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Published By: Just Add Water
Developed By: Just Add Water
Genre: Arcade
Players: 1
Rated: E for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence)
Release Date: August 12, 2014
Screenshots: Link
Price: $8.99 (Buy Now!)
Written By: Matthew Prunty

October 2, 2014 - Twin-stick shooters have continually grown in popularity over the years. Countless experiences have gotten us rapped up within their worlds across a plethora of devices. Games like Super Stardust Delta, Velocity Ultra and even Dead Nation are just a few examples of exceptional experiences for Sonyís mighty handheld. One of the latest releases, Gravity Crash Ultra, looks to carve out its on niche in the ever-expanding genre. Gravity Crash Ultra is a fast and hysterical arcade shooter in space that will both challenge your skills and our notion of a twin-stick shooter.

There are several different types of twin-stick shooters out there and Gravity Crash Ultra falls under the category of a space shooter. You are in control of a small space ship and must shoot your way through deep commodious mazes in hopes of completing your objectives. Along the way, you will be greeted with several different trials that you must complete. These can range from collecting gems, to destroying certain buildings and simply staying alive throughout the level. As a reward for your due diligence, you are treated to nourishing boss battles which will test your resolve and what youíve learned in your adventures.

While the missions themselves will prove taxing at times and the boss battles with force you to stay focus, itís the implementation of the gravity mechanic forces you to stay on your toes. Gravity is always trying to make your ship crash into anything and everything, resulting in a particle show of lights that rivals Disneylandís fireworks. Because of this extra layer of depth to the on-screen mayhem, often enough you will find yourself overwhelm and at times misjudging your surroundings resulting in your total destruction. But thankfully you dying numerous times donít result in a game over scenario where you have to start over from the beginning. If anything, your score takes a hit, and coupling this will you taking your time progressing through the level, you overall score can and will be very lacking when tracked on the comprehensive leaderboards.

Is it even possible to hate a gameís control scheme simply because it was designed to be precise? Iím not sure how to answer this question. Playing other twin-stick shooters, the controls a more relaxed and fluid, whereas the scheme used in Gravity Crash Ultra is one of care and detail. Never have Iíve been challenged by a control scheme to the point that I focus more on it and less on the game. This game involves knowing how far to press your analog stick in a particular direction. Too much and you can easily go crashing in the ground or a building. It took a bit, but once I got used to being more precise with my movements, I was able to better enjoy the experience.

Visually, Gravity Crash Ultra is simply beautiful. Very few Vita games have been able to take advantage of the gorgeous 5Ē OLED screen (sorry Vita 2000 models) in order to produce a mesmerizing experience. The game runs at a crisp 60 frames per second, regardless of how many enemies and collectibles are on the screen at any given time. The art style is simplistic, but very lively due in part to the contrasting neon colors. The backdrops, though static, offer a level of depth to the world in which you are traversing giving a sense that you are truly traversing the unknown.

I donít know about you, but a good soundtrack goes a long way in keeping me interested in a game Iím playing. With Gravity Crash Ultra, the soundtrack is all upbeat techno/electronic music, which is something I rather enjoy along these types of games. While an option to use custom soundtracks would have been a plus, the soundtrack is solid and fits the world in which you a traversing. To maximize the audio experience, a good pair of headphones will do this game justice. Just turn down the sound effects, and crank of the music.

Gravity Crash Ultra has several enticing modes/features that will help make this game appeal to a wider audience. The first one is the inclusion of an anti-gravity ship. At first it seemed weird that JAW would include something like this, which obviously would change the gameplay dynamic. However, after spending enough time with the game I can see that it can be too much to handle and JAW wants any and every one to experience the thrill that is Gravity Crash Ultra. You also gain the ability to replay completed planets anytime as you unlock them through the campaign mode.

Lastly, but certainly not the least, is the included level editor. JAW pulled a page out of LittleBigPlanetís book by allowing players to create their very own levels with very same tools they used to sculpt this title. Those with the creative flare can jump right into this tool, creating their own unique experience for their own enjoyment or to share with fellow GCU players. You can also find hefty selection on created levels to play yourself, some which rival the quality of in-game levels.

Some games donít do enough, while others try to cater to everyone. With Gravity Crash Ultra, Just Add Water decided to create a unique experience; which just happens to cater a wide variety of gamers. Once you get over the learning curve with the controls, you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Those looking for a break from the norm should take a look at Gravity Crash Ultra. Itís yet another classic example of a game done right on the Vita.


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