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Gaming Evolution
Published By:
Developed By: Artifex Mundi
Genre: Hidden Objects
Players: 1
Rated: 9+ (Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes)
Release Date: September 6, 2012
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 25, 2012 - Pirates returning from the grave make you a bit reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies starring Johnny Depp. Whatís even more interesting is that nowadays when it comes to stories about Pirates, that franchise and famous actor are the first things to come to mind. But Johnny Depp has never kidnapped a museum ownerís daughter and thatís what happens in this spooky title from G5 Entertainment. As the long dead pirate drags the daughter back to his spooky ghost ship we begin an adventure that only G5 can bring us in this hidden object genre title.

As of late G5 has been making it a habit of blending adventure game type puzzles in with their hidden object games to liven up the genre and keep it from being stale and boring. Nightmare from The Deep: The Cursed Heart mixes thing up pretty well; for the first time that I have seen you have the option of completing a mini-game or searching for hidden objects one of which is a Mahjong Solitaire game. At first I wasnít sure how to feel about that I really hadnít seen it before but it is a welcome change and does keep things interesting. And with around 40 different locations to explore and 39 hidden object puzzles this gives you a lot of time to be distracted and play.

As diverse and long as this game is, it tends to suffer from what a lot of games in this genre suffer from and thatís lack of difficulty. There are two modes to the game Regular and Expert mode. In Regular Mode you can tap the screen however many times as you search for hidden objects and the game doesnít penalize you for this. The hint and skip button feature recharges fast, a little less than a minute when I was playing. In Expert mode youíll be penalized for randomly pressing the screen when you canít find the objects and the hint and skip feature take a little longer to recharge. But no matter the difficulty the game is still plenty easy due to the fact that you have the hint and skip feature still available to you. I would like to see a future hidden object game that removes those features on the harder difficulty that way youíre actually playing the game the hard way and not on a slightly longer time delay.

While the lack of difficulty may turn people off to the idea of playing the game, the story is pretty solid and when it comes to these kinds of games in general G5 is the best at providing you a unique experience. A way to get around the lack of difficulty is simply not to use the hints and skip feature no matter what mode you play in and you will have a higher sense of accomplishment once you beat the game. The graphics and sound design are pretty good. With an in-app purchase of 4.99 for the collectorís edition of the game this is solid buy and should be played.


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