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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: EastAsiaSoft
Genre: Action, Maze
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: July 12, 2012
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

October 25, 2012 - Playing a game where you control a ship you instantly expect to be flying and shooting your way through a galaxy. EastAsiaSoft took that idea and said nope letís do a maze puzzle kind of game. And I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed playing it. You take over control of a ship that rotates and you have to navigate a bunch of mazes in order to make it home by making it to the wormholes.

The main objective of the game is to reach the wormholes at the end of the mazes. Navigating through tight spaces and around or defeating enemies when you can or have to be a must. Thereís more to the game then just that though as thereís also items you can collect and pick up while navigating the mazes. There are crystals that you can collect that raise your point totals, as well as health pickups that you will need if you bump into something or an enemy damages you, as well as status pickups that make it a little easier to get through the mazes.

The beauty of this game is the gradual difficulty increase that they use. Too often you play a game where they donít balance out the game correctly and you get frustrated early on with not being able to pass a level. However in this game, they did a good job of getting you use to piloting the rotating ship and avoiding obstacles. Early on in the game mostly walls are what you need to avoid, but as you progress through the game, things like lasers and bullets start coming your way and you still need to be wary of bumping the walls when you navigate past them. The controls for the game are simple you click on where the ship is and slide your finger where you want it to go. Click on it again to stop it and swipe again to change to where you want it to go next.

The game consists of 5 worlds that you will navigate through and these 5 worlds each have 20 levels within them. None of the levels are too long so if you do hit the walls or die you wonít lose that much progress. If you have to quit the game and head to work, school, sleep or just to do something else, the game AutoSaves so you wonít lose out on any progress. Each world has its own distinct music thatís mellow and calming and backdrop to distinguish themselves from each other. And there both look very great graphically as the colors are vibrant. The only downfall I found in the graphics is in some levels the pickups look a bit similar to bombs and enemies so there will be times you go to pick a powerup and it be an enemy or a bomb to blow you up.

With the simple controls as well as the huge amount of levels in this game I was a bit shocked to find it was a free game that can be fully unlocked for $0.99. And thereís also in app purchases of crystals and stuff if you like paying to win. I think most people wonít need to go that route. This game provides hours of fun and I definitely recommend it if youíre looking for a new game to give a try.


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