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Published By: 7sixty
Developed By: Qooc Soft
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Release Date: July 24, 2012
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99 (Steam)
Written By: Matthew Prunty

August 3, 2012 - Intro – While mainstream titles like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and many more get all the attention from media outlets around the world, the indie like titles that come out alongside these giants seem to have a greater appeal to the average gamer. Instead of conforming to what everyone else is doing, developers like Shanghai-based Qooc Soft is looking to carve their own niche within the industry through creative endeavors that are more than simple eye candy. The resulting entity for this developing studio is Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise.

You are in control of General Loh as you travel through war-torn China, which is trying to be claimed by three distinct groups – Tian Empire, Shaa Empire and a band of rebels – all who won’t stop at nothing in order to obtain supreme power and rule over China. Instead of visiting each faction one at a time in order to quell this situation, you will be engaging with all three factions at once through a myriad of battles to test ones resolve. Some battles will have you fighting one-on-one, while other will put you against at least a dozen men at one time. And unlike traditional action games, when fighting a group of foes, expect to take all of them on at once and not one at a time. At times you will be put in unfair battles with your enemies wielding staffs, bombs or even shuriken and you only have your hands and feet to defend yourself with.

One thing that I like about Kung Fu Strike; which also can be a problem for those who like to button mash, is the use of only four buttons. These buttons control your attacks, blocks, escape and jumping. While this is certainly not a problem when playing on a keyboard, you will find the fighting more enjoyable with a gamepad in your hands as you will be able to use either the Dpad or left analog stick in order to control your movements. Early on in the game, you can almost get away with spamming the attack button, however if you decide to play on normal or hand, expect your opponents to block and/or parry your attacks on a consistent basis. There will also be moments when you are taking one person and get attacked from behind.

Lucky for us and General Loh, all his training and countless battles on the battlefield weren’t for nothing. How you do on the battlefield in terms of fighting and collecting random items that have been dropped on the battlefield, determine how you are score in the game. The points you are given access to allow you to beef up Loh’s fighting knowledge, which is very important for the later battles and even your boss encounters. You will also be able to summon comrades to help fight on your behalf, which is definitely a necessity when fighting on the latter levels; especially on hard. When you first acquire this ability, you will only be able to summon two additional fighters, however has you beef up this skill, you will soon be able to summon several comrades to the battlefield, which will allow you to focus on the main opponent without having to worry about being attacked from behind.

Right off the bat you will notice that Kung Fu Strike doesn’t follow the path of popular IPs currently on the market. Instead of going for over-the-top action with visuals more realistic that you or I, they tap into their own culture in order to create a visuals style that appeals to your senses. Chinese paintings like “Spring Morning in the Han Palace,” and “Nymph of the Luo River” spark inspiration for this talented developer in laying the foundation for what is Kung Fu Strike. Thick black brush strokes line your attacks, in a similar move to Capcom’s own Street Fighter IV. Backdrops are diverse and looked like they were taken straight out of a painting. Character models are detail. Most of the story will be given through black and white picture Cutscenes, which are very stylized and fitting to world of Kung Fu Strike.

All in all, Kung Fu Strike is a fun, frustrating and rewarding experience. No matter how capable you feel, there will be an opponent or opponents that will test your resolve and often enough have you on the defensive more than you would like. Paying attacked to the alert you get when an enemy is about to attack and learning how to block/deflect attacks will mean the difference between enjoyable experiencing and a frustrating one. With the inclusion of local co-op and an online vs. mode, you know this is one experience you won’t have to play on your own. At the price of only $10, it’s hard not open your pocket book and purchase this entertaining romp into the kung fu world.


Review copy provided by the publisher.

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