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Publisher: Square Enix
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: January 9, 2006 (US), Released (Japan)
Written by: Andrew S.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Japanese version of the long awaited movie, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. It is a direct sequel to the classic Final Fantasy 7 game for the Playstation. A few years back, square first attempt to make a movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, ended in blunder. Although is featured high production values and excellent CG, the movie was bland, boring, and just didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy movie. Now it’s Square’s second shot at making a movie. “It’s great! The best movie ever! I love it!” says my friend. But is she right? Is it the best movie ever? Has Square redeemed themselves? Check it out in my review.

Tifa looks sexier than ever, but sadly, her over size bust is gone.

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children takes place 2 years after the defeat of Sephiroth. The world is finally at peace. The story begins in the city of Midgar, still in ruins from the Meteor’s near collision with the city. Cloud has retired from fighting and opened up his own delivery service and Tifa is once again, working as a bar waitress. However peaceful things may seem, it’s not going to stay like that for long…obviously. A disease, known as Geostigma, is sweeping through the populous, even affecting some of our heroes. To make matters worse, Cloud is suddenly attacked on his way to a meeting by Kadaj and his two cronies. Luckily for Cloud, that motor bike he’s riding contains plenty of swords to slice and dice with (like he would really ever put away his sword forever). From here, things take off to a battle between good and evil and you’ll once again be reacquainted with all your favorite characters from the game. Sadly, story is Advent Children’s weakest points. It moves at a very fast pace and the story won’t make any sense for those who didn’t complete all of FF7, regardless of the plenty of flashbacks in the movie. You’ll see Cloud travel from place to place in mere seconds when it took you several hours to get there in the game. It really is disappointing since there is so much focus on story in al the Final Fantasy games. Still, although the story is weak, it can be interesting at times and can be enjoyable by long time fans of the FF7 game.

Surprisingly, he gets up after that…

The visuals are absolutely stunning. This is the some of the best CG ever in a movie. It even rivals that of the great Pixar. Character models are superb and every single character animates smoothly. Even better yet, are the facial expressions of the characters all of which are as close to real life as you can get. The scenery is equally beautiful. Your breath will gasp once you get your fist glimpse of Midgar and the City of the Ancients. It will make you wish that Final Fantasy 7 had places as beautiful as this. It’s obvious that Square spent a huge amount of time on the special effects. Fireballs, magic attacks, laser beams…all the cool effects you see in other movies are here. Beautiful is the only way to describe the visuals.

I still can’t figure out why he only wears armor on only one shoulder

Advent Children also sports an incredible sound and music score. Everything is loud in this movie. Two characters fighting make more noise then the whole US Air Force doing a bombing raid. All the sounds are authentic, meaning swords clashing sounds like swords clashing and giant shadow monsters sound like…giant shadow monsters. Now for the music. Why can’t Nobuo Uematsu compose every single movie? Seriously, his music is emotional, horrific, and memorable all at the same time. The movie contains some new tracks, but the real deal is the return of all your favorite FF7 themes, all fully orchestrated and all breathtaking. Some songs have even gotten their own remix, such as Sephiroth’s Once Winged Angel. Although it’s not nearly as good as the original, the remix fits perfectly with the movie and gives a refreshing taste of something old. Once the Advent Children soundtrack is released, you’ll want to go rush out and buy it.

Maybe not the most menacing villain ever, but at least he’s got the insanity thing down.

The real deal of the movie is the fight scenes. Nothing is more spectacular in the movie than the fight scenes and believe me, these fights have style. All the characters move with grace, almost cat-like. Cloud leaps from building to building, chopping away falling pieces of debris with not one, but two giant swords! Yuffie runs up buildings, Cid falls from the sky delivers are damaging blow to an enemies head with his spear and let’s not forget out Vincet. There’s no cooler character in the movie than Vincent. Much of the fight scenes are also focused on motor bike battles, which are equally impressive. The action in Advent Children is some of the best ever in any movie, period.

If this doesn’t make your jaw drop, then you’ve got problems

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children is an amazing success in almost every way. While it may not be the best movie around, it’s stylish and action packed. It’s no wonder why Square took so long to make the movie. With the exemption of having a so-so story, I don’t see why anybody should miss seeing it. It’s truly extraordinary. Pick up the DVD version. Watching it on the PSP with its little screen is just not as satisfying. If you’re looking for a great action flick, then this should at least warrant a rental. However, if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy and even anime, then Advent Children should be on your want list.


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