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Published By: G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Joy Bits
Genre: Hidden Object
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: August 16, 2012
Screenshots: Link
iTunes: Buy Now! (iPhone/iPod), Buy Now! (iPad)
Written By: Marcus Prunty

August 19, 2012 - When I first saw this title load up and saw the news report of a chemical spill wreaking havoc all over the place and strange creatures, popping up, I was like wow this sounds like an interesting story. The story of Bigfoot has been around for a long time and has many people obsessed about it, so I was definitely interested in playing this game because I am one of those people. Therefore, you are trying to find out if the sightings are real or not. Is this really happening because of the chemical spill or is this the work of protestors trying to get attention from the rest of the world in order to get them mad at the Axeswim Chemical Corporation for the spill. Developed by Reflexive Entertainment and JoyBits; brought to the iPhone by G5 Entertainment.

The game starts off with a reporter named Linda who spots something in her backyard and makes her go in search of whatís really going on as she puts her life and safety on the line. This is not your normal hidden object game where you are given a huge list of items to find that are random and not even useful and make you question why you have to look for them in the first place. In this game, the objects usually have dual purposes and you have to use them with other objects you find to get a certain task done. For instance, when you first meet Linda she seems to be trapped in a house and you do not know how or why she is there. One of the first objects you have to find is firewood. Well firewood is usually use to build a fire, so you take the firewood and places it in the fireplace. Next item you have to find is a match to light the fire and once you find that, you use it on the fireplace and you get a fire that lights up the room youíre in. Many of the areas you go to are a lot like that finding objects that you need to use with other items.

Hidden object games have been evolving lately and G5 has been one of leading developers/publishers pushing the genre. A hidden object game in itself tends to get boring after a while. Clicking and searching for items can only entertain for so long but the addition of a riveting storyline helps greatly. However, the addition of a secondary mission helps even more. For instance in this game as your searching the forest and areas for Bigfoot or the truth, you encounter several animals that need to be rescued. Once you rescue them, you have to feed them which helps break up the monotony of the hidden object search, which is greatly appreciated at times.

The graphics for this genre seem to be getting better with every new foray into the style. It also helps that the phones themselves are improving; higher quality screens, more memory and powerful processors all aid in the growth of this genre. The sound design for the game is good as well. The music goes well with the game however, I noticed in the news reporting scenes that the audio was out of sync with the onscreen picture(s). Other than that, I did not notice any other issues with the sound.

This game is pretty good considering itís free and worthy of a play. If you are a fan of the hidden object genre, you definitely want to see the latest from G5. Some gripes that I had with the game other then the sound being off in spots are; the handholding that happens in the game as well as the taking care of the animals. What I mean by handholding is the game is a bit on the easy side. A choice between two difficulties; one for beginners and an advanced mode, would have been a welcomed addition. If you need to know where to put items once you find them there is a tiny sparkle onscreen where you use the item as well as the hint system that refreshes a bit on the fast side. The animal rescuing; as I said earlier breaks up the monotony but it can be annoying to have to feed them once you rescue them. However, those two things aside, the story is solid and I had fun playing the game so check it out.


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