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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Ubisoft
Developed By: Ubisoft Montreal
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1 (2-4)
Rated: M for Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs)
Release Date: December 4, 2012
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

January 21, 2013 - Ubisoft hit this one out of the park when they released this much awaited sequel. No one could have imagined how much fun this open-world game would really be. The story deals with the main character Jasonís transformation from normal everyday guy to a killer in order to protect his friends and family and save them from the monstrous pirates of Rook Island; a tropical retreat. The game begins with Jason escaping Vaas; the leader of the pirate gang who has kidnapped his friends and family.

Once you have escaped, the game teaches you the survival skills you will need in order to survive the island. You will learn how to scavenger for supplies, harvest plants, and craft items from animal skins. They teach you all of these things because they majorly impact how you can play the game so make sure you take advantage of all these things. Crafting items like a bigger wallet allows you to hold more money which will let you buy better weapons, bigger rucksacks lets you store more goods so there is a huge deal to learn this skills and practice them as often as possible.

The progression from everyday man who canít stand the sight of blood to one who relishes in it isnít rushed by Ubisoft. Itís a gradual progression that occurs the more and more that Jason kills. The more experience he has murdering the more adept he gets at doing it. From machete executions to firing pistols and throwing knives, Jason becomes a more efficient killer in order to save his brother, girlfriend and friends. And with the help of the Rakyat tribe, Jason gets better and better.

The gameplay for the game varies so greatly with the amount of options you have to know so you can play the game. This has always been a staple of the franchise and it gets better in Far Cry 3. You have many tactical choices during every mission on how you can take down targets. You can release tigers and bears that have been captured by the pirates from their cages and they will attack all the people in the outpost. You can also launch Molotovís or explosive barrels that will cause fires that will trap and burn the enemies in an outpost. Heck you can even release the animals and throw the Molotovís and set the animals on fire and they will burn and attack. Sounds crazy rightÖ it can be and will be as your exploring the island and trying to save the people you love. And for the people who donít want to get in the mix of things you can sit on a mountain and snipe everyone from a distance. Once you wipe everyone out the outpost is now yours and once you claim it you can now use the hub to buy weapons, accessories or use it as a selling spot. And you also gain the ability to fast travel to these spots which lets you navigate the island so much easier.

The sound design and graphics of the game are pretty darn good. Through the use of amazing voice acting and graphics the people seem a lot more realistic then just characters in a game. Being on an island trapped where you have no control over whatís going on tends to make you a bit kookoo and the characters in the game reflect this. Vaas has these outbursts that make you think ďman this guy is crazy.Ē Jason himself; you know his desperation and you can feel it and see it through his interactions with others. The environment across the entire island varies in presentation and detail. You will find areas that are lushes and very stylized, while other parts of the island looks like your typical backdrop.

Most games nowadays come with multiplayer to add extra play time to the games and keep people hooked into the adventure for a longer time. Normally the multiplayer tends to shine brighter than a lot of the single player campaigns when you think of games like Call of Duty. But this time around I think the single player campaign outshines the multiplayer. The combat in the multiplayer isnít as tactical as it is in the single-player, and the maps are kind of mushed and feel cluttered which makes navigating a bit confusing until you get use to layouts. Like a typical shooter when you level up you unlock more weapons and attachments. They donít stray too far away from what is normally offered in most shooter multiplayers.

The Co-op mode has more character-driven side missions that are more entertaining then long. The Co-op mode doesnít have the open world environment and goes with a more linear level design that lets you play with 3 or four players. You can play with less people but the difficulty is higher and is more frustrating because the enemies arenít scaled based on how many players are actually playing the mode. Most of all, the levels are designed to be played with four people and I suggest thatís how you play if you want to enjoy it more. I will say I enjoyed the story mode way more than the multiplayers but there always worth a try; you may find something you like about them.

Far Cry 3 explores the world of Rook Island, a tropical locale that seems like a great vacation spot until you get there and have to fight for your life. It explores how a man can go from normal everyday living to a monster who relishes killing people, but in the back of his mind heís doing it for a reason. Homicidal characters like Vaas makes you understand the kind of evil and demented personalities that Jason is going up against and you begin to want him to kill everyone he sees. With the addition of multiplayer and some co-op modes Far Cry 3 extends its gameplay and is always a welcome choice. While itís not the best multiplayer I have seen it is fun at times. So give Far Cry 3 a shot, you will definitely love Jasonís story.


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