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For yet another roundtable discussion, the staff and Gaming Evolution decided to voice what we are expecting to see at this year's E3 expo.

The following list are members to participated within the discussion:
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  • Yum16 - Blue
  • Redswirl - Red
  • Ray00101 - Dark Blue
  • Shadyltd7 - Dark Orange
  • NintendoDs2006 - Sienna
  • Sonicphoto - Violet

I'm very excited about this years E3 and I'm very hopeful of it. Last year, everyone was expecting it to be the big next-gen console blow out and were certainly got our fair shareof next-gen content. But with the 360 only playable behind doors, the PS3 not playable at all and the Revolution not showing off any game content or what made the console revolutoinary, peopel were dissapointed. Instead, last years E3 became the battleground for the last great current gen games. Zelda swept the show and we got a look at some other big games.

This year, I think current gen and handhelds will be set to the side and they have to. Sure, Nintendo will probably still have a big booth for Zelda and of course people are gonna want to play it, but it's all about next games...playble next gen games. The 360 I also think is going to be set to the side. Halo 3 will be making an apperance, but only in video form. Sony and Nintendo are going to be the main competitors. This is the E3 that will determine gameplay or graphics is the way to go.


Dark Messiah will be announced for the Revolution--Famitsu never announces PC games, and this game was announced for 'unspecified hardware' in last week's Famitsu.

The Racing game Reggie talked about will be akin to Forza, so sayeth GAF. Well, that and the fact that Nintendo approached a certain company about something like this.

I'm willing to bet that Atari will make some virtual console announcements, as well--as well as some other smaller dev teams.

Also--everyone will realize that 'Sadness' isn't real, and will never come to the Wii--that is all.


As for expectations I'm really not gonna expect anything at this year's E3. Seriously. Everytime we end up "expecting" something from Nintendo they end up announcing something that completely catches us off guard which causes the internet to practically explode. And I think that we should have wised up to that by now.

When Nintendo finally revealed the controller for Wii a lot of fans were actually angry at Nintendo. When Nintendo announced the final name for the system we pretty much had an internet riot, even though Nintendo had said many times that "Revolution" was never going to be the final name.

This gives me a feeling that when Nintendo finally lifts the curtain on game content like Super Smash Bros, Metroid Prime 3, the new Mario, and other games on Wii that they may end up being just as radically different as Nintendo's previous announcements were, and because of that they could end up getting very similar reactions from gamers.

I think the main factor in this, as well as a sort of hint as to the nature of what exactly to expect is the fact that Nintendo has stopped gearing things souly towards dedicated gamers. This is reflected in everything about Wii, the name, the console's design, and it's controller. I think that it's because of this that a lot of those things didn't immediately jive with what gamers expected like what Microsoft and Sony are bringing us have. I have a feeling that in the interest of appealing to that market beyond dedicated gamers that Nintendo aims for they will also take many of their franchise games in a similar direction and I think we will start to see some of the results of that at E3. This could also apply to any other announcements Nintendo might make, such as any new hardware announcements.

So I'll just say it flatly: When it comes to Nintendo this year, Expect the Unexpected.

My other interests in E3 mostly concern next gen online play. We've already seen what Microsoft's doing with Xbox Live and now I want to see how Sony intends to match that (or beat it). I also hope we get at least some information about what Nintendo intends to do for the console version of Nintendo WFC.

Oh, and one more thing!

I did actually hear somewhere that in an interview with Miyamoto, a Frehcn magazine actually reported that we'll be seeing a new game for the DS at E3 that Miyamoto apparently wanted to release on the Super NES but couldn't because of the hardware constraingts.

He said the game was "a lot like Star Fox".


I would have to say right now, I'm more eager to find out about the PS3 that I am about the Nintendo Wii. Not taking anything away from what Nintendo will bring to the industry within these generation, but seeing how I know more about the PS3 than the Wii, it seems more appealing. Now we all know that Nintendo will finally go online with their next generation console, and they will be utilizing a unique control scheme, also allowing downloadable games and content via the internet, but what always seems to plague the company is consistency.

