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We at Gaming Evolution decided to hold a discussion in regards to the latest title announced for the Nintendo Revolution console. Since there isn't that many titles announced for the console at this time, we took the opportunity to talk it up.

The following list include all the staff members who gave their view on this particulr title and annountment:
  • Mprunty - black
  • Myahon - dark red
  • Anbu_Ghost - orange
  • Fireemblem87 - brown
  • PimpinJ - olive
  • Yum16 - blue
  • Redswirl - red
  • Ray00101 - dark blue
  • Henshin - YellowGreen
  • Sonicphoto - violet
  • Shadyltd7 - dark orange
  • Shizm - Gold
  • Joe136 - tan
  • Leafball - SteelBlue

I'm personally excited about Red Steel. I first heard about this game when it was known as "Katana" and its existance was just a rumor at the time. I never would have imagined that the first Revolution screens would be released from a third party developer, let alone published in Game Informer as oppossed to E3.

Ubisoft Paris is one of the most acclaimed first person developers and they seem to be the right people to create one of the first Revolution FPS, a genre which I imagine almost every developer will try to do considering the Revolution's capadabilty with FPSs. Developers are probably thinking about how to game gun games and sword games on the Revolution, while Ubisoft just decided to do both at once. I'm intrigued that they wanted to focus on immersion like holding the Revolution controller sideways will turn your gun sideways.

As for graphics, the game looks pretty nice. I'm surprised how similar it looks to Ubisoft Paris's other FPS, Rainbow Six: Vegas. I hope to see a better screenshot sometime soon as scans of magazines don't exactly give you a good image of what the actual game looks like.

The story sounds really cheesy though. Come on, it sounds like the plot to a Rush Hour movie. While those movies are great, I don't think Ubisoft is aiming for a comedic approach.

Overall, I'm anxious to see this game in action. If it does make it scheduled release date as a Revolution launch title, it looks to be one of the systems killer apps.


The Revolution, Nintendos next installment in its long line of systems. Promised to be backed with various games, the Rev looks to be very impressive. Now, a game has been confirmed, Red Steel. I believe it is time to take a closer look...

Like Andrew, I was personally suprised that these screen shots were actually published in Game Informer instead of at the GDC or E3. Now i'm not quite sure on what to expect coming from the game with the Revs controller. I'm quite excited with the fact of it using the controller. I can only imagine playing a FPS with one hand. The controll will probably amazing being able to move around freely and actually feel like you're holding the gun. Looks really cool if you ask me.

Now Andrew, here's where the debate has to come in. Not to be the bad guy but I think you're absolutely off on the story. It looks cool, and Rush Hour was one hell of a movie. It will be a cool twist for a videogame and I can promise you it will probably be an interesting game to play and it will keep you coming for more and more.

Also for some strange reason the game reminds me of Killer 7, which I loved so I'll prolly love this game. So if i'll be looking for this game and be hoping it's a launch title 'cause this game would go great for the first on the Rev.


I never expect a game of this caliber. Im still in shock after seeing this game on thoses magazines scans from Game Informer. I was expecting cool games for the Nintendo Revolution but I never ever expect such ambicious project to come at launch for the Revolution and im very happy for that, thanks Ubisoft.

Red Steel will be an exclusive game for the Revolution and that pretty good because it seems that it will be M rated and that what Nintendo needs , more mature games no matter from what company they are. The gameplay looks crazy and cool! It was has a gamer I had always dream to play to a level that I want it now!!!

Sincerely this is my most wanted game right now(Yes even more than Zelda) and I went to reserve it at EB Games and I still cant but when ever I get the chance I will be the first to reserve this masterpiece


I am personallly excited for this game, as am I of all revolution titles. As already mentioned, the revolution controller will work specifically well with FPS's, and when I actually picture this game in full motion, it seems like it would be incredibly fun.

The graphics to me look great, although bot as good as the competition (that is not the point). It looks very relalistic, and would simulate quite well. I am wondering if they will make a gun add on, just a handle that you snap on so it looks relatively like a handgun, just like with the steering wheel add on.


