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Published By: Slim Cricket
Developed By: Slim Cricket
Genre: Book & Reference
Players: 1
Rated: Everyone
Release Date: October 25, 2012
Screenshots: Link
Google Play: Buy Now!
Written By: Marcus Prunty

November 11, 2012 - The Witch With No Name is a nice interactive e-book made for children brought to you from the folks over at Reverb Games. The story is about a crabby witch who goes on a mission to find her lost name. When you donít know your name I can totally understand having anger issues; especially when all your neighbors are making jokes about it and giving you horrible names because itís funny. The witch isnít alone though or her desperation would be worse. She lives with her smart friend; a bat that goes on the mission with her to find ingredients for her crystal ball that she hopes will help her figure her name out.

There are a lot of interactive elements throughout the game that will engross you in the e-book. When youíre searching through the book you can tap on fireflies and this will light up the screen which makes the searching easier. There are puzzles like putting together the instructions that the witch accidently tore up. There is also the option of having the book narrated to you for children who canít quite read yet, or you can choose to read it yourself for those that are learning or can read. Also included are several minigames such as music playing game sort of like guitar hero and some as simple as tapping on the fireflies. Depending on the age of the person playing, you may want to raise or lower the difficulty setting so thereís not too much frustration.

The tilting of the device provides a 3D animation effect that gives you a unique perspective. Almost as if youíre in the story itself. The animations are very nice and if you choose narration the voice acting will be very pleasing and entertaining to the player. For only $4.99 this is definitely a steal so grab this interactive e-book and find out the witch's name and have fun on her adventure.


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