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Published By: Electronic Arts
Developed By: BioWare
Genre: RPG
Players: 1-4
Rated: M for Mature (Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content)
Release Date: November 18, 2014
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Ariel Sosa

May 17, 2015 - The Dragon Age franchise boasts an expansive universe, chock-full of memorable characters, settings and story lines. The third installment Dragon Age: Inquisition does not fail to disappoint and offers the very best of the franchise. After spending over ninety hours on my first playthrough and well into fifty hours with my second, it is safe for me to say that BioWare has crafted a masterpiece that many fans and newcomers will come to appreciate.

Before starting your Inquisitor's adventure, BioWare added a new online feature called the Dragon Age Keep, a place where players can carry on their choices from the previous games into Inquisition. Being that Inquisition is available for current and next generation consoles, the Dragon Age Keep is an awesome feature for the die-hard fans like myself in order to be able to continue with their choices from the Dragon Age: Origins and the Dragon Age 2. Nevertheless, Inquisition comes with a pre-determined storyline that newcomers are able to enjoy without a moment of confusion.

Like the other two games, Dragon Age: Inquisition starts out with creating your character, the Inquisitor. This time, you have the choice of deciding between being a human, elf, dwarf, or the newly added Qunari. Based on what race and class that has been chosen to go with; the shaping the back story of your Inquisitor and how he or she fits into the equation of the ongoing events begins. Without spoiling too much for you game fanatics, your game character wakes up in the Fade (a dream-like realm that houses spirits and demons) and is seen running for his or life from gross, spine-crunching demon spiders, abruptly waking up chained in the middle of a dark room. Previous characters from previous games such as: Cassandra Pentaghost and Leliona, are then met by your character and they find out that you are the one responsible for the explosion that has taken place at the temple of Sacred Ashes. After this has happened, the characters come to a revelation that you are their only hope in stopping the Fade from swallowing up the world and you hold the power to end it all. These series of events kicks off the eye-opening events that your character has to experience in order to save Thedas.

Although it seems like you’re going up against impossible odds throughout the game, do not worry and just remember you are not doing this alone. Throughout your journey, you meet familiar faces such as: Varric and Leliana, and you meet new ones such as: Sera and the Iron Bull. These characters will form the bulk of your inquisition and maybe whichever way they suede you, you might love them and then, you might hate them. Inquisition has done an excellent job in creating and continuing the story lines of these new and old characters. From the arrogant nature of Dorian or the mysteries to the quiet Silas, Inquisition offers one of the best teams since Dragon Age 2. Every character has so much to offer, their extensive back stories of their past and along the way you get to know them personally on another level. There is the opportunity for all you romantic gamers to be able to start romancing one of these characters, based on your race and gender, it also gives you another reason as to why you must stop the impending doom to destroying your world. This rag-tag team of friends will not let you down; they will be there for you until the very end and getting the opportunity to know them is a crucial part of the storyline.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes with the same three classes that most fantasy RPG's have. These are the Warriors, Rogues and Mage respectably. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, when it comes to Warriors, they are the tanks that absorb all of the damage and diverts all the attention away from the Rogues and Mages. However, the Warrior class is not the strongest when it comes to damage, since the damage is sacrificed for a good defense. Same things cam be said about Rogues and Mages. Rogues can strike at a distance or up close with daggers, but they have less defensive capabilities that Warriors, whereas Mages can dish out tons of damage with their spells, but are the weakest when it comes to health and defense. Inquisition does an incredible job of balancing the class system, so each class cam shine on the battlefield in their own ways.

Gameplay wise, Inquisition has the most freedom when it comes to combat. There is the choice of getting to control the character or the whole battlefield with the re-implementation of the tactical camera. The tactical camera, although not perfect, can change how the battlefield is controlled. It is most useful in high dragon battles because the dragon is so huge and attacking from the same angles, which has its own drawbacks. You can use the tactical camera to order the Rogues to attack its legs, while the Mages are as far away as possible doing damage from afar and conjuring up barriers every now and then, and the Warrior keeps the dragons attention. Battles like these use the camera. Other than that, the tactical camera has proven to be just another addition that players will seldom use. In fact, in my playthrough, I barely used it, as the A1 is smart enough to know when to back off or to keep fighting.

Inquisition also has branching classes that can be accessible later on in the game. Each class can branch out into three different sub-classes that can make your character more powerful. These sub-classes, also called specializations, are not strictly for your character only, but also for your team members. This can easily change the tide of any battle as each party member gets access to a new arrangement of bonuses and powers. Warriors get the Champion, Reaver, and the Templar specializations. Rogues get Knight-enchanter, Necromancer, and Rift-Mage. Just the classes that each specialization belongs too, each one offers new ways to control the battlefield and opens up enemy weaknesses. For example, a champion becomes more defense oriented as opposed to a Reaver, who is more defensed. These varying specializations can make every clue useful while in combat.

Although single players is the main focus of the game and why many people will buy it, multiplayer is just an added feature that expands the many hours that you will put into the single player experience yourself. In this mode, you will play with three other people or by yourself. You battle through different stages until you and your team reach the end boss. In the multiplayer mode, you can have the choice of playing the three different classes. You are able to unlock more powerful classes by collecting different parts through reward chests on the levels. This is also the same way to unlock more powerful weapons and armor. It is a tedious process and the ones that devote their time, achieve the best rewards.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a jaw dropping game on both current and the next generation. Game consoles. The environment comes to life with flora and animals around every corner. Each and every area contains its own unique atmosphere, from the misty swamp of the Follow Mire to the vast deserts of the Western approach, each area is a new level that you have to adapt to. On my first area called the Hinterlands, I was oblivious to the fact that the place was not the only large area that I had to explore and spent the bulk of time checking it out.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a humongous game that one play through is not enough to explore the continent of Thedas. The game is aesthetically pleasing; has a great storyline; and good replay ability. Overall, Bioware has developed one of the best games of the year.


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