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Author: Arnulfo Cantarero
Illustrator: Kiyomi Sakamoto
Genre: Science Fiction/Young Adult
Pages: 347
Publication: May 15, 2013
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

July 17, 2015 - I havenít read a science fiction novel in quite a while so when I started reading Emotions I wasnít quite sure what to expect. After starting the book with the Prologue, I instantly thought of Star Trekís Spock or even Data; very intrigued by the main character and was instantly curious about what this story would be like. Knowing we would be hearing the story of an extraterrestrial whose species has genetically engineered emotions out of their being and how he was on a journey to experience these emotions they had long since rejected clicked something inside of me. While this story isnít Star Trek itís an intriguing premise that makes you want to continue further into the book to see if he ever gets the chance to have the emotions heís longing for and how he interacts with the people of the world. The main character of Jason is the genetically and cybernetically enhanced extraterrestrial that we meet in the beginning of the book that is tied to a tree and possibly about to die. We wonder what has led to this moment and as you read further you will see his story unfold. His journey to get emotions and care for Ariel drive the book and I found it very hard to put down. Definitely one of the fastest books I have read in a while. If youíre looking for a great book to read that gives you a real human touch where you see the things we take for granted emotionally you will bond with Jason and root for him the whole way.

One instance that made me root for Jason was when he was in school and there was a science fair going on and he met 2 of his soon to be good friends Enrique and Anna. Enrique and Jason were both in 8th grade while Anna had a partner Raymond; were both 10th graders. Raymond was a bit of a hot head and competitive; he hated to lose. Enrique and Jason came up with a project based on computers. Anna and her partner Raymond project was a water filtration system. I rooted for Jason to win because Raymond seemed to be a bit of an asshole to Jason so I was hoping he would beat him. Enrique and Jason win the science fair and true to form Raymond catches up to Jason and jams him up against the wall basically going off on him for costing him the science fair win and a chance to drive his parents car during the summer. Being the emotionless person he is Jason plainly tells him he should have tried harder. Which when I read that made me burst out laughing. Truly lost on why he was so upset Jason didnít show any fear that most kids his age would have had that happened to them in school.

He had more encounters with Raymond that furthered his growing up process. One such incidence was after Anna and Jason first became friends; not having and fully understanding emotions he liked Anna on an intellectual level as a friend. Completely oblivious to the fact that when girls and boys spend a lot of time together they develop an emotional bond to where they have feelings for each other. Enrique had to finally speak up and ask him if he was going to do something about it, if he liked liked her and not really understanding what he meant. Enrique tells him how Raymond was moving in on Anna and that he better figure it out. Jason goes to see her, sees them making out gets caught and Raymond being the alpha-male he thinks he is proceeds to attack Jason. Not knowing why he was so mad or jealous Jason gets beat up because he doesnít understand the situation at hand. Being a nerdy kid because he was all about intellect and knowledge this made me reminiscent of my post puberty years. I never got beat up like he did but I can easily see how a situation like this would happen to him. As I have seen it happen to a lot of people in that growing up phase in life.

I think the author does a great job of showing a realistic progression in the life of Jason. And how he learns and grows in his understanding of being human as well as emotions. His experiences with the people in his life is very natural and when your reading you canít wait to find out whatís going to happen next to him. The book just flows even when it deals with technical details you find it very easy to read. I canít wait to read any future books from Arnulfo Cantarero as he definitely has great writing chops and has rekindled my interest in the science fiction genre.


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