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Publisher: The Game Factory
Developer: Digital Eclipse/Chorion
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Release Date: October 3, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

As time moves on and video games become ever more difficult to play are program, there are developers our there who still try to create something simply, yet entertaining for all ages. This is the case when it came time for Game Factory and Chorion working together. They wanted to create something unique, entertaining, and something that anyone could pick up and play. So without further adue, I bring to you...Noddy: A Day in Toyland.

The world of Noddy starts out with him waking up for another glorious morning. His waking up scenario is broke down into various screenshots. But once he's up and fully dress, its time for him to set of on his mini adventure. But before you can actually set out on your adventures, you must solve a small dilemma of your own. Noddy must find his car. This little adventure gives you the perfect opportunity to test out the controls and for you to get familiar with what you will have to do within the title. Noddy only ability right now is jumping, which is done by pressing ‘A’. If you take a stroll to the left, you can collect various coins, which are good for gaining health (once you collect a certain amount. Once you collect all the coins, you can head back right and hop into your car.

In between each adventure, Noddy will have to drive his car to get form one part of town to the other. While driving on the dirt road, you have to watch out for big boulders and tree logs. For every hit, you loose one life point (5 total). Along the road, and even during the adventures, you will come across some golden acorns. Each acorn is worth one life point. If you’re playing on easy, you really don’t have any worries about collecting these, but for the more advanced normal and hard modes, they become a valuable asset.

Most of the adventures within the game require you either collecting specific items for someone, finding someone, or even taking a friend to pick something up. Within each one, you have some annoying, yet funny characters to deal with. Like in the mission where you are looking for Bump’s dog, you will come across circus folk spinning and doing flips along the street. You must avoid these characters by jumping over them, at all cost avoiding making contact. Or when taking part in ‘Special Delivery From Noddy’, you must avoid goblin looking creatures. But unlike the circus folk, these guys can throw things at you, causing you to loose help. On missions like these, you are bale to either throw fruit or a bag of goodies to keep them distracted long enough for your walk by them. Though the gameplay mechanics are very simple, young kids can learn life lessons and impart social values from this title.

From a visual standpoint, the Game Boy Advance has come a long way. The backdrops are pre-rendered drawings, so much of the detail is put into each character involved and Noddy’s car. Each character has very distinct personalities, often times offering up some humor. Each model is done is full 3D, and move quite fluidly. Seeing how this title is design for the young and youth at heart, detail isn’t a real issue at all. In terms of the sound, the tunes are very simplistic; often times having you nod your head from side to side.

Overall, Noddy: A Day in Toyland is a title toddler or even a child from 2-5 can really enjoy. The game is design for ages 3 and up, but seeing how kids are becoming more advance, this is a title little kids are sure to want to play over and over. Simplistic controls, simplistic graphics, yet a whole lot of fun to play and enjoy. This title is a definite must have if you still have that inner child within you, or have a little son or daughter who loves toys and things on TV.


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