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Published by: SEGA
Developed by: Sonic Team
Genre: Platformer
Players: 1
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 & Up)
Release Date: November 17, 2006
Written By: Noel Del Pilar
Screenshots: link
Other Consoles: Xbox 360

Sonic is one of the most famous video game characters that have stood the test of time. Making his debut back in the days of the Sega Genesis, Sonic has seen several installments across all Sega's platoforms. Some thought that the fall of Sega Dreamcast would hurt Sonic's reputation, but only made it more fierced. No longer is he bound to one company's platforms, thus creating another successful avenue for the blue bomber, the likes of which wouldn't of been achieved with Sega's consoles alone. As he continues to make his presence felt, he takes is talent and need for speed to the next generation levels with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Sonic the Hedgehog. Meanwhile Nintendoís Wii will get Sonic and the Secret Rings, which will be exclusive to that console. In this new installment of Sonic for PS3 and Xbox 360 Sonic will encounter once again Shadow the hedgehog and a new character Silver the hedgehog. You will control all 3 of them throughout the game, each with their own unique stages and styles.

Dr. Eggman is up to no good once again as he arrives at a festival, only to send an army of robots there to destroy everything. While the robots are reaking havoc on the festival grounds, Dr. Eggman is after the miracle gems (chaos emeralds) , which are held in secret by the princess. While all of this is going down, Sonic appears on the scene taking down several of the robots and saves the princess from certain peril. So now the question remains: What Is Dr. Eggman up to now? Meanwhile the new character Silver seems to be looking for something called the Ibis trigger..... now what could that be?

Even though Sonic looks more life-like then ever before, he still keeps his cool style. Sonic still performs a dash through a trail of rings and a homing dash attack that locks onto enemies and other objects to reach them or make them work. Sonic will also still go from platform through platform, doing some grinding here and there, he can stick to a wall and jump from wall to wall, grab on special robots or animals to carry him to the next area, all typical platforming elements are still there. While there are platforming levels, there will also be times where Sonic will have to go full speed through a stage, avoiding obstacles along the way. Most of the environments within this title will utilize grass, hills and pretty waterfalls. Still Sonic will also go through sand temples, cities, etc.

In combat, most of Sonic's attacks are taken from previous installments. He can power slide to enemies and easily kill them or just jump on the enemy and then jump onto another enemy (homing attack). The control layout is pretty much the same, where you control his movement via the analog stick, attack your enemies with the Attack botton, and you aslo have a jump button. It's very good to see that Sega, while giving Sonic a revamped look on next generation consoles, is still keeping the core mechanics the same and even bringing back enemies of old to make an appearance within the game. Gives long-time gamers a sense of nostalgia while playing the title.

With Silver the Hedgehog, things are a bit different. Silver doesn't have supersonic speed and perfom jump attacks. He has the ability to control things with his mind. So he can pick up objects without busting a sweat. He can also levitate himself to unreachable platforms and turns stear girders into platforms. Silver however has a stronger focus on combat rather then speed. The levels in which you are in control of Silver, are ravaged urban areas. The game in environment and atmosphere for each charatcers gives this title a sence of depth and longevity, instad of all the main characters doing battle across the same type fo terrain.

Shadow the hedgehog, even though there is not much known about him, he will still be able to control a sort of explosive tank that takes out the obstacles on his way. He will also have use of his motorcycle, which he made famous in his own console debut. Still Shadow will be playable without vehicles and most likely his abilities will be very similar to Sonic.

Graphically, Sonic the Hedgehog is simply the best looking Sonic game yet. From expansive, yet realistic environments, to the high levels of details but within each character and enemy within the title. Even the special effects are at the point were they can help make the story more interesting and engaging. But there are times where most of the robots within the game repeat the same movements and action, making it seem like the A.I. is very limited.

Overall Sonic the hedgehog looks to be Sonicís most exciting adventure yet, besides being the best looking one. With so far 3 different playable characters, truly spectacular graphics and the great Sonic gameplay we know and love, this title is heading on the right direction. Let us just hope that controls will be just fine and the final product turns out has exciting or more then what it looks now.

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