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Gaming Evolution
Published By: G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Enkord
Genre: Strategy
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: October 25, 2012
Screenshots: Link
iTunes: Buy Now!
Written By: Marcus Prunty

November 12, 2012 - Totem Tribe Gold is a casual strategy game from the folks over at G5 Entertainment and revolves around rebuilding the Hawk tribeís civilization after a comet struck the planet. With the planet in turmoil, everyone from the other tribes to creatures like killer mushrooms are fighting each other. You have to help bring harmony to the area.

Your tasks will range from building huts for the workers, to building barracks for soldiers for defense and building quarters for the scouts who explore the area. There is also a little bit of a hidden object twist in the game to help you advance. For instance there are stones that you have to find that are hidden around the island that you need in order to build a path across the water so you can further explore the island.

There are over 32 areas to explore so thereís plenty of gameplay to keep you busy. And as you progress in the story new items are made available to change up the gameplay. The visuals for the game are decent but then again this type of game doesnít need great visuals to accomplish its goal of making you want to play it. Another thing that can be annoying is the fighting between your fighters and other tribes or creatures. They tend to attack from separate areas at once unfortunately you canít do the same. However this isnít a deal breaker as I didnít lose too many of these battles even when it seemed I was outnumbered.

All in all G5 does a pretty good job with Totem Tribe Gold. It provides tons of hours of gameplay and has a nice blend of strategic gameplay with hidden object aspects. This game is casual gamers as it is pretty easy to beat. The game is free with a $2.99 full game unlock which I think is well worth the money. So give it a try and find some sacred totems and bring peace to the land and the Hawk Tribe.


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