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Published By: Kontrol Freek
Developed By: Kontrol Freek
Release Date: December 10, 2014
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

February 13, 2014 – The PlayStation 4 has been on the market for three months now, sold millions and garnered a following not seen in the history of the PlayStation Brand. Sony has reinvigorated them and delivered a clear message that everyone understood, accepted and ran with. And part of the change came with the redesigning for the DualShock controller; now dubbed DualShock 4. With a built in speaker, headset jack, intuitive touchpad and a host of other features, Sony looked to reintroduce the world to game… to play… to PlayStation. The biggest change that came to the DualShock 4 controller was concave analog sticks, as oppose to the convex ones used since the first iteration of the controller. This subtle change brought about better, grip, better accuracy and all around enjoyment when playing videogames; especially first-person and third-person shooters.

While the change on controller design and analog sticks was a raving success, there are still gamers who wished for out of the DualShock 4 controller. In steps a company like Kontrol Freek, who understand the plight some gamers have and seeks to solve it through attachable components that cater all type of gamers. The particular component I’m talking about today is the FPS Freek Ultra; a popular component on the Xbox 360 and PS3, which is making its debut on next generation of consoles. I’ve always adapted to the controller I’m using when gaming, so I never saw a real need to try a product like this until one day a package arrived in the mail and said product is sitting next to my controller.

The FPS Freek Ultra; like many of their other products, are joystick extensions that are designed to improve control and aiming capabilities when playing first and third-person shooters. Kontrol Freek has a wide variety of joystick extensions that are geared a wide variety of shooters and sports games on the market. With the FPS Freek Ultra, the name of the game is dramatic improvement of control and increased range of motion by over 40%, allowing for more precise in-game movements.

The only gripe I have against the FPS Freek Ultra is the height added to the analog sticks. I’ve already gotten use to the controller structure of the DualShock 4, so it took me awhile to adjust with the joystick extension installed. The use of them is pretty straight-forward, although you should tinker around with your control settings in-game to get the right balance. I found myself adjusting the sensitivity of the joystick settings in both Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadowfall until I got the right balance of maneuverability. It also feels a bit awkward reaching for face bottoms to perform certain actions, only to move you have back to the joystick; realizing that you forgot you had the FPS Freek Ultra mounted on your controller. However, once you have the right settings and have spent some time with the extension I place, you feel right at home and you will notice an improvement in your in-game movements. I will say one thing if you have small hands; the learning curve is steeper than the price of entry.

The biggest marketing piece for the FPS Freek Ultra; according to Kontrol Freek, is that you gain up to 40% more range of motion. These extensions; as noted above, should grant you the ability to make smaller, more precise movements and better aim. Whether their calculations are accurate is debatable, I can definitely say that the elongated joysticks allow moving, turning and aiming in various first and third-person games to be less laborious. I did see an improvement in my play-style and successes in online multiplayer matches in Battlefield 4, Killzone Shadowfall and Call of Duty: Ghost.

The FPS Freek Ultra won’t make you the fastest gun out there; nor will it take you from zero to hero with the ladies. However, what it will do for you make your controller movements via the joysticks more fluid and less laborious. You won’t have to worry about hand and thumb fatigue as much in your gaming sessions, allowing you to play at optimal capabilities. Less attention is paid to your controller and more to the on-screen action. I’m still not the best gun around in these games, but can definitely tell you one thing… you don’t want to see me on the “battlefield”.


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