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Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4
Release Date: February 14, 2006
Written by: Tyler Norton

In January 2005, Resident Evil 4 hit the Nintendo Gamecube and to everyone’s surprise, it was one of the biggest GCN title of 2005. Selling more than 1.3 million copies and getting amazing reviews, RE4 is perhaps one of the most successful GCN titles of all time. America was at the forefront of this new title, which left gaming community in shock and awe. Then in fall of 05, it was re-released on the PS2 making it an instant smash hit on that system. RE4 was and still is dominating the sales by putting players through nail biting, seat gripping, and jaw dropping hours of gameplay and surprises.

Now, less than a year later, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence has been announced. The new up and coming DS game is plaguing fans with so many questions. What will the story be about? Who will be the main characters? Will the touch-screen have effects on the game? Well some questions just can’t be left un-answered.

The game is a direct copy of the original Resident Evil for the Sony Playstation. Now we all know Nintendo has so many tricks up their sleeves. Instead of just copying the whole Resident Evil game, Capcom has decided to do some tweaking to their fantastic RE formula, which included new levels, and a few more surprises, making this a new entity within itself. Leave it to Nintendo to take an already successful formula, and have it reworked to encompass a whole new gaming style.

David vs. Goliath!!!

Now unlike RE4, you won’t be playing as Leon Kennedy. Instead of agent Kennedy, you will see the return of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. So for those Resident Evil veterans, this is certainly going to give you a nostalgic feeling, and leaving you thinking about your RE conquests back in the mid 90s. And of these feelings, most RE fans will remember the cheesy into movie that lead to all the chaos going on within the mansion.

Now with each Resident Evil game, the graphics get better and better. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is an exception. The typical scary zombie look hasn’t been dropped. The graphics are on par with that of the original Playstation version, but with a few modifications and tweaks. From the early screenshots released, it appeared that the only thing Capcom has done so far is to re-color the layout and the characters, to give it a more vivid look. So hopefully, unlike other developers, Capcom will use all the horses under the DS’s hood to take the game one step above that of the PS1 version.

The game also hasn’t dropped any of its horror-movie like music. Once again the S.T.A.R.S team has provided creepy music and blood-curling chainsaw/zombie sounds to the atmosphere of the game, which makes you feel like you are smack dab in the middle of a horror movie yourself.

I’m not afraid to shoot!

The setting of the game is also the same as the first RE game in that creepy mansion full of zombies and other evil creatures. This is yet another blast from the past that leaves you with the feeling of playing it back in the day. Now many people are wondering about the gameplay aspect of RE: DS. Like every other RE game, you are going head-to-head with evil zombies who are out to kill you and destroy humanity at all costs possible. Now with the DS it’s hard to imagine the possibilities with the touch screen. One example of the new features incorporated into the DS version is the screen-slashing feature. Capcom hasn’t went into details on how this technique will work, but one can only imagine that besides using the gun and rocket launcher, you have a new fun way of decapitating the zombies with the greatest of ease.

The rest of the gameplay is going to be very similar to the original Resident Evil due to it’s a port or the PS1 version, but with the DS there is sure to be more to the gameplay features that meets the eye like use of the touch screen and the microphone.

Hm…Kind of looks like my ex…just kidding!

With all of these features and some more to come, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence seems to be the one stop title to keep you gaming for hours upon hours just like many gamers did with the original version. Who knows what’s in the future for Resident Evil, maybe some more games and a couple of more movies, but what we can tell you is that the series won’t go done without a long well battled fight. Be sure to look out for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence on the shelves in February. I sure know I’m getting myself a copy, what about you?

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