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Published By: Telltale Games
Developed By: Telltale Games
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Rated: M for Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language)
Release Date: December 17, 2013
Screenshots: Link
Price: $4.99 (Buy Now!)
Written By: Matthew Prunty

February 10, 2014 - The Walking Dead has taken over the world; whether we are talking about comic books, television or videogames. There is no denying the impact the series; in all its forms, has had on the world. Last year proved to be the biggest year yet for the franchise as it spawned to distinct videogame adaptations. While one wasn’t so well received, the episodic adventure from Telltale Games proved to have that special something that captivated millions of gamers around the world. The Walking Dead: Season One told the story of Lee and Clementine as they came to grips with the world going to hell and only having each other in order to maintain a since of normality. Season One played on our hearts and emotions; making us execute tough decisions, some we wish we never had to make. Where Season One had us controlling Lee, Season Two puts us in the shoes of an order Clementine who is on her own in this post-apocalyptic world full of the walking dead.

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 1 – All That Remains picks up several months after the events of Season One. For those who have yet to play the first game, I recommend picking up a copy (PS3, Vita, Xbox 360 or PC) in order to have the complete experience. Also be warned that this review will have several SPOILERS, so if you don’t mind that, continue reading. Like I stated before, Season Two takes place several months after the conclusion of Season One and starts off with Clementine in the care of Omid and a now pregnant Christa. Lee died within in the final hours of Season One; most of the cast of characters to be exact. Omid, Christa and Clementine are still floating from place to place trying to keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. The three come across a rest-stop bathroom upon exiting the woods and it is from this moment that things go downhill.

Though we are given these bite-size chunks of action over the course of several months, each one packs a solid, memorable experience that will suck you in from the opening moments. You will often yourself thinking how you would actually approach these situations and if you can live with your decisions. Developer/Publisher Telltale Games allows you to act out how you feel while playing this game. If you don’t like a certain person; in certain situations, you are given opportunities to act upon your emotions which help shape the world and the story going forward. The returning characters; especially Clementine, are not the same as they were in Season One. With the group being much smaller and having to rely on each other for strength, they are not as trustworthy as they once were.

I often find that the relationship between Lee & Clementine was one in the same as Joel & Ellie from The Last of Us. Both Lee and Joel tried to shield their younger partners from the plights and perils of the world, only to actually bring them one step closer to their deaths. While Joel didn’t meet his timely death, both Clementine and Ellie had to grow up fast, becoming the protectors of themselves and the ones they love. The world, the characters, the situations placed in front of these characters is what truly define the experiences and how we interpret them. In that end, both The Walking Dead and The Last of Us are true masterpieces of heart and conviction.

While Episode 1 – All That Remains is the perfect starting point for Season 2, it isn’t without its qualms. You can definitely tell that Telltale Games is utilizing the same game engine that helps create Season One, which isn’t a bad thing. What hurts this game more than anything to is the still every present game glitches, which happen here and there. Through two different playthroughs of the first episode, I came across random glitches ranging from the action freezing for a slight second, having the audio fall out of sync. Another issue is that when it came time to make a decision within a conversation, you are not given an option you want to utilize; which results in your character staying quiet. While these issues are present, they in no way put a damper on the experience.

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 1 – All That Remains has us all excited about what we can expect in the next four chapters and how our involvement will help flesh out the story. If anything can be learned from this first episode, Clementine and the cast of new faces are in for a wild, emotional ride. Developer and publisher Telltale Games has me sold on the experience and I can’t to find out what happens to Clementine. If only Lee was still alive…


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