After seeing the announcement on the specs, I honestly wasn't expecting much in the graphical department. Wow. I really didn't think we'd be seeing graphics like that for first-gen titles.

Graphics aside, this is the type of title I've been expecting ever since I saw the revolution's controller. It's just been BEGGING for a sword fighter.

Plus the fact that it's an exclusive, and from Ubisoft, which in itself is pretty awesome news. While everything about it makes it sound really good, I hope they don't mess up how a lot of others do, by screwing up the voiceovers.


Well Shady, while Rush Hour was an awesome movie, it's corny plot only helped add to the humor. Red Steel looks like a serious game. I don't know. I can't get worked up over "Oooh, you stole my girlfriend, now I shall thrash you with the very sword you wanted!" The story is most likely just an after thought, an excuse for a guy to use both swords and guns. Personally, if a game uses both types of weapons, it should be a little more "unrealistic". Take Far Cry, you shoot and you call people to death all in the first person. I want it be that type of gameplay. I think the only times you'll use the sword is in boss fights.

And to just remind you, it's not all played with one controller. You use the analog stick add-on. Despite what I said, I'm sure it will still be a solid game.


Am I the only one not excited for this? I'm no FPS fan to begin with, and this game is no exception. It could mean the first step to a total revolution of the FPS genre, but I'm not the least bit excited.

The only excitement I share for this game, is that it's the first, and only, game for the Revo that we've actually seen. I trust Ubisoft will make a great game, and it's exciting to ponder how much of an impact such a big developer making an exclusive game for the Revo will do. Nintendo lost a lot of gamers during the GCN era that this game will appeal to.

Revolution, if it continues on this path, will not require, need, or attract graphics comparison debates. It'll all be in the games. There hasn't been something this fresh since...a long long time ago. Xbox 360 is attracting gamers with Perfect Dark, which is more of the same old thing. Red Steele does not look like a ground breaking game, but what makes it one is how it is presented, and the fact that it's using a new control scheme that many people are skeptical of.


If those shots are indeed realtime then I must say I'm impressed with what I've seen so far even though it's just scans. Since I have a GI subscription though I should be getting that issue in any day now.

As for the game itself, I've seen a lot of people just pass this off as just another FPS that happens to use a new kind of input. However, if you read all the info on the game it says that the game by design will react specifically to the level of violence the player chooses to engage in, especially later on in the game where the game will specifically reward the player for not killing. This shows that Ubisoft is really trying to go for something more here, which I always find good.

This also seems to show a potential change in Nintendo's marketing strategy. Traditionally, Nintendo has usually advertised their major franchise titles first and foremost, often leaving third party companies to compete with those big titles, which is probably part of the reason for historically low third party support on Nintendo's past two platforms. Now it seems that Nintendo is allowing third party software to get some publicity first while still keeping up the franchise titles, which certainly shows a change for the better in their third party relations.

Hopefully we'll be getting more stuff like this in the coming days up until E3, which now can't come soon enough.


Red Steel is perhaps the best game to show off first for the Revolution. It's not a completely different genre, just a regular first person shooter. The control scheme for it is unique though, so this game is no ordinary shooter we have seen time and time again in the past.

The Revolution's controller simply seems destined for FPS. Moving the controller with your wrist will mean handling your gun on screen. Imagine how comfortable and intuitive this could be if it was done correctly. This is Ubisoft we are talking about, so people can breathe easier knowing that.

Graphics are amazing even though this is not the game's main focus. Also looks like it wouldn't be rated E, meaning that it should not be labelled as "kiddy" anytime soon, which is what Nintendo needs. Hopefully with Ubisoft jumping on the bandwagon, we'll quickly see more titles announced for Revolution by third party developers.


Can't really attack this title due tot he fact we really don't know that much about it. From the scans shown, I have to say it looks very interesting, but at this time, nothing I would immidiately jump for upon release. I see this title as Nintendo investing into a realm that they have always struggled in. Whether it is FPS or titles with the rating of Mature, Nintendo has been known to struggle within this market (though titles like RE4 do appear).

