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November 26, 2013 - With more and more development studios forming and carving their own niche within the video game industry, the steady flow of creative content is being made accessible to millions of gamers worldwide. The latest company to make a name for themselves; Bloober Team, are currently hard at work on their latest project Basement Crawl, which will debut on the PS4. I was given the opportunity to talk with Aron Cender (Marketing Manager) over at Bloober Team to learn a little more about the company and what's in store for us with Basement Crawl.

1. First and foremost, I have to ask… How did you come up with the name Bloober Team for your game development company?

A very long time ago we made a game called Double Bloob and we needed a name, so we called ourselves Bloober Team. It was supposed to be just a temporary name until we come up with something better, but well...

2. What was your driving force to enter the gaming market and provide a refreshing experience gamers?

We are all gamers, so we just wanted to make games, that we’d like to play. So far we are doing quite good and we’re happy with the direction we are going.

3. Including your upcoming release of Basement Crawl for the PlayStation 4, you development studio has released six titles within the past three years. What keeps your team motivated to keep going?

We have a lot of ideas, that we want to make happen. Also seeing a progress that we’re making is really cool. Our games keep getting better and better, so why would we stop? We also have some really cool projects in progress now, that look amazing.

4. Speaking of Basement Crawl, what made you decide to make the jump to the next-gen console? Was there any thought to a Vita or PS3 release for this title?

It’s the second time we are involved in launching a new Playstation platform, our A-Men was a starting title for PS Vita. We got the opportunity to work with next-gen console and I think that’s what anyone would like to do. That’s a very valuable experience for us. At this point Basement Crawl is a PS4 exclusive.

5. Does Basement Crawl utilizing any of the PlayStation 4’s key features?

We use all the standard Playstation 4 features, but we decided to focus more on the actual gameplay, rather than adding some social elements to the game as the amount of time for development was limited.

6. Was there a survey that went around the office asking everyone what they are most afraid of? You seem to utilize a lot of items that many of us gamers grew up with… only within Basement Crawl, they have been twisted and look downright evil.

There was no survey, our team is fearless. However we got our inspirations from some classic horror movies like Saw or Chucky. We wanted Basement Crawl to stand out of the crowd, because of unique setting. Twisted, dark and evil is the way to go for us.

7. If there was one thing you could of including into Basement Crawl that was left on the cutting floor, what would it be?

If there is anything, that we won’t manage to feature in the game right now, it’s gonna be added post-release in a patch. We also want to get as much feedback from the community as possible and react to it. You can expect a lot of support for Basement Crawl later, so we won’t have to cut anything. There is always room for improvment.

8. What do you want gamers to take away from the Basement Crawl?

We want to show them, that classic games like Bomberman shouldn’t be forgotten and can still be a lot of fun. We also hope that gamers will appreciate the effort we put into making an atmosphere of Basement Crawl as cool as it is.

9. Was there every talk about working with Sony get your title included within their PlayStation Plus Game Collection intuitive?

That is always a possiblity, but nothing is confirmed yet.

10. If you can sum of Basement Crawl in five words or less, what would you say?

Fun and creepy, buy it.

For more information about Bloober Team and Basement Crawl, please visit their website at

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