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Gaming Evolution
Publisher: The Game Factory
Developer: Two Tribes
Distributed By: Ingram Entertainment
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: October 10, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

Garfield has a knack for getting into trouble whenever thereís food involved, and thatís the case with the latest adventure for Garfield, which is based on the second movie, Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. After sneaking into Jonís luggage on a trip to London, Garfield has the time of his life, which includes befriending the royal cat Prince XII, as well as others, at Carlyle Caste. While relaxing at the hotel, out of nowhere, thereís a knock on the door, and a letter is slid under it. It seems the Prince has invited Garfield to a royal dinner at the caster, and itís to be held within the next three hours. Using his cat-like abilities, Garfield sets out on an adventure to reach the castle, and enjoying another meal, befitting the royal family. But the question is, will he make it in time?

The first thing you will notice about Garfield 2 is that it blinds 2D and 3D graphics together, to provide an interactive environment for Garfield to explore and enjoy as he makes his way to the castle. While all the action takes place on the bottom, the top screen is used to keep a track of the various food items Garfield must consume on the way to feel full and happy, and the ending location for which Garfield must reach to complete the level. Visually, this game isnít one of the best examples that the Nintendo DS has, but you can clearly make everything out without a problem.

Garfieldís adventure within this title is broken down into 22 levels, which are all comprised of various platform activities, puzzles, sliding challenges and mazes. One example of the gameplay is within level 5th level, where Garfield must take several buses to reach the castle. Whatís interesting about this level is that there are 7 different bus routes that drop you off at different points within London. Taking the wrong bus will drop you off at a different part of the city, which will force you to back track and take a different route. But to add to this craziness, there are points where Garfield will have to jump walls and onto pipes to reach the bus stop he needs to progress further. But keeping with the simplicity of the title, you can only go so far within each direction before hopping onto a bus, so you wont get too lost within the city.

There are points within this game where gamers will get a chance to utilize a unique first-person view (through the eyes of Garfield himself). Tapping on a giant paw icon that appears on the touch screen uses this viewpoint. Once you tap on the image, you are allowed to look closely at maps, look for hidden locations to enter and interact with various items within the title. Though the title is in full 3D, while depicting Garfield within 2D, there are points where the two blend and you canít tell the difference between the two. Thereís a small paw icon that appears on the screen. Once this happens and you tap the paw with the stylus, you are allowed the change the direction that Garfield is walking/running in, thus for a brief moment, making Garfield look like heís a 3D image, but really just 2D. Overall, Garfield 2 provides a simple, yet unique gameplay experience suitable for all ages.

The replay factor isnít all that high within this title, but Two Tribes wanted to be sure to add something to enhance the gameplay experience. When you complete each level, you are allowed to replay that level to collect all the food icons that you may of missed. Youíre also able to play the same levels against a time clock, which allows you to better you skills in completing the level in a timely fashion. Seeing how this title wasnít meant to be very detailed and complicated, thereís really no need for extra gameplay features.

For eager importers, this title is indeed a fun experience, though not fully in-depth like similar titles. A solid, yet simple gameplay experience allows for easy pickup and goes without the need for frustration. Simple, but detail graphics, interactive environments, and our beloved fat cat, are all reason why this game is worth a pick up and go. So this October, lets celebrate the eating and adventures of Garfield by picking up Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties.


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