Look at the Gamecube, heck even the Nintendo 64. Both consoles started out great. Every once in awhile youw ould find a killer app on the console, but after a few years, thrid party support lessens and lessens for the consoles, resulting in poor sales and lack of opportunities. Now these new features are sure to grab a lot of attention from developers and gamers alike, but will Nintendo fully back it, so it wont become a gimmick, or will the online support, and downloadable content fall to the waist side.

Now in regards to the PS3, we have heard the arguments that pure graphics don't make a game, doesn't make it truely next generation, yada...yada...yada..., But out fo the bunch, it's the only one actually using next generation technology at the core. Now most people will point out that the only thing the console has going for itself is rehash titles and ripoffs, but quite honestly, no other console in history (since the NES) has had such a variety of titles. From sports, to action, to adventure, to RPG, to puzzles, you name it, Playstation has it. This variety is what keep Sony is the race, and has led them to lead it for quite some time.

--------------------------------------- can you be more interested in the PS3? It's the same 'ol crap only prettier.

Not to be an ass or anything, but like I said--it's the same 'ol crap.

Sony will announce Playstation 3's price and I personally expect Sony Playstation 3 to rise into the five-hundred dollar region. If Sony is confident that they hold an iron grip on the industry, they will officially announce the price at E3. If they do not, this could cause chaos stating that Sony is possibly afraid or does not know a comfortable price yet. I am also interested in seeing how Sony plans to play their hand based for online purposes. Sony has yet to prove that their Blu-ray format will succeed. Sony has many things to prove based on their technology. Can it do what they claim? Well… I figure that there will be demos on the floor… So in due time gamers will find out if Playstation 3 is truly what Sony has promised. So… Let the games begin?

As far as great games on Sony Platforms? I expect to see Final Fantasy, God of War 2, and possibly Grand Theft Auto? Sony always manages to combat its opponents with great titles that expand over a large fan base but that is not saying that Microsoft and Nintendo will not do the same...

Microsoft on the other hand? I am just going to guess and say that they will show a few videos based on Fable, Black and White, and Halo. Also, these advertisements that Microsoft speaks about for gaming to save money could possibly lower the bill for Xbox Live but they could also get very annoying but it in a way is ingenious. I wonder what Microsoft has to say about their decision to do this... Overall, I really do not believe we will be seeing anything groundbreaking from Microsoft at E3 2006.

Nintendo... Nintendo Wii will definitely make an appearance on the floor... I think it is quite exciting for gamers to mediate on the possibilities. There are so many things you can do with Freehand. If the EA Representative who was interviewed by IGN is correct, we can use the nunchuck controller to juke which means that the controller can detect motion as well... That is huge! If this is actually a feature, I assume that it will be officially announced at E3 2006 but imagine the possibilities. With the nunchuck you can use it as a shield and with your other hand; you can use it as a sword. It will nearly emulate real life in many ways. Imagine boxing games as well, you could use both controllers to punch in whichever method you desire. The possibilities are endless when you consider that nunchuck might have motion sensors built into it. To switch subjects, the virtual console idea will be very interested as well. We already know that there will be slew of Nintendo and Sega games but there are tons of other games that could make an appearance as well on the console. Yet, I am also interested on how Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will evolve on Nintendo Wii. Basing predictions on Nintendo however is nearly impossible, Nintendo could show it all at E3 or just wait for another event but Nintendo has been saying for months now that they will reveal everything on Nintendo Wii.

