which a chain of events needs to be completed to “solve” the puzzle and collect more Elebits.

The Wiimote allows for this style of play, and this very concept. From shooting the gun, to “pushing” and “pulling” and otherwise moving objects around, all from the motion of the Wiimote. This is combined with a very interactive environment, one where, assuming your gun is powered up enough, can move pretty much whatever you want to move. Most of the game is played in a house and garden setting. Throwing food around, opening drawers, moving chairs are all fair game. One demo Konami had, even involved the gun being powered up enough to lift and throw ginormous objects like houses around.

The game will have 15 different levels to complete. Along with that, a multiplayer mode will be available as well. The multiplayer is just as unique and twisted as the single player’s endeavors...that is, all of the 4-player action will take place on the same screen. Almost like a counter-coop mode. One player controls the camera and his own gun, and up to 3 others can only shoot their guns. The goal of the multiplayer mode is to collect more Elebits than your opponents. Sounds nifty and could make for some good-ol’ party time fun.

Perhaps one of the biggest...surprises, is that Elebits will run in 16:9 and progressive. And this is from a game that is not exactly visually impressive. Not that the game looks bad, just that, as in other fun games such as Animal Crossing, Pikmin, or Chibi Robo, emphasis was put onto the gameplay so much that, having cutesy visuals was not at all detrimental.

There is so much to do and explore in this unique title it could keep you entertained for hours upon hours on just a single level. Konami certainly did the Wii philosophy justice with bringing such a game to existance. Elebits has been delayed to polish up the title, and will ship out in mid-December.

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