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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: SCE Studios San Diego
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2 (8 via multitap)
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: September 26, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

A NBA player’s life on and off the court can be very dramatic. From them getting in foul trouble during the game, to countless scandals plaguing the athlete off the court. The NBA series created by 989 Sports (Owned by Sony) is the first to address the life of a basketball superstar on and off the court and an interactive environment. And in their latest installment, NBA 07, you can expect Sony to shake up things both on and off the court and in new ways. So lets take a look at what NBA 07 has to offer gamers.

When it comes to recreating a basketball experience, one thing that must be packed down is the A.I. (artificial intelligence). Within NBA 07, gamers should expect for computer controlled players to move more fluidly, and responsive. If a certain team is known for fast breaks, the A.I. is setup for them to capitalize on a steal or rebound in order to make a quick bucket. Mismatches will also play an important role this time around. If you have a 6’1’’ guard being blocked by someone who is 6’7’’, then you know someone will be getting his ankles broken. But if the roles were reversed, then the shorter guard would be shot over all day (unless you are Allen Iverson).

When it comes to sticking defense, the development team has incorporated several tweaks in order to make the game more challenging, whether you are playing the computer of another person. One example of this is the “rebound hotspot”. For every shot that’s put up and misses, a hotspot appears on the floor alerting gamers where the ball will land or the direction the ball will bank off once it hits the rim or backboard. Another addition is the shot meter. Everytime you go up for a shot, a meter surrounds the player’s head; alerting you and the opponent how accurate the shot is. If you the meter show red, then 7 out of 10 times, you will miss the shot. If the meter shows yellow, or even green, you have a better chance for making the shot. This particular addition still needs a little tweaking considering a lot of the shots I put up, were green, but still ended up missing the rim, and when I put of three point shots, the meter showed red, but they still went in.

NBA 07 “The Life: Volume 2” picks up pretty much where volume one left off, only this time you wont be playing only as the point guard, The Kid. You will also have control of ‘Big Dub’, who you replaced in volume 1. Don’t think for a second you can import your character form part one and expect to flying through this title. If you decide to, all his stats won’t transfer over. You will also notice within Volume 2, you will be controlling both The Kid and Big Dub. Throughout the game, you will have various requirements and goals you must obtain with both characters as you progress. One for The Kid, si overcoming an injury he suffered and battle a new rookie who has come to the team to take his spot. In the case of Big Dub, he’s dealing with personal problems like his son being in the hospital. The entire story is portrayed through cutscenes in between, and even sometimes during the game.

For those who are interested in minigames, there will be a number of them included within NBA 07. Gamers from Vol. 1 can expect the return of the minigame “own the court”. A promising minigame that has been incorporated is known as “shout out”, where you must perform specific tasks that the coach yells out to you on the court, whether it be a crossover, hook shot, lay-up, etc. All in all, NBA 07 looks to be shaping up quite well and vying for the title of most compelling basketball title of 2007. Hopefully Sony can work in getting more features incorporated into the game before its release on September 26th.

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