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Manufacturer: A4Tech
Product Name: Bloody Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse
Model: V3 (Black)
Release Date: February 2013
Screenshots: Link
Amazon: Buy Now!
Written By: Matthew Prunty

July 24, 2013 - It’s not every day that we review hardware, especially of the PC nature. However with the debate raging on between consoles and PC gaming, we thought we would jump into the mix by reviewing some PC hardware. Our latest in-depth review is for Bloody’s Gun3 Multi-Core Gaming Mouse. With everyone looking for a leg up against the competition, this mighty pointer comes in surprisingly at an affordable price when stacked against the likes of a Logitech, Mad Catz or Razer pointer. However, the real question is how good of a product do we have here?

This pointer is a little different from what I’m use to using when playing PC games. Maybe we can chalk that up to me spending most of my gaming hours with a controller in hand. It features on-board storage for macros and settings, which you can carry across multiple computers, which to a gamer, is a must. This pointer also features a unique DLC package, which unlocks a bevy of additional features (will be touched on later in the review). For those who are all about hardware specs, I’ve highlighted a few keys specs to give you an idea of what this device is all about:
  • Weight: 155g
  • Dimensions: 125 x 64 x 39 (mm)
  • Resolution: 200-3200 DPI
  • Report Rate: 1000 Hz (4 Ranges Adjustable)
  • Key Response Time: 1ms
  • 160K On-Board Memory
  • USB 2.0/3.0 Connection

This mouse features a solid and simple design. Able to be used by lefties, this right-handed pointer features buttons on its left side and three function select buttons right below the scroll wheel. The top has a rubber coating which is designed to resist fingerprints and smudges and the sides of the mouse feature a ribbed designed making it easy to grip. The USB cord is covered in woven fabric and is roughly six feet long allowing use without compromising the end user.

A unique feature-set for this device is the ability to register as both a USB mouse and a keyboard when plugged into your computer. By way of the macros and various settings for the pointer, which are stored in the on-board RAM, you are able to utilize both mouse and keyboard commands. All of this is done through the complex management software supplied with the device. I wouldn’t say the software is complex; it’s more of the UI not being structured well enough for ease of use.

Once the software is installed and loaded, the main page highlights the three “Cores” – non-FPS, Gun and Ultra Gun3 – that are supported by this device. Each one of these “Cores” are special firmware that’s loaded onto the mouse, changing is functionality to suit your needs. Whenever you want to chance which Core is installed onto the mouse, you must have it plugged into your computer and do so through the software suite you installed. Once a change has been made, the mouse shuts down and shortly after reboots itself with the new software on the mouse.

Core1: Non-FPS allows you to program all 7 buttons and scroll wheel with either usual mouse commands, single keystroke combination or a combination of both. You are also about to make adjustments to your layout on-the-go via a double tap of the “1” button and change the DPI sensitivity of the mouse. Core2: Gun3 is the “Core” choice for first-person shooters (FPS). While retaining all the functionality of Core1, the buttons below the scroll wheel are now utilized for dedicated fire mode selecting. You are also about to setup app switching to the thumb buttons, taking out a lot of the work usually assigned to a keyboard.

Core3: Ultra Gun3 is the ultimate feature set for this mouse and FPS shooters. This will require you to purchase the $20 DLC from the website in order to access its functionality. This Core maintains the burst-fire modes from Core2 and adds some additional enhancements including an extensive macro editing system, which you can tinker around with. Any macros you create can be uploaded to the company’s website and added to their ever growing library. If you don’t want to fool around with this system, you can download macros that other players have uploaded to the database. Rounding out the DLC package is the ability to program your mouse to automatically adjust for recoil and drift, giving you the perfect shot every time.

Setting up the auto adjust for the recoil and drift isn’t done automatically. You have to tinker around with the settings until you get it to the point where you see little to no recoil from the weapon fired. Once you have the weapon dialed in, you can save the settings for that particular gun. So it doesn’t seem like a long process to configure your mouse to every weapon in the game, you are allowed to make adjustments on the fly by double-tapping any of the mode select buttons.

While I’m still comfortable with a controller in my hand, I have to say that the Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse is a good peripheral at a great price. While most gamers will stick with Core1 and Core2, the addition of Core3 and its functionality brings another level of depth to this device not seen in other gaming mice. The requirement to pay for added functionality is a little off-putting, but considering it’s optional and you go into your purchases knowing that, it doesn’t take away from what you get in the package. If you are in the market for a solid gaming mouse at an affordable price, don’t look past Bloody’s line of gaming peripherals; especially the Multi-Core Gun3 Gaming Mouse.


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