I think we can also expect awesome software to flow with Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. New Super Mario Bros, Red Steel, and whatever else Nintendo wants to display on the show floor. I do not know what they will show or allow gamers to play but I am not betting on Metroid Prime 3 to make an appearance or Super Smash Bros… I expect Atari's DragonBall Z game for NWii to show, however. There is a strong possibility of seeing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and the rumor of Sonic the Hedgehog for Nintendo Wii. I can not explain in words how much I want another great Sonic game especially on Nintendo Wii. Overall, I suspect that there will be lots of games on the floor in the Nintendo department and that is quite exciting. Only if I could go to E3 2006 but I am not old enough…

I expect to see very strong support from developers at E3 but the question is... Will that strong support continue to lets say 2008? My answer is this... Yes. Why? Simply because in the past Nintendo wanted to do everything by themselves and they had royal fees to develop for their console. Nintendo doesn't do that quite as much anymore. With Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, Nintendo has stated that these systems are for everyone as well as developers... This is true in many ways because Nintendo offers cheap development kits, unique features, and support to developers that ask for it. Also, you have simple and complicated games on one system in which both should work exceptionally well.

In general, I am excited to see possible games there like Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil (Capcom has yet to list anything for E3 that revolves around RE), tons of Nintendo games, and hopefully but doubtfully Crazy Taxi. I have no doubt in my mind that we will see many huge announcements and I do hope that Nintendo Wii keeps on its promise but as far as controls go... Nintendo a majority of the time manages to keep their promises based on that. I think it will be great and work exactly as Nintendo says, devolopers and press seem to think that it is quite brillant. I would agree with them... From the sounds of it, you will be fully immersed into the game because you will be doing the actions more so. Nintendo has only been working on Freehand since 2000 if you read a report by Sega... Sega knew about it in 2000. Now for a final comment based on the software itself... I want to see another Buffy game.

That is what I expect from E3 2006... At least what I can remember that I will expect...


Well today's E3 will probably the best one yet because it will be the one that will tell us everything to expect for the next generation of gaming. I am interested more on the Wii to see the games in action, the prices, the launch date, the download system and there online plans overall. For the PS3 I am looking forward to see there new controller and there price if the whole 500 bucks thing comes true.

In terms of games overall I am interested to see what we can expect from Sega for the Wii and the Sonic Series. See new DS games announced, to see twilight princess playable but with the wii controller. Pretty much overall I am interested in everything about gaming in the whole show.


You have a point Ray, but Nintendo has tried to be different for the past decade anf it hasn't gotten them anywhere within the supposed console wars. Sure they turn a nice profit, but every generation, dating all the way back to the SNES, the fanbase as fallen by the millions. The SNES brought about 45 million, the N64 brought about 33 million, the Gamecube brought about 20 plus million.... I know there will be a point where Nintendow ill climb back to the top, but going by stats and lack of third party support, its less likely the console will surpass the mark of the Gamecube.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully support Nintendoa dn their efforts. WHy would you want to be like the rest? Nintendo has followed their own beat for some time, and created some memorable titles, but at the end of the day, Sony just offers more of a variety to enjoy. I mainly get Nintendo consoels for first party titles and third party titles exclusive ot the console (not that many for the gamecube). I will get both consoles, but 'm not looking to the Revolution to satisfy my gaming needs. I'm looking to Nintendof or Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Red Steel, Smash Bros, etc. Variety will be my main focus with the PS3 (RPG heaven with Sony).


I actually don't expect Sony to have a good showing at E3. I mean, they're full of themselves. You have to admit that. Now Microsoft and Nintendo are the same, but Sony takes it to the next level. This past year they have done absolutely nothing. They sat back and replayed the same old videos over and over again. Look at the list of announced games, not all of them say coming to PS3 like they use to. Now its pretty much a gurantee that it will come to the 360 and then it's an either or with the Revolution or PS3. Where is their support going?

Nintendo on the other hand has been working hard to get back third party support and you already have developers, who abandoned the Gamecube preparing launch titles for the Revolution. Every E3, every single developer usually picks a game to highlight them at the show. Ubisoft has exactly one exclusive for each next gen console and they picked Red Steel as their highlight game. People were wowed by the videos last year, but not it's 2006 and videos will not cut it. Sony has to be show games that not only look good, but look good with actual gameplay and prove to use that this cell chip is the biggest thing in gaming ever.


