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Gaming Evolution
Published by: SEGA
Developed by: Pseudo Interactive
Genre: Racing Action
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: November 14, 2006
Written by: Noel Del Pilar

Last year, Full Auto debut on the Xbox 360, which blended the mechanics of a racing title with that of action-shooter. The game had its moments, but in the end, it didn't off up enough variety to warrent lasting appeal. Almost a year later, Sega and Psuedo nteractive decide to release the sequel on the Playstation 3. This time around destruction is a huge part of the overall play fo the title, as well as, some extra gameplay aspects that are sure to add replay value to the overall experience.

Within the Full Auto 2, there will be more than 27 cars, most of which we saw in the first installment, plus a set of new wheels. The vehicles are broken down into 5 different classes, which determine what weapons you are bale to mount on the vehicle. With more than 20 weapons total, the choice of your car, can hold both good and bad results.

The most important element to your winning formula still lies within the modifications to your car. You are now able to decide where youw ant to attach primary and secondary weapons to the front or back of your vehicles. Of these deadly weapons, you can wield missles (hellfire and homing), mines, grenades, rocket launchers, etc. In total, there are 22 new areas to battle it out, of which 13 have fully destructible environments.

Within the areas that are fully destructible, you are able to topple large buildings, elevated trains, shipping containers, and other structures. So if you fire a missle and miss your target, you still get the chance to cause soem major damage to the surrounding environments. The combination of destructible environments, alongside total annialation of your opponents, equals and overall great experience.

For those who want to destroy the surrounding environments and others over racing, should check out the Deathmatch Mode. Within this mode, you are alloyed to to go head-to-head, or battle on teams. Within these battles, you are able to deliver damage to the environments, as well as, inflict damage on your opponents via our weapons to the surrounding environment. One issue that rose up within this mode is when you are using a computer controlled buses as shields from your opponents. For some reaosn, if you turn a corner on a smoked-filled area, and accidentally pass the bus, your vehicle is automatically destroyed, which may put a damper on your spirits. Seeing how this is a minor issue, it should be fixed by the time the game is released to the mass public.

The Base Assault Mode is like capture the flag, but in reverse. The object of this mode is to race to the certer of a particluar area, where a bomb has been placed. Once you have reached the bomb, you must ram it into your opponents base beofre it explodes. The bomb has a timer of about 90 seconds and starts counting down once you someone ha smade contact with it. So once you touch it, it's all about moving and avoiding your opponent to reach your destination. Since thsi mode is all abotu teamwork, if one person is mmoving the bomb, the teammate must make sure that the opponents can;t get to the 'weapon of mass destruction'.

There's also a mode know as Cat & Mouse. Within this mode, each team will ave one mouse, and several cats. the Cars with weapons are the cats, and the mouse is a vehicle with no weapons, but can move very fast. The object of this mode is to protect your own mouse with the cats, while destroying your opponent's mouse asap.

In terms of the visuals, Full Auto 2 is sporting some prety impressive visuals. Each explosion is depicted as if it was a real-life event happening within your tv screen. Each car is design to deliver a sense of realism, but at the same time, a taste of the future. Even bringing down buildings and trains on your opponents make you think back to all the crazy accidents and events that have happen in the real world. In comparison, this game falls along the lines of Burnout Revenge, but the difference between the two title sis that Burnout is all abotu crashing your car and not destroying your opponent. You can tell, within this title, teh PS3 graphical structure is being push to the limits.

Full Auto 2 boast a pretty impressive soundstrack. There are various artist lending their talents to the musical score, including the likes of Stone Sour, The Exies, Megadeth, Living End, Methods of Mayhem, Wolfmother, Sum 41, etc. The game alerts you when your opponents are coming up on you. Each team/rival has a special song to announce their presence. So when they get closer and closer to you, the music will of course change, but also get louder and louder. Though the soundtrack is constructed of licence music, it's still a pretty imprssive roster of music to sum up the action of the title.

Overall, Full Auto 2: Battlelines looks like a promising title, delivering and expansion to the core elements of the original Full Auto. With various modes to choose from, destructable environments, explosive gameplay, spectacular visuals, well put together soudtrack, we are looking a very solid third-party title for the PS3 launch. So when November 14th and the 17th drop, get ready for some destruction, unlike anything you have experienced before.

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