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Gaming Evolution
Published By: G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Big Blue Bubble
Genre: Hidden Object
Players: 1
Rated: 12+
Release Date: November 2, 2012
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

October 25, 2012 - G5 Entertainment once again goes CSI all over the hidden object genre. This new game is very reminiscent of Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion in that once again you control detective Carrie Chase as she is working a case involving drugs, crooked cops, and lots of dead bodies. This game does a good job of linking all of the scenes and the story together. One hidden object scene reveals clues which lead to the next scene which leads to the next and this is guided by a well thought out story.

G5 is once again at the top of their game with the visual aspects of the game. The scenes look highly detailed almost like high resolution photos. They also didnít intentionally hide items in the background like normal hidden object games do. For instance things like glasses and cups will be on tables or counters not on top of a painting or a high shelf. The items you are looking for will be in a realistic area where you would expect them to be in your own home. And everything is the size it would normally be it hasnít been altered by making it smaller or a weird color to where you couldnít see it.

With that all said and done, this game isnít easy; not in the least. Some puzzles are really hard; one of which was finding the ammo because itís small, and other items can be partially hidden from you making it difficult. But like CSI thereís forensic tools thatí can be used like flashlights, UV lights to find blood, magnifying glasses to zoom in on smaller items and even a brush for fingerprints. All these extra touches enhance the story and gameplay for the game.

A great CSI mystery is before you, with gorgeous scenes that need to be searched and explored to find evidence to figure out whatís going on and whose behind it. This game was nice to play and although there are some scenes that are incredibly hard to find the items you always have the hint system to help stop the frustration really quickly. So if you like hidden object games Masters of Mystery: Blood of Betrayal is a great one to play so check it out.


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