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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Lucas Arts / TT Games
Developed by: Travelerís Tales
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Release Date: September 12, 2006
Written by: Noel Del Pilar

The first Lego Star Wars game was one of the finest and most original ways to play Star Wars. By incorporating Lego blocks, it allowed the developers to come up with more different type of puzzles and imaginative ideas to do with such a great franchise like Star Wars. However what did fail was the lack of challenging puzzles and that it was too short. Yet the game had lots of collectibles including a big selection of characters to buy or unlock throughout the game and other collectible stuff. The game was on all consoles except the Gamecube but later in fall the game finally got released on the Gamecube. So now the sequel is coming very soon and it will be based on Episodes IV, V and VI which will include even more unlockables and bring more new ideas to the table.

In the sequel you will play through the Original trilogy and meet up with characters like: Leia, Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and many others. Lucasarts is allowing gamers to import all the characters they have unlocked in the original Lego Star Wars game and be able to use them on the original trilogy. This will be very interesting because you will be able mess around the story of the movies and make characters like Darth Maul live on the original trilogy. By combining both titles you get a total of over 100 characters to play with!

Still not enough and hate all of those 100 characters? Well then donít worry because now gamers have the spectacular feature of character customization. You can now create your own character by mixing the different pieces of other Lego star wars characters. It will let you customize the following: Hands, arms, feet, legs, torsos, heads, hats, capes and even weapons that will determine your fighting style. Always wanted to make Chewbacca a Jedi? Well now you can by just selecting in the weapons a lightsaber. That and many other funny and interesting ideas will be possible through character customization.

But guess what? You do not only get to customize your character, you can also build your own vehicles like: AT-STs, speeder bikes, landspeeders and so much more. You will get to use them in various levels of the game has well. However you will be able to build these vehicles through 2 different ways: One of them is by collecting the kits throughout the levels like the original but only this time you will be able to really use them unlike the previous installment. The 2nd way to create these vehicles is while you are in a level and you will need to get the pieces that are scattered around the level, which will certainly be one of the challenges of the game.

In the last installment only Jediís were able to use the force to connect the pieces that are around, but this time every non-droid character can also build stuff. Yet you will still have your force only puzzles that can only be done with a Jedi character. One of the problems with the original game is that it was too easy, but now the CPU will automatically adjust itself to your skill of level. So even if you pass through the first level easily,the AI will get harder in later levels because it will see how your skill on that first level was and challenges you even more later on. However if the AI is beating you up too much it will adjust to an easier difficulty so you donít completely lose and be able to play through the game just fine. This is a very interesting addition to the game and it would be very interesting to see in other videogames feature this as well.

In the previous installment there were specific characters that had different style of gameplay to solve a different type of puzzle, yet this time on Lego Star Wars II they will be more varied and less similar to other characters. But not only that, this time some characters will have special unique moves. For example: Chewbacca will be able to rip arms off (Chewie going serious and violent on this one) and Darth Vader will be able to choke characters. Other additions in the package include larger level design, more enemies to fight and improved camera especially when going through Co-Op mode with another player.

Overall Lego Star Wars II brings the franchise to a big step up while keeping the similar engine of the original title. This sequel will improve upon everything from the original and bring even more which is something that a great sequel like Pikmin 2 did. Hopefully the full game will turn out this good. We expect it to launch on every single console and handheld in September.

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