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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom Production Studio 4
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: September 9, 2003
Written by: Zach2387

P.N.03, or Product Number 03, is a fairly decent game, centering around this woman's, Vanessa Z. Schneider, attacks on the CAM; these enemy robots or something. She is a mercenary and therefore payed by this mysterious man...

The game itself is fairly simple, in both controls and design, and can become a bit repetitive, since you are basically just shooting the same enemies in the same hallways again and again, but it's still more diverse than just that.

The controls are nice, intuitive, simple, although manevuring can get a little frustrating at first. Your turning speed is very, very slow, but you can press the Z button to perform a 180. If you press back on the analog stick, then you hop backwards, instead of walking back, and it's like you are stuck on an axis when turning; so when you turn, you only rotate. You get used to it though, so it's really not that big of a problem. *WILL EDIT CONTROLS LATER* I forget the controls and I don't have the manual in front of me....I believe L locks on, and A shoots your primary weapon, which are these lasers from your wrists. Another button allows you to duck, another to jump, probably B. And with the conjunction of the jump button and analog stick, you can jump directly up, or jump forward or do a backflip, so that is good. I know you can do little sidestep jumps to each side, but I'm not sure how those are's simple though, I just forget.

Random Pic #1: Watch out there, Vanessa...oh boy...

The acrobatics are all cool though, and nice and smooth. Like, from a sidestep-spin, to a cartwheel, to ducking, and then shooting; or doing a few backflips and then's all done very nicely.

Like Resident Evil 4, you cannot shoot and move at the same time, although you can rotate. This can get a bit annoying, especially when you are locked onto a moving enemy and your shots do not hit it; with the mere ability to rotate horizontally and not verticaly, greatly limits your accuracy.

There are also these power moves; two per suit. Most of them are extremelly cool, destroying most, if not all of the enemies in your view. Each suit only starts with one of these though, and the other must be purchased, but more on that a bit later. They are done by a little combo, using the d-pad, and consume a certain amount of energy.

Ah, such power...

You have two energy bars, one that is health and the other is used for those special power moves. You can refill each meter by walking over green and orange energy balls, respectively. There are also two "sizes" of refills, a small one and a full one.

Now, with the different suits; there are at least 20 in all, all of which are really cool looking. They all have different colors and power moves, as well as stats of course. The stats include the barrier, palm shot power, automatic, and energy. Each suit starts off with a specific area in each stat, which can also be upgraded to a certain level.

All these upgrades and suits can be purchased using the points you earn during the game. Yeah, just the regular points...not money or anything, which de-complicates some things and you can always be sure of how much you have. This leads into the game's combo system.

There are a plethura of suits to be had. The green bar is what level it starts out as, while the gray ones are upgrades you can purchase.

The combo system is a very simple one, that acts as a point multiplyer, like all combo systems. Once you kill your first enemy, you have a certain amount of time before the combo expires, say 15 seconds. In that time, you can kill other enemies and get a second or two added on to the time you have before the combo is over. You get a point added to the combo for each enemy you kill, not hit you get.

You can also get bonus points for not getting hit in a room. Ya see, the game is set up in rooms, lots and lots of rooms per level, around 20. You are graded on each room by the number of enemies you destroy, striving to kill them all, which isn't hard or anything, the time it takes you, and if you were hit. And then at the end of the level, you are graded on how many rooms you entered and so forth, and given a ranking; something to the effect of either "Destroyer", "Proffesional", and I'm sure many others.

8 combo...not bad...I've gotten up to 20 myself...*breathes on fist and rubs on chest*

After each main mission, you have five training missions that you can choose to do or not, but I would suggest it since you can get massive amounts of points. In fact, you can cheat in this, because you can replay these missions again and again, getting as many points as you like. Anyways, there are five, and you unlock the next one as you beat the preceeding one. There are 15 rooms in each level, but they are pretty much all the same...the layouts of each level and the rooms and enemies get repetitive, although I personally didn't mind that much.

A main thing that is really annoying with these training missions though, but isn't really present in the regular missions, is that you have to backtrack...a lot, if you want to get to all the rooms so you can progress to the next training mission. So you go one route, then backtrack through enemy-less rooms, to find the route you did not take. It's just a waste of time.

So, at first, these rooms are just that, little rooms and hallways, but as you advance in the game, these rooms become bigger and much more complex, ending up being these big areas, as is the case with outdoor levels, which are nice to break up all the indoor envrionments. A lot of people complain about the same looking rooms over and over again, which they sort of are, ESPECIALLY in the training missions, but they are all nicely done; good graphics and details.

The enemies are all pretty cool, and again, become more and more difficult as the game progresses. At first there are just some ground robots that shoot lasers at you and keep their distance, but then you have ones that are constantly moving and flying ones and all kinds of ones that range in shapes and sizes, and shoot missiles and all kinds of stuff at you, making the game challenging and fun, having to duck and dodge and all that good stuff.

Better hurry up and kill that's comin' right for ya.

And the enemies each have a health bar that comes up when you target them so you can see how long until the explode, of which are also pretty nice, pieces flying everywhere.'s all nice...

And eventually some lasers will come into play, like trip lasers, so you take damage when you hit those, and there will be those that move across rooms in all kinds of patterns, but some you can simply roll under.

The game is pretty technoey as well. All the music is techno, which is fine, and gives the game a nice beat. In fact, if you are idle, then Vanessa will bob along to the music; very nice, very nice. I like it, the music, it's up-beat and all, but I think it may play the same song almost everytime...not sure, because I don't really pay attention to the music, but either way it's cool.

I guess that's all there is to say. So, to sum it up, many have complained about the repetitiveness of the game, and while I can see where they are coming from, it's still fun to destroy these robots using uber cool power moves and acrobatics, so it doesn't really get old. The enviornments and enemies get better and better as you progress, keeping the game fresh, and just the fluidity of everything is really nice. So, it may or may not be your type of game, so if you can, give it a rent. It's about $15-20, so you may just want to go ahead and buy it if you can.


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