Mprunty, you are correct, Nintendo has changed their methods again and again to only meet lower sales then the previous console while making a huge profit. However, I may ask... Where do you get the idea of low third party support? Multiple third parties have announced support and these titles that they are bringing appear to be brand new exciting franchise or existing mega-hit franchise! Yes, the past happens to repeat itself but in video game history and we have a few paths to choose that can in theory happen again, ironically... We have a market crash option, momentum counter, and failure option. All of these options are rather self-explanatory as well...

Does Nintendo have to continue on the failure option of decreasing sales? I say no, I think it is very well possible that they will be in a momentum shift with Sony. Why? I have spoken to multiple gamers and nongamers in real life as of lately and I asked if they were going to get a next-generation console... Sadly the truth would be, most of them said no! They said that the consoles suck but they did add a comment saying that Nintendo Wii may suck. Why do they feel this way? Well... They feel that they can already do everything Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will do with their computers or just simply... They have got bored of gaming. There were a few exceptions to this rule though, out of four, each one gave a certain response, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and neutral. Honestly, from the sounds of it... The console market doesn't look like it will be very healthy in the next four years if it continues at this rate based on this mini survey I took.

The problem with your theory as I brought up earlier, Nintendo is doing something that truly differs them from the competion, they are working with third parties more (Hudson is responsible for this), and have a strong reception from third parties including any person who may have seen the console in action. Nintendo is a company of innovation which pioneers the industry in a unique manner and this keeps Nintendo as a special memento. You can predict everything that Sony and Microsoft are going to do because they stick to the winning formula but predicting what Nintendo will do with accuracy is near impossible. Nwii brings a new way to play and I must say... It goes far beyond what the analog stick has done.

Now... Sony is coming up with the best at the end of the day? Perhaps, yes. But what you stated is a problem, "I mainly get Nintendo consoles for first party titles and third party titles exclusive to the console (not that many for the Gamecube)." Why do you think Gamecube lacks third party titles compared to Xbox or Playstation 2? It is exactly for the reason I mentioned earlier. Third party companies can not maintain the console due to lacking sales. Hopefully, a new controller will encourage people to get games that they have never played before; the Nintendo DS encouraged me to play quite a few games that I would normally never play like Animal Crossing and Brain Age. Nwii will have super cheap development cost compared to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 according to multiple developers so this could ensure that despite some lacking sales there and there, if sales do lack that they won’t hurt and anger companies too much…

Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii will both offer games obviously and both will have their exclusive titles and innovations but which one will shine in the end? From the sounds of it, you are laying your money on Playstation so... In that case, I lay my money on Nintendo. I am confident that Nintendo will create some fireworks at E3 2006. I don’t mean to sound bias but I honestly think Nintendo will come out a big winner at E3 2006 with freehand if it does what they say it does.


There was tons of third party support signed on in the beginning for the Gamecube and the Nintendo 64, but as the years went by, the support dwindle down to practically nothing. I'm not saying that the support has never been there, but with every console since the SNES, they hype has been there, Nintendo promise this and that, but at era's end, there is litte to show in the category of quantity. We know NIntendo prides themselves on quality, but that's Nintendo, not third parties. If Nintendo can't initiate things first, it will be hard for third parties to follow.

This online scheme is very promising, but how long will it last (in regards to Nintendo fully supporting it). Look at the GBM (game Boy Micro) from last year's E3. Nintendo hyped the handheld, but you can barely find any accessories designed specifically for it in stores (on the internet you can). There has been too many promises and shortcomings by Nintendo, so it's hard to swallow everything they say.

