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The Industry of Gamers, Nongamers, Games, and Choices...

Written by: NintendoDS2006

Nintendo has been in the industry for over twenty years. The company has rewritten the definition of gaming three times with the NES, N64, and NDS. Now they will do it for the fourth time, Nintendo Revolution. This new definition for gaming will enhance our immersion beyond any other invention by Nintendo that we have seen. You will be able to move in 3D space and perform as the character instead of pressing buttons that almost have no meaning. How many of you have dreamed of picking up the Master Sword and actually defeating Ganon with this beautiful sword? I have... The company has created home consoles longer then Atari and Sega. Why? Atari and Sega both went out. Atari did the same thing over and over with little to no change in anything they did and Sega moved slightly too fast into the industry. The industry was not ready for Sega's evolution.

Despite all of these interesting opinions or facts, gamers around the world that do not research into what is next in the gaming industry or who stays loyal to one company like Sony or Microsoft for instance will say horrible things against Nintendo Revolution. But why? I beleive it is fear. Fear has been a brick wall in the industry; however I beleive gamers will be excited once they touch Nintendo's Next-Generation machine if they do touch it. Is Nintendo putting fear into the brands? Maybe. But who knows, if you talk to a hardcore gamer and speak to them in detail about the console and the possibilities, he/she may get excited. However the casual gamer is much harder to convince as well as loyalist who stick to one brand. They have a lot of trust in their company or maybe they just buy whatever the market says is, "awesome" but these gamers need to open their eyes in many ways. You can not be biased in this industry as I have learned, if you tend to be bias.. You may miss out on a lot of great titles like Halo, Metroid Prime, Zelda, Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Fable, Star Fox, Final Fantasy, F-Zero, Sonic, and multiple other great titles!

Was there not fear when the analog was announced? I think there was exactly like you see with Freehand today. But did not the analog become an industry standard? Analogs promoted the idea of 3D games. Why can't freehand do the same? Freehand is in many ways an advanced version of the analog stick.

Hype and Popularity

Sony took the industry by storm back in the early 1990s. Sony brought in a console which had a CD format that retailed for a hundred dollars less then Sega's CD system. This is partly a reason for Sony's status change in the industry, Nintendo's arrogance did not help eithier. Third party devolopers like Square Enix had plans for the Nintendo 64 but once that cartriage format was announced, Nintendo lost Square Enix and multiple others. Why? Cartriages at the time cost the devoloper appoximately $30.00-$50.00 to create with their games on the cartriages compared to a CD which was ten cents to a dollar.

Now, we have to ask ourselves a few questions... Is any company better then the other? Does the same formula keep the popularity or steadily decrease it? Well, Atari is a fine example of doing the same thing over and over. Many might disagree with me based on Atari's collapse but according to history.. The video game industry was shattered after Atari because of the same formula. Nintendo picked up the industry with a brand new formula, Nintendo's formula was simple, entertaining, and new. Nintendo created the industry once again with this system because of the new formula. If Nintendo would have done the same thing as Atari, video games would not be as popular as they are today. Can you imagine playing games today on a controller that has thirty buttons on it or just a joystiq and a fire button on 3D games?

Sony happens to have done little to nothing in this industry except for their impact on the industry with Sony Playstation One. This left a mark on gamers that would not be soon forgotten. Most gamers back in this time period picked up the Sony Playstation not only because the games were cheaper but the support of devolopers seemed much higher. The N64 received many epics but so did the PS1 and PS1 games were simply a lot cheaper then N64 games. Nintendo tried to win that industry with sheer power but if failed not only due to their format but coming in what? Three years after the the Sony PS1 launch... Sony gained their popularity with something new and that was the 3D formula but in many ways.. They have not changed their formula at all since the PS1. Sony has not changed much but they will survive with thier gigantic fanbase but the problem is... Is Sony in reality another Sega in which moved much too quickly and costly for the industry?

Microsoft. Microsoft happens to be one of the most hated companies out there by gamers and multiple others. Is the industry jealious of Bill Gates or do they just not like his decisions? Now.. Xbox has become a popular machine but their hardware was not much different then the PS2 or Gamecube. However the solution to their success formula was an in-depth online gaming service. Sega did this in an effective manner as well but the service did not live long enough to mature nore did Sega have the funds. Xbox would have failed without this online service. An unknown will not be received into the industry without something to offer. Microsoft offered Xbox Live in which brought forth a brand new formula that is now the benchmark for console online services. Anything less then what Xbox Live offers as an online service is considered inferior and often frowned down upon. Has Microsoft changed anything with their new Xbox 360? Not really. Just following the same old failing formula in which brought service to Atari's demise.

Now... What everyone on this forum has been waiting for me to speak about more and likely.... NINTENDO. Nintendo has fallen on deaf ears towards gamers in which own systems exclusively like Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. These gamers do not wish to listen or view change in which their own company does not promote which is a problem. Gamers around the world preferr something that makes them secure. However, Nintendo is planning an invasion on gamers that will forever change the face of gaming if pulled off successfully. Nintendo proved with the Nintendo DS that they are quite serious about what they are going to do. Nintendo wants to pull everyone in the gaming world and it just might work but as stated. The ignorance of loyalist might put a hault to this but what if that ignorance gave away and Nintendo's vision became real? We would see yet another industry standard set up by Nintendo which has a great track record for redefining the industry. Nintendo is a profitable and ingenius company. You might reject this opinion but the evidence supports my opinion. Look at what Nintendo has done for the industry. Sure, many of the concepts like analog were in existance but analog was not put into gaming in any form that was effective till Nintendo announced it at E3.

