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Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Red Storm Entertainment
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-4
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: September 12, 2005
written by: Zach2837

Rainbow Six: Lockdown, unfortunately, pales in comparison to its predecessor. It still provides some entertainment, but it has some major problems that ruin the game, especially for fans of the genre.

Before getting into the bad, I’ll talk about the basics. Like is with previous Rainbow Six games, they are squad based, giving you the ability to command one to three others. The commands you can give are pretty simple, making the controls simple and not too complicated. The main commands you can give are to stay, follow, and move.

Then, when you go up to a do, you can command your troops on many ways of entry; either to simply open the door, blow the door, or hammer the door down. Then you can tell them what to do afterwards; either to go in and secure the area or to toss in a grenade first. So the variety here seems nice, although they are all basically the same, not making a difference how you enter, especially with the poor AI.

The weapons are also pretty diverse, although you can only carry two per mission. I only used one gun the entire time, so I’m guessing even though there are a lot of different guns, I doubt they make much of a difference in gameplay, but it’s nice to have the option. You also have both smoke and frag grenades, which can come in handy.

At the beginning of most missions, you can choose you and your teammates' weapons. I would just stick with the default ones though...

Like I mentioned, the controls are pretty good, but may take a little getting used to. The main thing that tricked me up was that the L shoulder button is used to toss grenades, instead of aiming like in most other FPS’s, so you may find yourself mistakenly tossing grenades. X is used to reload; while Y brings up night vision, which is very, very helpful in seeing enemies and the area more clearly than in the dark and so forth. You can also tilt right and left, but you have to hold down the d-pad left and right, which can make it hard to tilt and aim at the same time; duck; and zoom, however it’s the type of zooming where you see through the little gun’s scope thing, which blocks off half the screen, making it hard to see.

Most guns are worse and block more of the screen, but this gun actually has a scope...

Night Vision. Yeah, black and white, not infro-red. And look, a briefcase...You'll see.

The game throws in some variety here and there with sniper missions, which are a little annoying for a few reasons. The sniping is pretty decent and "realistic" though, including the ability to hold your breath to steady your shot. However, the controls are odd and the zooming is extremely too sensitive. You see, you zoom in and out with the analog stick and aim with the c-stick; it should be the other way around. Also, at first, I didn’t even know about the zooming…I mean, I pressed up on the analog stick, and it completely zoomed in, and then I pressed back on it, and it zoomed completely out, so I thought that was the extent of the zoom, however, it turns out that it is just way too sensitive, and there is a complete range of zoom; meaning that it is way too difficult to get your gun at a good zoom.

Also, these missions can wear on for way too long, leading you to fail inexplicitly, requiring one to replay the long mission, which becomes frustrating.

The sniping is very simple, and when there is an enemy on the roof, a red arrow will direct you to him.

The graphics are pretty good, especially in the cutscenes, which are extremely well done. I don’t really know what to say about the graphics, except that they are fairly realistic and nice. A cool effect is with the goggles that you wear, or how you see the game, ya know. Anyways, if you step into a refrigerator, your goggles will frost over, and when you take too much damage, they will crack. It’s just things like this that bring you into the game and give you a greater feeling of actually being there and performing the things that are taking place.

There are also these briefcases scattered throughout each of the 16 missions. I believe there are five per level, each of which consists of a few areas, although the save points are few and far between, leading to annoyances. Anyhoo, for each briefcase you find, you gain a certain amount of intel points, which can then be spent on cheats, such as infinite ammo and god mode, and a few more interesting cheats.

You can purchase both cheats and weapons with your intel points. Use them wisely.

Now, on to the bad things of the game, which really ruin the experience; the AI. The AI, both enemy and friendly is horrible, making the entire game bad, and the supposed experience bad. You are supposed to use tactics when entering rooms and taking out enemies, however, with their poor AI, you do not have to. You can simply open a door yourself and just run in there and take out all the enemies yourself, most likely not even getting shot. The enemy AI is just awful. They will run straight at you, or just sit in one place. You can start shooting in a room, maybe at another enemy near another, and the other guy won’t even move; it’s ridiculous.

Yes, that's it...walk right into my cross hairs...

And sometimes the game will semi-glitch, having enemies jump out and just take five steps at once…it’s not good. And then your partners’ AI, which I have always had a problem with, but its worse in this installment. They will shoot at walls when enemies are behind them and just get in your way, or get stuck around corners. Then it’ll take them forever to get ready to enter a room when you assign a way for them to get in, so you end up just going in yourself, again, taking away from the tactics part of the game that is supposed to be there.

So, these things just destroy the game…it’s just bad; not good at all.

I couldn’t really recommend this game because the AI is just that bad. It completely ruins the game, taking out the entire reason one plays this type of game; to be tacticful and all. Rainbow Six 3 was a much, much better game, so if you are all into Tom Clancy and everything, then do yourself a favor and skip this game and pick up Rainbow Six 3, which is like, $10 these days.


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