As far as the creative gameplay, I am all for it. It involves a lot of hand and arm movements, which is a great departure from the traditional video game control pad. he graphics are indeed a step up from those of the Nintendo Gamecube, but seeing how the final development kits haven't been sent, it makes you wonder if this game is being developed on a PC with the same specs as the Revolution, or are they just pushing the Gamecube to the limits to see what they can come up with.

As for now, I would say wait until we find out more before jumping for joy, though more third party support is good.


Yeah, Joe. As much as I'm not really excited for this game, I agree, hands down with you. This IS the best way to show the Revolution off. For once, I'm glad Nintendo kept their mouth shut until a third party opened theirs first.

Maybe it was all planned, who knows...

But I often wonder why the DS wasn't shown like this. Maybe they learned that you can't show off how amazing a new system is with a port of an old game. I think the DS would be in a far better position right now had they shown the DS off with different software. Although it looks like Nintendo's not repeating any mistakes. Kudos to them.


Well remember Mprunty that developers have development kits. They've been getting newer ones closer to the final kit every few months so by now they have must have a kit that's close to final product. Remember that the final PS3 kits haven't been released yet and at E3 last year, Microsoft continiously stated that the games were running on umcompleted kits. So Nintendo's not really behind on giving developers the tools they need.

That's true Yum16 that many developers are getting upgrades for their development kits to continue work on Revolution titles, but aa handfull of those developers don't have the kits with the final specs, so it's hard to tell how this game will actually look and play out in the final build.

Anywho, the first time I saw the screens for Red Stee the expression on my face probably resembled something like this: . After the initial shock, I began to look over the screens some more, and even got a chance to read the article GI has written up on the game. At first I was just expecting an average first person shooter with Waggle Wand support, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was wrong, dead wrong. I guess this is what happens when developers take their time, and build their game around the console in question. All I can say is that if other third parties take this much care in their Revolution projects, I don't think Nintendo's little console that could is in any real trouble at all, in fact may I say, I think someone is back. Oh, I think someone is back indeed.

I would mention the graphics--but you know? Who cares? I honest-to-god said, 'wow'. Graphics aren't the point of the Revolution though, it's all about interface, and how well you can interact with you games. Instead of playing through a game, with the Revolution, you will actually play as if you're part of the game. Well, that amazes me--all I'm saying.

I would also like to add, the element that respect plays in the game is an incredible idea. Like, you can become allies with your enemies, thus turning enemy against enemy? The concept of using sounds/music to put you in the game sounds interesting as well--I'd much like to see how that works out for Ubisoft in the end.


Good point Ray about the music and sound, I have no idea on how that will work but Ubisoft seems to know what they're doing. Also you make a great point on the graphics. They will make you seem as if playing right in the game instead of just, meh another old game.

Wow I am totally impress with the pictures on this title. First I am happy to see that a 3rd party developer is the fisrt one to show images on a magazine on a revolution instead of Nintendo being first. Even if Rev. will not have HD it still looks like it going to be pretty realistic. Which means the quote ''Rev. will look 2 times better then RE4'' is actually true. While on this current genration 1st person shooters are getting tiring, playing them with the Rev. controller is going to be a totally different experience and a more exciting one.

I personally have to say I am WOWED by this title. I saw the screenshots and was blown away by what I saw. The controller will definitely make this game even more than what we can ever see from screenshots, but the fact that Ubisoft already has a title like this as a launch title makes me wonder what would happen if we saw a huge title go on the Revolution.

Another interesting fact about this game that got me interested, was that I was never really aware that the Revolution controller could be more involved with motions like how a person holds their gun. I mean being abole to hold your gun gangsta hold or normally just amazed me.

The only issue I see with the game, and it isn't a major deal, is the fact that it definitely isn't competing with the PS3 in terms of graphical output. I think it puts a great fight against the 360, but with the power the PS3 will be packing, I doubt the Revolution can live up to it. While I know it isn't the Revolution's main focus, I guarantee the lack of graphical power might turn some people off. I honestly can say I was in awe just from looking at these shots, but I'm not so sure about others.

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