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Publisher: Activision
Developer: Treyarch
Distributed by: Ingram Entertainment
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: November 17, 2006
Screenshots: link
Written By: Andrew S.
Other Systems: Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox

Itís once again time to answer the call of duty. Since the original Call of Duty debuted back in 2003, Activision has been putting out sequels faster every year. Last year included two new Call of Duty games. One was Call of Duty 2 by Infinity Ward which has hailed as the first great Xbox 360 first-person shooter. The other was Call of Duty 2: Big Red One from Treyarch which allowed gamers to experience the many campaigns of the United States First Infantry Division. This year, Call of Duty 3 is arriving yet unlike past games in the series; itís not coming to the PC nor is it made by Infinity Ward. Instead, Treyarch will be handling development in the main series. Can they live up to Call of Duty 2?

This time around, Call of Duty 3 is more focused than previous games. Instead of hopping all across Europe, Call of Duty 3 chronicles the 88 days between D-day and the liberation of Paris known as the Normandy Breakout. During the campaign, gamers will play an American infantryman, a British SAS officer working with the French Resistance and new to the series is a Canadian armor infantryman and a Polish tanker. This makes it the most amount of nationalities of any Call of Duty game. Interestingly, the British SAS officer is James Doyle from United Offensive. Each campaign will effect how the others progress.

Infinity Ward may not be developing it but Treyarch has given all the technology used in Call of Duty 2 and they intend to add-on to it. Graphically, Call of Duty 3 is a step up from its predecessor. More enemy and ally units will be on the battlefield at once and best of all the game features destructible environments. Returning from Big Red One and United Offensive is the ability to ďcookĒ grenades. By holding down on the grenade button, players will be able to hold back the grenade for a short while so when they finally throw it; the enemy has less time to get away before it explodes. Vehicles will play a more important role than in previous games and gamers will be able to drive an assortment of vehicles in certain levels including most importantly, the tank. New to the series are battle commands that are spread throughout the game. These act much like the context sensitive button press sequences in Resident Evil 4. One example given is when a Nazi soldier grabs the playerís gun throwing them into a tug of war. The player must alternate between pressing the R and L buttons and then finish the Nazi off once heís won. Treyarch intends to make the 14 mission campaign more open ended. Missions will be longer than those in Call of Duty 2 and far less linear. No longer does the player have to walk across one particular path, but may choose between many throughout the course of the game.

Online for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version allow for up to 24 player battles, major increase from the previous eight in Call of Duty 2. This time around, multiplayer will resemble more like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There are a number of classes to choose from such as rifleman, support, medic, and gunners. Players will receive points for using their chosen class effectively. Vehicles will also make a return from United Offensive. Game modes include Team Battle; Capture the Flag, and a new Single-Flag CTF.

Call of Duty 3 on the Wii will play slightly different from its counterparts do to its unique controller. Graphically, itís on par with the current version of the games and sadly will not feature online play. To make up for this, the controller will be used for aiming just like a real gun. No longer is the aiming reticule tied to the center of the screen. Moving the controller slightly will move the reticule but wonít turn the playerís view. Larger movements are required to actually turn but itís not difficult to do. Thrusting the nunchuku forward will perform the gameís hit attack. The motion sensors will be used to drive vehicles and to perform the battle actions. Instead of just pressing buttons, moving your arms will be needed. Activision promises that despite the inferior graphics, the Wii version will be exactly the same as the PS3 and 360 versions with the same number of units and same destructible environments.

The game seems to be shaping up well on all the consoles. Call of Duty 3 looks to be as every good as Call of Duty 2. Look for this game for the 360 sometimes in November and as a launch title for both the PS3 and Wii.

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