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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Game Republic
Genre: Third-Person Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: November 17, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

E3 2006 brought about many surprises from SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment). From its choice in controller design, to showcasing several new and revamped PS3 titles, which most thought were still in development. Notable titles that were showcased in demo fashion on the showroom floor where Warhawk, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gran Turismo HD, and of Course Genji 2. So it was obvious that the PS3 was bringing the heat to its competition in the form of software projects.

When gamers first caught a glimpse of Genji 2 (now known as Genji 2: Days of Blade), they knew they were in for an action packed adventure, the likes of which the first installment couldn’t compare. Genji 2 blends the intense action of the Devil May Cry series, with the strategic and all out action of Dynasty Warriors. Throughout the game, you will notice additions and dramatic changes to the overall presentation, making the sequel a true sequel to Dawn of the Samurai. One notable change is the addition of two new samurai characters. Gamers who played the first installment got use to playing with Yoshitsune and Benkei, but now will also have use of a lithe and a mystery fighter. While these two characters will no doubly increase the variety of fighting, Sony is also including the feature where you can switch between fighters on the go, as long as you have gain access to all four. So for those gamers who like using particular fighters for certain levels, you will get that opportunity with Days of Blade.

Several other gameplay effects will be included within this title that will make the game vastly in-depth and immersive. There are a few levels that were within the first installment that will be present within the new installment, but revamped in terms of coloration and atmospheric perspective. The coloration and atmospheric perspective will evident in things like the cloth and clothing the various fighters will wear. If it’s a night fight, the colors look more dul and dark, whereas during the daytime, the colors can come off more lively and vivid, which is a nice at subtle touch. There will also be some completely new levels that would require a lot of strategic planning and evasive movement son the part of the characters.

Though this title is still in development, it is clear that the visuals will be a step above that of the PS2 version (at least). Beyond the obvious touch-ups to the textures and weaponry enhances, new techniques are being used to add a realm of realism to the title, unlike any that has been seen in previous fighting titles. One of these enhancements is the a blur effect that was placed on the camera and character movements, which give the fighters and atmosphere a more realistic look, something along the lines of what was utilized in newly released Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. Not stopping there, another effect used was known as the “foot-planting” system. Now some would overlook a small detail like this; but considering the advancements within gaming, it something that can’t be overlooked. With this new technique, characters could place their foots realistically on raised surfaces, from rocks to tree stumps.

Though this title won’t fully compare to other PS3 titles like Gran Turismo HD, it it clear that this title has come a long way within the visual department, which will be a crowd pleasure to several gamers around the world. Though the camera angles aren’t perfect all the time, it has come a long way since the game was shown off at E3 2006. If Game Republic can focus on the camera angles a bit more and making sure the gameplay doesn’t fall along the waist side to them trying to perfect the visual presence, we could very well see another solid title releasing alongside the Playstation 3 console.

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