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Published By: Sony Online Entertainment
Developed By: Sony Online Entertainment
Genre: Action RPG
Rated: T (Teen)
Players: 1-2 (1-4 Co-op Online)
Release Date: November 17th, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty
Screenshots: Link

Untold Legends is a series that came to reality on Sonyís highly successful PSP (Playstation Portable). When the console was first launch, they were one of the few developers who created an RPG experience so early into the handheldís existence. Though the title was lacking a few elements, Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade was able to appeal to gamers and RPG lovers around the world. A little over a year later, Sony releases a second installment known as Untold Legends: The Warriorís Code. This installment added onto the already successful formula by adding more monsters, better weapons, stronger gameplay mechanics and updated graphics. Seeing how both titles have top the million mark on the sales charts, itís quite obvious that a third installment was coming soon from Sony.

Seeing the PS3 was building more and more hype within the gaming world, many were wondering if Sony would be releasing the title for the PS3, or create a third installment for the PSP. We all know that the title would have been successful for the handheld, but on May 14, 2006, Sony revealed the creation known as Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom for the PS3. Sony wanted a title that could take full advantage of the Cell processor and be already an established franchise. So the question on everybodyís mind is can this title make the transition form handheld to console.

Dark Kingdom took some of the elements from Brotherhood of the Blade and Warriorís Code, and either upgraded them, or cut them back to create a whole new experience. One of these changes is the character class. In the first title, there were four, in Warriorís Code, there were five, but Sony decided to go with three. You will get to choose between a Mage, Scout, and a Warrior. Each one has his/her own set of abilities. The scout is known for his quick hit attacks while dodging enemy attacks. The warrior is all about going head-to-head with his enemies and beating them to a bloody pulp. For those gamers who like fighting from a distance, you have the Mage. The mage can launch chain attacks and fireballs from a distance, keeping him alive much longer. The only drawback to the mage is that he canít go head-to-head with enemies, unless of course you are more powerful that that enemy. Each character will come equipped with 10 abilities, each having the option to unlock new skills, or just simply upgrading these abilities to become even more powerful.

Dark Kingdom, just like the previous two titles, will have a high rate of replay value. Each character has his own plot, and seeing how Sony is looking to make each level a journey in itself, gamers can expect to spend at least 20 hours behind the controller with each character. Not stopping there, seeing how Sony is going all out with their online network, gamers can expect downloadable content for this title that will change the gameplay experience and add a little more flavor to the action.

The visual appearance and gameplay structure will take full advantage of the Cellís power and capabilities. Each one of the SPUís (Synergistic Processing Unit) will have a specific task. Whether itís controlling the flow of water, the movement of the clothing of each character, or keeping the frame rate a set level, not matter the amount of monsters on the screen at a particular time. The title will also include an online Co-Op mode that will allow gamers to team up groups of four and take on the evil forces. Whatís so special about this multiplayer aspect is that of you are playing with others over the Playstation Network, then each player will have his/her own viewing perspective, whereas, if you are all playing on the same console, then you get a top down view of the action (similar to Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance).

Though this title still has a few issue to clear up, you can see that Sony is making sure that the experience Untold Legends is known for is re-created within Dark Kingdom, while giving gamers a whole new experience and reason why owning a PS3 is a must. This title will be made available to gamers on November 17th, 2006, alongside the launching of the console, so itís can easily been seen that the PS3 is coming out the games at full force.

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