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Published By: Activision
Developed By: Infinity Ward
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-2 (2-32 online)
Rated: M for Mature (Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Language)
Release Date: November 10, 2009
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

September 11, 2012 - The Call of Duty franchise has always set the bar for the first-person shooters genre. Its action-packed and immersive environments have influenced the industry for years. Infinity Wards new game expands upon its recent foray into modern combat and is not stuck in the nostalgia that was WWII. Traversing to new regions of the world and going beyond what other military games were willing to show; the real brutality of war up close and way too personal is what the new games are all about. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this game, the pre-orders sharply increased and smashed records but does the game live up to this hype and provide an amazing experience that makes you want to come back for more?

Modern Warfare 2 is broken up into three main modes, the single player campaign, the multiplayer mode, and the new Spec Ops mode. The single player campaign is always the focus when I play a game. I like to dabble in the other modes but the heart of the game to me should always be the single player campaign. For the most part Infinity Ward dropped the ball with the story mode because is too short, missions seem over the top and hard to follow at times. It’s as if they wanted to make the game in a similar vein to the Uncharted series with high production values and a cinematic flare. They did a good job graphic-wise trying to get to that Uncharted level, but as far as the story; they did not quite hit the mark there.

One of the good things about the single-player campaign is that it puts into the action as if you were a real soldier. The firefights are intense and fly by; most of the story is told via cutscenes. There isn’t any emotional connection between you and the characters because the game bounces you around from place to place, never spending too much time with each character. It tends to feel more like you are playing a bunch of random missions. The single-player campaign revolves around trying to hunt down Makarov and Rojas, as they’re creating havoc all over the globe.

There is one emotional moment in the game that has gotten huge amounts of attention and that is the airport mission, “No Russian”. Now if you haven’t heard about this mission it is the one where you have infiltrated Makarov’s unit, and you and the rest of the team must shoot up an airport killing everyone that you come across. Now if you have played first-person shooters before, let me tell you that you have never experienced a moment quite like this. These are not soldiers or enemy combatants these are normal everyday people just looking to catch their flights home or for work or for vacation. There is a visceral feeling in your gut when you are forced to mow down people who cannot defend or protect themselves. In addition, what this goes to show is that in war the innocent are not safe and will suffer during conflicts. This can be a bit too much for some people so Infinity Ward included the ability to skip this controversial mission, which I am sure some people will appreciate greatly.

While I like to consider the single-player mode the meat and potatoes of a game many people nowadays have their best game experiences playing with their friends either online or locally. While Infinity Ward may have dropped the ball with the single-player campaign, there are still two other modes that save the day. Spec Ops debuts and is an arcade-inspired challenge mode that can be played for the most part as a single player, but does have several co-op challenges. Spec Ops is broken into five tiers where you try to gain stars based on difficulty level across 23 missions. Several of the environments are rehashes from the single-player campaign, however the objectives you have to accomplish and the way they layout the level is new. For those people who like to compare their scores and how well they performed against their friends they will be disappointed due to the lack of leaderboards. Lack of leaderboards will not keep you from playing this game mode, as it is highly addictive and fun. The sad part is that Spec Ops is a bit longer then the single-player campaign and is a much better experience then the arcade mode that you could unlock in the original Modern Warfare.

While Spec Ops and the single-player campaign makes for a solid experience, Modern Warfare 2 wouldn’t be complete without its real meat and potatoes, the online multiplayer. In Modern Warfare 2, we see a huge upgrade from the original. The graphics for the multiplayer have been seriously overhauled. The maps are huger and it feels more like the single-players expanded. The class system makes a return and brings with new weapons, perks and kill streaks that expand upon the previous game. The multiplayer is balanced pretty well, which allows players of differing skill levels to play with each other and still contribute. The amount of content that Infinity Ward threw in the multiplayer will have you playing this game for months or perhaps even until Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

All in all Modern Warfare 2 is a major upgrade to the original. The improve game engine helps create immersive environments that do a great job of mirroring what the actual locals would look and feel like. The sound design is boosted greatly by the music and sounds help ratchet up the action and intensity. You are on edge during all the firefights and even in between. This coupled with the graphics make Modern Warfare 2 the best first person shooter out. The single-player campaign will take you around 7 hours at max and that is if you are a novice in the FPS genre. However, this is not that big a deal once you add in the highly addictive Spec Ops mode. In addition, once you have polished off those two modes there is the online multiplayer and all I can say about that is OMG. You will spend months playing this mode trust me. With all the perks, kill streaks and leveling up you will be prestiging over and over again. If you do not have this game, buy it! This game is definitely not a rent especially if you are big on playing with your friends. This is a must have in your game collection.


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