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Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA Redwood Shores
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rated: M (Mature)
Players: 1
Release Date: March 20, 2006
Written by: Tyler Norton

Also on the PSP, PS2, PC, Xbox 360

In 1972, perhaps one of the greatest movies ever was released. That movie was the Godfather. Millions flocked to see the movie as it depicted life in the Italian mafia. Being 100% Italian, Iíve seen the movie around 100 times. (No lies, yeah I prolly need a life.) Now the cult classic is heading towards an Xbox near you with the videogame: The Godfather. Will this game live up to its movie predecessors height? Or will it wind up in the gutter? Weíll take a closer look. Oh yeah, leave the gun, take the cannoli. Capisce?

This is where the ever so fun controversy comes in. With all the explicit content of the Godfather comes, soon follows the ESRB. The violent mafia like shooting and murder for hire themes are greatly controversial. Electronic Arts is taking a big chance with this oneÖletís see how it will hold out once the controversy is cleared.

The Godfather takes place during the movie. The story is quite complex, but it gets easier when you understand it. Don Corleone, the godfather, is the leader of the Italian mafia. His job is to lead organized crime including murder for hire, bootlegging, and robbery. The godfather is sure to make you an offer you canít refuse because if you doÖ well itís been nice knowing you. The godfather always has his ways.

Once you gain control, you will realize you are at the bottom, bottom of the mafia that is. You will be given a set of missions and activities to follow. With each set you complete, your name gets a little more recognized and you get a little more respect. Now if you play your cards right and eliminate the competition, you will earn yourself a higher spot in the Corleone family, the crime gang that is.

The game plays like this. Itís free-roam. That means you can basically roam around the city and then pick up some missions, very similar to GTA and GUN. When you want to tackle a mission, you head over to your menu and then choose the one from a list. When you complete that sheet, you move on and in a way level up. In total, you can take up to five different cities. Each city is spread out around Little Italy and if you know what youíre doing, you may be able to take control of the businesses and other stuff in the city.

Besides that, the menu will play a big role in the game. The menu offers you the list of missions, your items and your map. The map will be needed in a lot of cases if you donít know your way around Little Italy. You will also be able to access different items and weapons to equip from your menu. Itís pretty cool how you can carry all this stuff in virtually thin air. Really makes you wonder.

Now in the game, you have one true friend, your arsenal. You will be supplied with various weapons from pistols to tommy guns to knives and other weapons. These will help you take care of enemies, people who have hits over their heads, and just plain old annoying people. Weapons = salvation in this game, and itís your only way to live.

Electronic Arts also took a lot of time on the graphics. The areas are very well done leaving every bit of detail looking just like scenes from the movie. The buildings are amazing, the scenery is near perfect, and the vehicles are just great. The areas are really something to see, itís clearly something.

Characters also are very well designed. From the Corleone family to your character, they look like real mobsters. The details and expressions on their faces really tell a story. Plus their clothes even look realistic. EA is putting Xboxís graphics to the test, and they are clearly winning.

Overall, the Godfather looks simply amazing. As a 100% Italian, you can count me in on buying this one. The exciting gameplay and great graphics look to bring this game to the top of the charts, plus all the mob movie fans are sure to pick up this classic. Be sure to look out for the Godfather as it hits stores shelves in only a few weeks. I know for sure Iím getting myself one, what about you?

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