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Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Mitchell Corporation
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1-2
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: June 5, 2006
Written By: Matthew Prunty

When the Nintendo DS was first announced and shown to the world, it was clear that the gaming world hasnít seen anything like this in more than 20 years. Not since the original Game ĎNí Watch handhelds, have a dual screen system garnered so much press, success, and fan following. With Magnetica, this marks another title within Nintendoís new line of titles known as Touch Generations. This collection of titles are aimed at all ages, and are meant for the experienced and the inexperienced to enjoy games they wont find any place else. For those old school gamers, this title will seem like Bust-a-Move, and for those mobile gamers, think bejeweled, but on another level. So arm yourself with your stylus, its time to play MAGNETICA!

Magnetica is rather simple when you get the ball rolling. The object of the game is clear out a chain of magnetically charged balls (hence the name Magnetica), without the chain reaching the reactor. If somehow one of the balls makes it to the reactor, then itís game over for you. How this games ties into the likes of Bejeweled is the fact that you have to match strands of three or more of a particular color. So if you get three blues in a row, that will cut the chain down.

If you look closely at Magnetica, some may say that the game is a straight shooter all the way through, but in actuality thatís not the case. The title is comprised of four modes: Quest, Challenge Mode, Puzzle and Versus Mode. Quest Mode allows you to complete more that fifty different puzzles, which test your skills and hand-eye coordination. You will come across levels where the layouts overlap and intertwine, some even having multiple firing platform, which makes the game all the more exciting and intense. In regards to Challenge Mode, you better be prepared for the ride of your life. This mode consists of a seemingly never-ending chain of marbles that you must eliminate. For those who feel that they need a bit more challenge, should check out Puzzle Mode. Within this mode, each level has a set number of marbles on the screen and a set number, and order of which marbles are launched form the platform. The object of this mode is to figure out how to successfully cascade the strand of marbles before you run out of balls to launch. Though not the most creative mode around, Versus Mode allows for some heated battles between two players. For every combo you create, you will add dummy balls to your opponentís chain, which will be viewable on your top screen.

If you sit through and watch the tutorial program that is included, you will notice crazy combinations that you are capable of creating within the game. But the truth of the matter is the fact that those are nearly impossible to create unless to dissect each level to the point, you know the order of when the marbles launch. Even then, itís still hard to do because they a sense of randomness to them, which makes the game unpredictable. What you will also notice the further you progress through modes like Quest and Puzzle is that the game gets extremely difficult and frustration to complete. Not sure if this title was actually meant to be included within the Touch Generation, considering these titles are suppose to playable by anyone of any age, which is not the case with this one.

From a visual standpoint, Magnetica is a rather simple title. From the marbles, to the tracks, nothing really stands out within the world of Magnetica. There are a few special effects utilized within this title like within the way the balls disappear once they collide with one another, the transparent look each color marble carries, and even the electrical current that surrounds the reactor, which you must protect from the marbles colliding with it. But all in all, this isnít a title to get if you are looking for what the DS is truly capable of. Simplistic and vivid are the key here, which makes the game seem very engaging.

Touch Generation has created a buzz that has lit a fire within Japanese gamers, and the same thing is starting to happen over here in the states. Though this title being included within the collection is subject to opinion, it is clearly a title that will have you hooked and something anyone from 5 to 95 can play. One thing is for sure though; Mitchell Corporation and Nintendo have created a title with sheer lasting power. No matter how skilled you are in video gaming, this is a new ballpark for most, which will require a lot of hours being spent mastering every possible technique required and the randomness of the launchers, to surpass the various modes included. So from thinking to execution, Magnetica is clearly a winner among gamers looking for a challenge and for newcomers looking for a reason to start gaming.


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