I know Sony sometimes bites off more than they can chew, but at least when they start somethign, they will finish it. Even if it cost them money, llittle support (for that product), or the product going to another console. Nintendow ill have a great showing, but showing and acting on are two different things. Nintendo has a lot on their plate to prove to gamers, developers, and analysts alike. Actions speak louder than words.


hrmph... so we're getting into the whole "Nintendo's track record" argument again. Well, personally I have a feeling that that's going to be much less of a factor in the coming generation.

since i'm the one who really called this roundtable i don't really wanna take it too far off track by going too far into why i don't think Wii will be a replay of the Gamecube, so i'll just call out your whole "Nintendo being different" argument.

i think that Nintendo not being different enough in the past few generations has been their problem. with SNES and N64 they were touting their consoles pretty much as hardware upgrades that were more powerful than the competition. that worked fine for SNES but because N64 had so many other issues like Nintendo sticking with carts and all it's third party support dropped like a rock.

with problem with gamecube was that the console was not different enough. it couldn't really do anything that PS2 and Xbox already couldn't and that gave developers essentially no reason to develop games for it. Iwata even admitted, at least in part, in an interview that Nintendo failed to make the gamecube distinct enough from the PS2.

with the Wii being different is is the biggest thing they have going for them because it gives devs a reason to develop for their platform: they'll be able to make game experiences that they just will not be able to on PS3 or 360. of course being different is also their biggest risk here, but i think it's better than just keeping up with the jonses (what they essentially did with gamecube) and it almost ensures that they won't run into the same problems they did in the past.

now take this into E3 and we can see that there's really no reason for most eyes NOT to be on Nintendo. they're the ones who have the most to prove yet also the ones about whom we still have the most questions. we know pretty much most of what we are going to be seeing from sony and microsoft, with Nintendo, pretty much everything at E3 is going to be a surprise.


If CHE is correct, the Rev is getting way more third party support than the GCN did. Anyway--the only reason third party games didn't sell well on the GCN was a quality issue. Why buy the GCN version when it was usually the worst version? Seems kinda pointless...

The Rev won't have that--the Rev's controller/underpowered disposition make sure of that. Not saying that the Rev is weak, Red Steel and Metroid Prime 3 looks great.

Red is right--Nintendo tried to make a system up to graphical snuff for the last two gens, that didn't work. So now they're taking a different route, and I think they will succeed because of it. I can see the Rev selling around 50,000,000 units worldwide if developers take initiative and make different, compelling software for the thing.


Yum, you seem to be correct in many aspects... Where has Sony been at press conferences? No where to be found with any news, that’s what! Well... They did appear a few months ago to announce an online plan and that the console will launch this year but that is basically all they announced. What have we seen based on PS3 lately that is big besides that? Nothing, which I can recall except a few videos of artwork, trailers, and etc. No one has played a demo on the console that I can recall. Maybe they will allow people to do so at E3 2006 but who knows. It just all depends.

Nintendo on the other hand has been working with multiple developers, announcing news throughout the year, working with publishers, getting publishers and developers to put their downloadable content on Nwii, and etc. At E3 2006, it is basically confirmed that Nwii demos will be on the floor. Nintendo will supposively sit back and let us play watching our expressions. According to Perrin Kaplin... You are also correct as I will dig deeper into it, videos will not cut it at E3 2006 mainly because they have had a year since E3 2005. You would think that they would have a few demos ready and if they do not have demos ready... It could affect the company in ways and people would start to ask more and more, when is this console launching exactly!?

Mprunty, you have a point. Gamecube had strong support at the beginning as well but it dwindled down but from my understanding... Nintendo had decreasing support not only because Gamecube doesn't offer much over PS2 and Xbox but... Nintendo wanted to do things by themselves meaning that they were not very third party friendly. However, now you will notice that this has changed. Nintendo is working with developers when they ask for it, assigning developers their original titles like Star Fox, and etc. The problem with Gamecube is... I think it kind of destroyed the developers trust at the beginning before Nintendo learned this new friendly approach.

