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Published By: G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Urchin Games
Genre: Hidden Objects
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: September 19, 2012
Screenshots: Link
iTunes: Buy Now!
Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 29, 2012 - The highs and lows of the video game industry are normal and part of everyday life. Games can’t always be the picture of “perfection,” though it’s something developers strive to with the best of their abilities. G5 Entertainment has a rare miss with La Jangada. Don’t get me wrong when I make that statement. I’m in no means saying this is a bad game or a crappy game, it is just not a great game like I’m used to seeing from them.

I have played quite a few games from G5. They’re the best in the business when it comes to hidden object games. When it comes to G5 releases, the story is an intricate part to the overall flare of the title. What separates this title from previous releases was the lack of a deep narrative. For the most part you’re trying to solve the mystery of your father being wrongly accused of murder. The use of cut scenes to further the story instead of puzzles doesn’t mesh well as I would have liked. The puzzles themselves are fun and different in that you get to put together jigsaw puzzles and solve anagrams. There is little in the way of hidden object puzzles throughout the game; something you would expect look at previous releases. I think G5 is moving away from hidden object only games and are going more towards adventure with this title. The issue I have with that is if you’re going to change it up like that, you need to have a more detailed story to make the experience more engaging.

The game itself is very easy; I couldn’t find a harder difficulty like I wanted. The game is as visually beautiful and highly detailed as most games from G5 are. The sad part is this level of detail does tend to make finding objects harder. But since the game is so easy all you have to do is randomly click on the screen and eventually you will find the items and there’s no penalty for random clicks as well as there’s no timer to make you feel a sense of urgency. If this seems to take you too long the hint system is always there. It reloads a bit on the slow side so patience is needed there if you really find yourself stuck.

Epic Adventures La Jangada is a decent game with entertaining qualities, though those qualities occur near the beginning of the game. The level of easiness when it comes to the gameplay and the rather bland story does provide entertainment value if what you’re looking for is a short adventure. Free in the app store helps and the fact that the full game unlock is only $2.99 makes it a bit more palatable. Had the full game unlock been $4.99 like a lot of their other titles I wouldn’t even suggest you get the full game. But at $2.99 it will be worth it to some, play the free version and if you like it definitely upgrades it.


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