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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: TegTap
Developed By: TegTap
Genre: Arcade & Action
Players: 1
Rated: Low Maturity
Release Date: October 12, 2012
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

October 24, 2012 - When it comes to gaming on a portable device something fun, fast, and explosive is always a great thing. As soon as I loaded up Solar Warfare I was pleasantly surprised and excited to play this game. As soon as I begin playing I instantly was reminded of Star Fox which made me love this game. TegTap built a nice flying shooter. They throw you in a spaceship and you fly around blowing to hell a ton of enemy ships ending each level in a big boss battle. What more can you ask for in a game?

Solar Warfare is a beautiful game; the graphics are done very well. The many reflective surfaces like the water put you in awe at times. This coupled with really responsive controls make this a solid game. The use of tilt controls is nice. Thereís a boost button in the bottom left and you click on the screen and hold on the left side to hover the ship and click and hold on the right side to fire your guns. On the bottom right you have your missiles and in the top right of the screen you have a radar map which shows how many enemies are coming up. There are coins that you can collect and use to upgrade weapons as you go through the levels and they even included leaderboards to make you want to have better scores than your friends. Itís almost feels like a console or pc game in your hands.

With all thatís great with Solar Warfare, it does have a couple missteps that can be corrected in future games to make it even more impressive. While the graphics are good theyíre not great as the animations for when you destroy some of the ships arenít consistent. They should have been more explosive and over the top; maybe even flashing out towards the screen. And the music was a bit generic and plain and I wasnít sure what the story was for the game.

Tegtap did an excellent job with this game, is it perfect? No, but then no game is really perfect. For the mobile space in which this game is designed for it will survive and flourish well. If youíre looking for an entertaining shooter definitely pick this game up because for the price you will definitely enjoy it.


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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution
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