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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Genre: Sports Simulator
Rated: E (EVeryone)
Release Date: November 19th, 2007
Written by: Tyler Norton

Welcome to the next generation. The next evolution in gaming is coming in rapidly and some of the most anticipated franchise games are getting more time in the lime-light than ever. However, there are a lot of titles that arenít getting their chance to shine. One of those games is Wii Sports, and today, we take an in-depth look at one of the most innovative games to grace the next generationÖ

Wii Sports is a compilation of six games, tennis, golf, baseball, airplane, and bowling. Wii Sports really uses the Wiiís controller motion sensing to its full potential. In tennis, you will hold the controller like a tennis racket and swing at the ball as it comes toward you. The character in your game will also move around on its own to make aiming a bit easier. However, this could make it a bit too easy. It seems that it would be a lot more fun if the character would move to your swinging. One thing youíll notice in Wii Sports is that the graphics are extremely simple. They do look a lot like those of the Gamecube and could be a bit improved, but they do look fine.

Just like in tennis, you use the Wiiís controller motion sensing to its peak in golf. In golf, you will hold the controller as if it was a golf club. Instead of just swinging like in tennis, you will have to set up your aim with the control pad and then press the ďaĒ button to swing into the motion of hitting the ball. You can even test on how hard you want to swing by not holding down on the ďaĒ button. You can also put in the same way you do to swing.

In Wii Bowling, youíll find a bit of a challenge if youíre not that good of a bowler, like me. In the game, you will line your character up to the lane and then press the ďbĒ button to head towards the lane. With that, you will bring the controller behind your back and then forward to set the bowling ball down the lane and right into the pins. You can even put a spin into the ball by twisting your wrist around a little bit when releasing the ball. That is a very realistic touch to the game that will allow more control over the pins.

Now time to move to my personal favorite sport, baseball. Now donít get confused, it isnít a classic game of baseball. Instead, itís a homerun derby. Using the Wiiís controller and good timingÖ you will be able to knock off a good homerun right over the stands. Baseball can be either the easiest or hardest sport in the game because it really depends on your timing and precision just like in the real game.

Two other games are included in the game and they are Airplane and Boxing. First announced at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show, Airplane was initially used to show off the Wiiís controller. The objective of the game is to guide an airplane through various rings before the time runs out. Sounds simple enough and sounds like it will be great fun.

Another neat thing is that Wii Sports will be bundled with the Wii package in North America. That means, when you buy the Wii, youíll find yourself not only the proud owner of the Wii, but an owner of Wii Sports. So when you think of it, all Wii owners will find themselves as owners of Wii Sports as well.

Overall, Wii Sports seems to look like an awesome game. Using the Wiiís controller to full potential, the game will appeal to everyone, not just hardcore gamers. Plus, being bundled with Wii, gamers can get this game right with the system. So be sure to check this game out with the Wii when it hits shelves on November 19th.

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