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Published by: Namco
Developed by: Namco
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Release Date: February 7th 2006
Written by: Tyler Norton

Tales of Legendia is one of numerous sequels in the Tales series. First hitting stores in 1995, Tales of Phantasia debuted on the SNES setting the stage for one of the most popular RPG series. As the years followed, more sequels found there way to different systems. Some of the games were pretty successful, and yet others crashed and burned.

In 2004, one of the most successful Tales game hit the Gamecube. Tales of Symphonia brought the series the popularity it worked for. Tales of Symphonia hit an all-star status soon after launch and found its way to the other systems soon after proving that the Tales series was still alive after selling nearly 350,000 units on the Gamecube

Usually when you hear the word RPG and Japan in the same sentence, it’s usually followed by Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Now if you look down just a bit, you should see the “Tales” series. Unlike most RPG’s that started on the NES, the Tales series debuted on the SNES with Tales of Phantasia. Following the huge success of the Tales series, came the Gamecube classic, Tales of Symphonia. Now the first Tales series is coming to the PS2 since Tales of Destiny 2 in 2001. Now it’s time to prepare for Tales of Legendia.

The story of Tales of Legendia is a great one to say the least. The story follows a young Eres Master named Senel Coolidge and his sister Shirley as they drift lost at sea. Eventually, their food and water supply depletes and the couple must quickly find land. When they stumble upon and island, they soon find out that the island is a ship named “Legacy” and they must unravel the mystery that surrounds it.

Following the great story that most Tales games have is a very unique gameplay that will probably leave most hardcore RPG gamers playing for hours. The gameplay of Legendia has went back to the roots of the early Tales series. For one, the game is moving away from the force gauge and it’s multiple line of combat and now using just a single line of battle that makes the game a lot easier to follow and understand.

Now there are a lot more changes in the gameplay from Tales of Symphonia than that. A huge point in the gameplay is the Climax System. In this, throwing out and receiving some damage can fill a meter. Once the meter is full, a simple push of the L1 button will activate the Climax System which leaves the enemies frozen in their tracks and will allow you to unleash some major damage on them. Now if you push the button twice, a special signature or special move will be preformed and dish out some major pain to the enemy.

Another new feature in the game is the ability to sneak around enemies and avoid battles with them. This is great if you’re low on health or just don’t feel like fighting. Now this feature is completely based on timing and not as much as skill. Another nifty feature is called “throwing”. Throwing allows you to shoot out some long-range shots and do some major damage from a far distance.

Tales of Legendia also offers some amazing graphics. As you can see, the anime like styles bring a great feel to the game. The characters are also very well drawn out bringing every little detail there is to offer. Now if this wasn’t enough for you, he areas and land designs are sheer amazing. You can clearly see everything there’s to offer in great design and great detail. Also the 3D designs in most views are pretty sweet. For the most part, Namco did a great job designing the graphics. Hopefully he rest of the game will be as good.

The sound of Legendia is also very rich and smooth sounding. The orchestral music sets the tone for the mystic and magical land of Legendia and really can’t be replaced. Other great music is found in the battles and other areas really set the stage for an epic fight about to happen. The great sound and music really blends well with the graphics. Without much of a doubt, the sound system really looks to keep the game together and make a huge impact on the game.

Overall, Tales of Legendia looks like one hell of a game. The interesting storyline, the brand new battle system, amazing graphics, and great sound and music definitely calls for the making of a great game. With non-stopped action and adventure, Tales of Legendia will surely be a game for the ages and it looks like the Tales series will once again reign the top of the charts. Be sure to look for Tales of Legendia hitting stores on February 7th 2006.

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