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Published by: Rockstar Games
Developed by: Rockstar Leeds / Rockstar North
Genre: Third-Person Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: October 24, 2005
Written by: Tyler Norton

Perhaps the most dominating and controversial series of our time has hit the PSP. That's right, Grand Theft Auto has gone portable. For years GTA has sold millions of copies in unprecedented numbers for its genre. Now I'm not sure if you remember but before the huge outburst and success of Grand Theft Auto 3, it was just another 2D "action" game that was though to never make its mark. Boy, was it sure thought wrong. Now GTA 3 had a new way of showing "action". It's free-roaming idea of gameplay sure attracted a new crowd and clearly showed that this game was not for kids, maybe not even for some adults. Now, two blockbuster sequels later, Rockstar attempts to come out with a criminal game sure to rock the world of portable gaming forever.

Returning to the scene is Tony Cipriani. After killing a wealthy man and heading into exile, Tony makes his comeback to Liberty City and wants to earn his fame and respect back among other things. Like before, Tony is working for the Leone organized crime family. Now Tony must work to return his fame, and the Leone's
after other mafias started popping up and return Liberty City to what it once was.

Grand Theft Auto has a unique gameplay that makes the game so fun. To start, the game is free-roam which allows you to do mainly whatever you want. You can shoot down the police, rob a pizza place, and jack rides all on your free time without cracking open the mission mode. These ads such an amazing feel that you can only get in GTA.

Now thankfully, the gameplay of this game isn't lost and flawed like some of the other features in the game. Perhaps one of the many flaws in the gameplay is that of the missions. This game is jampacked full of various missions that youw ill embark on, but the problem with them is that they are relatively short, which can pose a porblem for the typical GTA gamer. But then again, it's a good thing the missions are short, seeing how most handheld owners wouldn't want to play the game for a lengthy amount of time playing the same mission.

Now the missions on the other hand are very well put in and can be quite challenging at first if you're not very well experienced with the GTA series, even if you are, it's very challenging as well. Now even though they are short, it gets hard, you must start out with no weapons. This can cause a great problem if you can't find any or need to fight it out with someone in the beginning. Now as the missions' progress, they get a lot longer and a lot harder. Now here is where the flaws kick in, the save feature.

Well come to think of it, the minimum save feature make these missions a lot more frustrating and annoying. To think one little save button would have saved so much time. Also, the targeting system is way off unlike in San Andreas and even in Vice City. This can cause a real problem when four or five mobsters are hunting you down.

Another flaw in the gameplay is the camera. The angles can be incredibly irritating and can cause some problems. Yet the camera angle for driving is amazing and can be quite helpful though. Now another thing that is off is the map. It is clearly identical to GTA 3. This don't give any new feeling to the game which can be awkward and boring if you played GTA 3.

Now onto the good things about this game. For one, the vehicle control is out of this world. Each car is different and amazing in its one special way. Now each car has its own specialty like sports car for speed and SUV's for rugged riding. Also, the ability to ride motorcycles add a better feel to the game. This is easily one of the better gameplay aspects of the game.

As for the gameplay, it is definitely a mix of good and bad. It really all depends on what aspect you are looking at. But overall, the gameplay is not bad. Not the greatest, yet not bad.

Now GTA has been known for it's amazing graphics over the years and with each one, they have improved on so many different levels. This game is no exception. The visual aspect of the game is great. One of the greatest aspects in the whole game.

You can clearly pinpoint each little detail on the cars, weapons, peoples, and buildings. This adds a life-like feel that only Grand Theft Auto can provide. Now that's just standing still. In action, the graphics don't come much better. Each shot is timed out to perfection adding another life-like feature to the game.

The one thing that cause to you give this title a double look is the relative size of the title. The characters and other features were shrunk down to accommodate to the small screen on the PSP. This really takes away from the whole thing, but isn't that big of a deal. It can be easily ignored and doesn't really phase me at all, but your point of views may be different.

As for the graphics, they can't get any better, especially on the PSP. The timing is immaculate, and the clip scenes are truely intense. This is really the best part of the game without a shadow of a doubt. The graphics in LCS really set the bar for graphics on the PSP to come.

The game's audio is definitely one of the worst part in the game. The sound track of the game isn't really compelling since the cheap radio tunes you can listen to in the car are quite annoying and definitely irritating. This really takes the game down.

In a brighter aspect of the audio, the voiceovers are great! This makes the game's audio just a little bit better. I mean who can get sick of Tony Cipriani's voice? Also, the sounds for the cars and weapons are realistic. The game makes you feel liek you are actually firing off a Uzi, or even a AK47 in a way never been shown before.

The replay value of the game is definitely amazing. You can play the game for hours and not get bored because there is just so much to do. You can go free-roaming around Liberty City and cause as much destruction as you please without getting killed or arrested, or you can go on some missions to progress even farther into the theme.

Now if that doesn't float your boat is the new multi-player mode. For the first time, a GTA game has gone multi-player. Now up to 6 players can play at one time. The down side is that you need 6 different PSP's. But besides that, this game has the best replay value in GTA history. Without a shadow of a doubt, the game is virtually endless.

Overall, Rockstar did one of their best jobs second only to San Andreas with this game. The graphics are amazing, the replay value is off the chart, and the gameplay is great. You really can't ask for much more and if you do, your one greedy person. Overall, this game is well, Great!

Personal Thoughts
In my opinion, Liberty City Stories is one of the best games I have ever played. It is easily the best PSP game out there. With a few gripes and flaws here and there, it is no doubt one heck of a game that I would recommend to anyone (in the age group) to buy. The game is just that good! What are you waiting for? Go out and get it now!


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