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Published By: G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Orchid Games
Genre: Hidden Objects
Players: 1
Rated: 9+ (Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence)
Release Date: September 13, 2012
Screenshots: Link
iTunes: Buy Now!
Written By: Marcus Prunty

October 8, 2012 - Normally when I sit down to play a new game on my iPhone, I usually look for something thatís going to entertain me and has a decent story. As inexpensive as most of the games tend to run, I didnít expect a console level story to be told to me via my iPhone screen. The story of Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch revolves around three women who go hiking to look for the ghost of Vanessa; a troubling situation happens, resulting in one of the three women getting hurt.

Playing as Marylynn looking for help for your friend, you come across a Cypress tree and a witch (Vanessa) who needs your help. The witch offers to help you save your friends if you do her a favor and help her get free of the curse that binds her to the tree. In order to help the witch you will have to travel through time and to different dimensions.

This game is another G5 title that is in the hidden object genre but is straying away from that gameplay style and moving more toward an adventure type game with puzzles mixed in. the hidden objects that you look for in each of those areas are not random items but useful items that you need to solve other problems and advance through the story. They also use other NPCís that you speak with to help advance the story or even help you solve parts of the story. There are puzzles you will come across that will require jumping back and forth through time to perform certain aspects of it. This is a very different kind of puzzle solving and is a very welcome addition to the gameplay.

The visuals for the game are stunning; itís hard to believe sometimes that youíre playing this game on a mobile device. The level of detail that is showcased on the screen, alongside the vivid colors, makes it a lot easier and sometimes frustrating to play the game. Some of the items are hard to find due to the high level of detail. The workaround for this is the hint system which is always included in games of this genre. There is also help for the puzzles in the game if you think there too hard after a brief time you are given the option of skipping or you can keep trying.

Spirit Walkers Curse of the Cypress Witch is another solid title from G5 Entertainment. They really have their fingers on the pulse of this genre and know when to change it up and when something just works. There are hardly ever any stumbles as you will enjoy playing this game. The game is a bit on the easy side but it will definitely entertain. So help Marylynn save her friends and free the witch go play this game. The game is free with a $4.99 full game unlock.


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