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Published By:G5 Entertainment
Developed By: Fenomen Games
Genre: Puzzle Adventures
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: June 14, 2012
Screenshots: Link
Price: Free
Written By: Marcus Prunty

July 8, 2012 - The ever-growing genre of Hidden Object games has really expanded a great deal in the last year or so. Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is one of the newer games in this ever-evolving genre. In this title from G5 Games, it deals with every motherís worse fear; their child going missing. In Lost Souls a painting is delivered to this womanís door. The mother and her son love the painting so much that they decide to hang it in her sonís room. She hears his voice during the middle of the night calling out for her and when she rushes to his room, he is gone and his image has taken the place of the original painting. She attempts to get help from the police but there no help. She finds a fortuneteller who begins her on the journey of getting her son back by going through the original painting. Unfortunately, the painting is ripped to shreds and pieces are spread and scattered to other worlds that can be visited through other paintings hence where the real adventure begins.

The gameplay of the game amounts to going to each world and having to accomplish a goal in order to get a piece of the painting so the mother can put the original painting back together. Saving people and restoring the water are some of the goals that have to be done in order to earn piece of the painting. When you read this, you are thinking that this is an adventure game but it is still a hidden object game where you are looking at a beautiful image and finding the assortment of items and words to accomplish these goals. The usual hint system is in play in case you are stuck and not sure, what to do next or where your next item is which helps make the games a bit easier especially if you get stuck a lot.

G5 Games does an excellent job in this game of breaking up the standard hidden object portions and adding puzzles. These are a welcome refresh from your search for hidden objects and words but can be a bit frustrating. However, they always seem to be optional in these kinds of games because they usually always have the ability to where you can skip them. Never quite understood why they allow you to be able to skip them it is almost as if they added them as an afterthought and decided maybe some of them are too hard so letís allow the players to skip them. There is also another aspect of the game they have where you have to do these other tasks where you find objects and you have to use them to progress the story. This is usually in most of the newer style of hidden object games and sometimes it is as simple as finding a key and putting it in a door to open it, or wiping off paintings to be able to access them.

The graphics for the game are impressive they look good and vivid. There are various worlds and they all look different with different creatures that will remind you of many fantasy stories that you have read. I love the music its very dreamy fantasy like and I think pulls it all together with the graphics.

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings has a lot going for it. The visuals and sound design is very good and makes you want to play the game. G5 Games breaks up the monotony of the hidden object game with puzzles and tasks and goals to keep you interested. The actual storyline of a mother searching for her missing son is engaging and makes you want to find out if her son is ok and what happened. While there is an easy and expert mode neither one is all that challenging especially if you use the hint system to help you out it refreshes fast no matter what difficulty you are playing on. As the new wave in mobile gaming a lot of stuff can be purchased in the app. Standard edition of the game will run you 2.99, while there is a Collectorís edition that is 4.99 which gives you screensaver, some wallpapers and other goodies that you get once you beat the game and are unlocked. I think if you like this game the Collectorís Edition is definitely worth it. If your into the hidden object genre you can usually never go wrong with a G5 game so check this one out its worth the time.


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