Choices and Offers...

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft have all offered a piece to the industry at one point or the other. However these companies are still offering new entertainment but the degree of effectiveness may not be too strong. Allow me to briefly go over what these companies are offering now. I do not beleive that I am required to give every detail for I trust that a majority of you already know the facts.

Sony is offering brand new techonolgy which will give graphics a new meaning. Sony plans to ultilize their Cell Chip, Blu-Ray format, HD TV compability, and powerful graphic chip to rise the level of immersion. They also plan to make this the center of your home. A perfect combination but what everyone is asking... How much? Well, gamers will buy whatever they desire matter what the price. Many will not though, and many will turn to a cheaper alternative. Sony is offering us brand new options in the levels of gaming but the question is.. Will they succeed? Will there be a change in the controller, more and likely no.

Microsoft is offering HD TV compability, new graphics, and a great online service, "Xbox Live" but will that be enough? The price is most certainly affordable to an extent. Microsoft has also bought out companies to get better titles to the gamer in which has worked to an extent. Most notably are Bungie, Rareware, and Lionhead Studios. Does Microsoft truely differ from Sony Entertainment's, "Playstation"? That can be argued on but lets not get into that. But does Xbox change the controller on how games are played? No.

Nintendo is offering great graphics, a new way to play games, DVD playback, Wi-Fi, and a classic downloadable library from our favorite consoles of all time. Nintendo is offering games to people who may just sit and play a game having a blast for just five minutes to just do something else and for the hardcore who will literally sit at the television and play a video game for hours and hours; beating a game in a matter of days.

Now, my full attention will now be upon Nintendo in this article. Namely, Nintendo Revolution. Nintendo Revolution's controler will differ them from Sony or Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft will continue to use the formula of power which has succeeded for a decade. Nonetheless, freehand will enable gamers to be the character. This controller brings a new level of immersion in which will have us out of our seats and swinging that sword around or shooting the evil guys. This level of immersion will allow us to twist our hand and have that same element transferr to the television! Gamers and nongamers are skeptical though on the concept because they ask, "How can a remote offer anything to gaming!?". This is quite simple and I will give several examples in the next paragraph or two. Then I will conclude.

Recently, Ubisoft has announced a brand new title exclusive to Nintendo Revolution, "Red Steel." Red Steel is a first person shooter that engages us in a new level of immersion. We have played first person shooters since and slightly before Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. The formula has not truely changed though. If you took out the story from every first person shooter and the character and replaced it with stuff that had no logic or any known faces... I think you would realize that the first person shooter formula has not advanced by much. On Revolution, gamers will be table to push things over by just moving the controller forward like a table and use that as cover or pull the controller back to reload their gun. Neat? I thought so. This brand new formula will also allow us to spin on a dime virtually by just pointing at an enemy and pressing a button to shoot them down. If you think that is lame, I must say that real guns must be lame and useless as well.

Not only with Red Steel be a brand new exclusive first person shooter but it will allow enable sword combat in which is rarely seen on current-generation consoles. If you asked a gamer to play a sword game on current-generation... They just might be confused on how to play it just because current-generation controllers just features buttons. Now on Revolution, casual and hardcore gamers might be in awe as they can block an upcoming attack with a parry, block, and etc just by a jesture. I know many of you have always wants to unleash your anger on something and in a way this is a way to do so by literally beating your opponents on the game to death. Just to think, you can pull out your sword anytime once you get it in the game. Game Informer claims so. I hope you are ready for hacking up things, I must certainly am. If you ever see me playing this game, you should be expecting me to act as if I am really trying to kill someone with the sword!!!

Real-time strategy games. There is not much to it. You got a controller that can sense your direction, and depth. This will emulate a mouse. Mice are often used in real-time strategy games, obvious, eh? I thought so. Not only this but you got multiple buttons on freehand in which could act as hotkeys and you got an expansion port for any add-on you could think of. Imagine a microphone add-on thrown into the mix. It would in a way be like Socom or Odama. Command your troops. You could go a lot futher with this as well.

Role-playing games will work much like real-time strategy games for both are virtually the game but in role-playing games, you control one party a majority of the time, and overall it has a different battle formula. You could virtually act out of the parts of your characters if they have magic, you could draw the symbols to conjure the spell or slash their sword at an enemy. You may also throw in simulators like the Sims, and such into these options as well.

Aerial games like Star Wars where you fly around with a plane, you can manipluate the controller to what you see on the screen. You move your hand where you want the place, quite simple over. You could just press a button and it could activate the guns on your plane or some other effect. You could slow down by pulling back or accelerate by pushing forward and whatever else you desire with ease. This theory could also be simulated upon a racing game like Need for Speed.

Fighting games like WWE could be used on this controller as well. Like you and the wrestler lock up, shake the controller or something of the sort to prove that you are stronger. Punch them by manipluating that with the controller. You would only need one freehand device and the nunchuck device to operate this. The shoulder buttons on the nunchuck could work with ease. Press one to have your remote manipluate one of them or both to use both hands. Of course you could move around with the analog and use the rest of your buttons and notions to fill in the rest.

I just want to cover one last game specifically... Sonic the Hedgehog. Imagine running around with Sonic using the analog stick, and now you meet up with five enemy units and want to use your homing attack upon them. How about you press a button and draw on the screen where you want Sonic's homing attack to move and he will go there. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass with the boat as seen in the tailer at GDC. The rest is quite obvious and impressive.

This is where the line is drawn. The definition will be rewritten once again and I will see you in the near future with another article.

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