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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4
Rated: M for Mature (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes)
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

November 16, 2012 - The downfall of continuing a series over many years is the ability to have flesh out new ideas, while at the same time please newcomers to the series. The origin of the Resident Evil franchise is of the survival-horror genre. I can recall playing the first game and always having to worry about ammo because there was hardly any in the game and tons of zombies limbering around trying to eat you. So using ammo sparingly and living on 10 bullets for a level or 2 and trying not to get eaten ramped up the tension and the fear. You just never knew what could be around the corner or if you should shoot or not. This is the kind of tension that people are used to and as the years have passed Resident Evil has slowly moved away from that due to the evolution and impact the first person shooter genre has had on the industry. No longer were people worried so much about tension from lack of ammo and flesh eating zombies, but was more interested in inflicting pain and taking out enemies in a hailstorm of bullets. This evolution in the video game industry is what has impacted all games including the Resident Evil Franchise. So when people have reviewed and talked about this game I donít think they take into account the social movement that fps has had on our gaming in the last 5-10 years and how Resident Evil 6 is an evolution in itself to catch up and integrate fps elements into its world. It is with that in mind that I will review this latest installment in the Capcom franchise.

Capcom breaks unusual ground in Resident Evil 6 with 3 co-op campaign missions all from unique perspectives that they wove together. The three campaigns are Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper, Chris Redfield and his partner Piers Nivens, and Jake Muller and Sherry Birkinís and once you have defeated their campaign missions on whatever difficulty you unlock a 4th mission which is Ada Wongís story. Leon and Helena mission involves chasing down the man who caused the latest outbreak, which lead to the death of the President of the United States. Their campaign is more of a Resident Evil experience that will feel reminiscent of RE4 or Re5. Chris Redfield and Piers mission revolve around Chris rejoining the BSAA and is more the COD kind of feel where they infiltrate and shoot up as many infected people and take out hideous monsters in boss battles. Jake and Sherry mission involves Sherry trying to get Jake to the researchers to make a cure for the C virus thatís infecting the world since his body holds antibodies for the virus. Once you have completed these missions you get a chance to do Adaís, which revolves around more of a stealth approach. She can get down and dirty with the rest, but she works behind the scenes and tends to get involved only when she has to. Getting down and dirty is what you have to do in this game. Shooting and attacking the Jíavo, the infected, the bosses can lead to them mutating. These mutations often result from shooting one of the infected in a certain area of their bodies and can lead to huge growths on their arms that form shields, or sword like appendages.

Thatís a lot of unique gameplay for one title. In all of the missions you can attack physically with melee attacks or you can use the weapons your given. Either way thereís a stamina meter that gets depleted when you perform your melee or quick shot attacks. This makes the experience more realistic in my opinion if you were out in the real world and fighting someone you canít punch forever without getting tired. This added tweak to the gameplay is kind of interesting but frustrating if youíre surrounded; you definitely wish you could punch and kick forever.

The use of Quick Time Events (QTEs) takes away from games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and even God of War franchise. However with Resident Evil 6, I believe they go way over the top on QTEs. Sometimes the QTEs are so random you will die a lot. You will be in a cutscene then walk a few steps and a quick time event is triggered and itís so out of nowhere that by the time you react you donít have enough time to perform it. I think Capcom would have been better served sticking to one kind of QTEs and make them tied to specific events and not randomly thrown in their by a developer who figured Ďhey it will be cool to have one here and then thereí. And speaking of cutscenes, wow thereís a lot in this game. I didnít run the math but it may give Metal Gear Solid 4 a run for its money. I understand what they were going for and trying to achieve and that was a Cinematic effect. A lot of first person shooters like Call of Duty tend to go huge with over the top set pieces with wide angle camera views to make you kind of feel like youíre in a movie while youíre watching these cutscenes. Capcom did a decent job with this but some of the cutscenes werenít really necessary especially considering how short some were. If youíre going to emphasize something in a cutscene then at least make it worth it and donít just do it to do it.

Thereís one major issue that this game suffers from and thatís the camera. All too often in games they can almost be perfect and the camera kills it for the player. Most of the time the issue is the camera is in a fixed spot that leaves a huge blind spot which ends up getting you killed. Resident Evil 6 doesnít suffer from this issue; it suffers from the fact that the camera has no clue what the heck it wants to do. For the most part youíre good when it comes to the camera but let you be running up stairs or away from a boss and your screwed. Often times when youíre going up stairs the camera is almost spinning around you causing a dizzying effect which doesnít allow you to be able to see whatís in front or behind you because a second or so later the angle changes. The running away from enemies is problematic also in that usually the camera focuses on behind you for the cinematic view for the chase scene. But having it for you to perform can be difficult at times because you canít see in front of you and when you attempt to change the angle your character is slowed down and you get caught up to.

One of the best things in Resident Evil 6 is your partner. If youíre playing with a friend or someone who decides to join you itís a fun experience and enjoyable because you can talk to the other person and help them out or they can run to your defense. But if you donít have anyone to play with you or you choose to go solo you wonít be disappointed either. In Resident Evil 5 co-op the AI was bullet happy they sprayed all there clips all over the place and always needed more ammo which took away ammo from you. In Resident Evil 6 the AI is improved greatly and you donít have to worry about them taking the ammo for themselves or leaving you stranded when overwhelmed by enemy forces.

Like most shooters or any game for that matter in this generation, you have the multiplayer. When you have a co-op game, you have a multiplayer experience limited to two to four people; depending on the game. RE6 has a bit more than just the co-op campaigns; mercenariesí mode returns in which you and a buddy can go head up with waves up enemies that you have to gun down before time expires. I liken this mode to zombies in the Call of Duty series. Thereís Agent Hunt mode where you can drop into someone elseís game and play as the enemy and earn points by taking them out. I played it a few times and attempting to stop someone else from completing the campaign can be fun but itís not as easy as it sounds considering youíre playing as a specific character, so your limited to whatever that character can do.

Gameplay aside Resident Evil 6 excels in the sound design and graphics. Amazing voice acting gives the story a lot of intensity and emotion. The sound effects when the infected mutated or are killed make you feel in it your bones. The squishy sound when you step on their heads to stop them once and for all. The graphics are top notched and fit the whole cinematic viewpoint that Capcom was going for. It looks like a movie in some of the cutscenes. When Leon and Helena burst out of a building and onto the streets you see swarms of the infected as the camera pans and as you jump down to them to make it through to safety the camera is overhead at an angle and you can see the detail on their faces as there trying to get to you.

Resident Evil 6 has its shortcomings where it comes to the camera angles and the QTEs. They both can be annoying and frustrating at times but they donít ruin the experience you have when playing the game. As I said before this game is a part of the evolution of the franchise. Most people will be slow to see this and change how they see the Resident Evil franchise. But with amazing graphics and sound design Capcom makes up for those issues. There will be some hiccups like the QTEs and camera problems but the game is still about survival and horror but with more action elements like most shooters. In order for something to grow it needs to change, in order for Resident Evil to bond with the new generation it needs to do the things that are liked and looked forward to which is why you can run and gun now instead of being stationary and shooting. While original fans of the franchise will miss the days of not having hardly any ammo and depending on typewriters to save your progress and having to horde those cause you werenít sure when you would get anymore, we need to realize itís still the same world, the same characters we love and are willing to go to war with. The only difference is how we interact with that world. change is coming and while there were growing pains in this game it is definitely worthy of being in the franchise and if youíre a fan or have ever wanted to play a RE game I definitely suggest picking this one up.


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