Ray, Nwii might be able to sell fifty million copies if developers put their minds to creativity… I think Red Steel as it is from the reports of Game Informer will be compelling enough just by itself. Red Steel on Nwii could be better then Halo simply because of freehand and nunchuck. Red Steel doesn’t look like a pushover either for a FPS game. Metroid Prime 3? Yeah, it will be interest to see how much Metroid Prime 3 will destroy in FPS standards to reset at a new level. Hopefully we will be seeing MP3 at E3 2006 but it is unlikely…


Ray don't forget the fact that Nintendo choice for media for the Gamecube caused their titles to be inferior (quality) to that of the PS2 and the Xbox. This time around, will be a different story, that's true, but will problems of old plague them once more?

Like Red said, expecting isn't exactly the best thing to do at E3, Nintendo always finds something completely different that catches us off guard in one way or another.'s what I think.

I think Nintendo will go into more detail on the Wii and some of it's capabilities regarding Wi-Fi and the backwards compatability features. Also, i'm sure Nintendo is going to try to get more fans to "appreciate" the Wii with various giveaways and actually playing the system. Also, maybe even a release date on the Wii, yet I think that will be all for Nintendos systems.

As for games, Nintendo will go into more detail. (I think.) I mean they have so much to cover game-wise. I mean c'mon Metroid Prime 3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Brothers, a next-gen Mario game and even some other games that will just be announced at the show. I think LoZ will steal the show again this year with all the information has been announced over the past year. Just look at all the hype it has received. Also, Nintendo has gathered a huge Metroid fan-base over the years so I think MP3 will be a big deal at the show.

Finally what I've been waiting for...some third-party developers. I want to see what Capcom has for us. I mean they had one of the strongest years ever regarding 2005. Starting off with Resident Evil 4 and then Killer 7. Capcom was the place to be in 05 and I want to see what they have to show us regardng Suda-51. Those are my basic predictions...prepare for my various debates and arguments soon to come.


The Wii wont have a problem appealing to hardcore Nintendo fans and new gamers around the world. But in regards to casual and mainstream gamers, it will be easier said than done. The grpahics will be there for its gamers, but can Nintendo get those key franchises that Sony and Microsoft currently have? Will Nintendo revive several key properties that they have been sittig on for the longest? Will they release a Golden Sun 3 for Revolution? All of these may not mean that much to Nintendo, but they are key situations that can trigger a change in the gaming cateogries and a possible increase attraction for their console.

Mprunty, Gamecube's mini disc might have been inferior compared to Playstation 2 and Xbox disc in capacity if I am correct but I do believe that mini disc offered a slightly higher load rate. The mini discs were quite cool as well because they were easy to hold and small, everyone likes small stuff like disc... But they were inferior from a technical standpoint.

Today? Nwii will be using a DVD format from the appearance of it which is quite cool as well but I still want my mini disc. However, will a console with a DVD format be inferior or the same compared to HD-DVD and Blu-ray format integrated on their components machines? That is a great question to ask... If you think about it, PS2 and Xbox games used DVD disc and seemed to have more then enough space. Nwii isn't much more powerful then either console on paper either so it could work very well since not much more memory is used due to the machine's lack of power based on paper equations.

Shady, you may be correct, Nintendo will more and likely reveal more information based on their mega-hit games like Metroid Prime 3. Based on Metroid Prime 3, AOL Games recently said that they have seen MP3 and they are saying that is practically finished for most part. That is what I understand anyway. So we might not just learn more on the mega-hit franchise, Metroid but actually get to play it on the floor!

I'm really interested to see if Capcom will announce anything new for Nwii though they stated that they would test it out before putting Resident Evil on the system. But personally... In my opinion, I think they should just announce Resident Evil for Nwii and start developing for the system

Nonetheless, all we can hope for is the best E3 that we have ever seen! This is going to be fun! Even though it is a shame that I will be at school... I will have to wait till school is over for the day to catch up on my gaming news. We can only guess what Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will be saying in the next few days...

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