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Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: September 27, 2005
Written by: Grim777

Now ever since games existed, there has been many different type genres of games.... Adventurers, Puzzlers, Platformers and many, many more exist. Then there was Survival games. I am sure many people enjoy watching reality show, so why wouldn't people enjoy something a bit similar...perhaps Survival games. Games that revolve around you keeping a character alive from any harm always give a rush of adrenaline to the player when something may happen and can be very enjoyable much like the game I will be previewing today, Lost in Blue for the DS!

Survival Kids was a game released for the Gameboy in November 1999, which back then had contained a very interesting concept, Survival. Basically you were trapped on an deserted island but with one goal, survive. Many people enjoyed this genre of game and Konami set out to make sequel to this great game. Survival Kids 2 eventually came out only a year apart from the first Survival Kids, and SK2 came out in July 2000 only in Japan. This made fans upset and who would of guessed it would take Konami nearly five years to make a better game, and now, in only a few more weeks we will have it, Lost in Blue DS!

Lost in Blue will still have the concept of Survival Kids, but now that technology has improved, so has Konami and Lost in Blue. This game will focus more on the dual screens the Nintendo DS has to offer, while still allowing that same feel and gameplay Survival Kids 1 and 2 offered. So fans of the old series will love this, while newcomers in this serie, or even genre say the least will be impressed. Many improvements will be done and anything wrong with Survival Kids will be fixed, and if it isn't, I won't know why since this game took nearly five years of waiting!

The story of Lost in Blue is pretty basic, and pretty much the same concept as Survival Kids. A violent, strong storm destroys your ship, and you get thrown into the raging sea..You enter a state of near death experience, then you will get a miracle, you wash up on the shore of a abounded island and it's up to you if you will survive or not in this mysterious island. Essentially you need to find any item that could be used to your advantage, from lumber to berries and time will tell if you will actually survive and be rescued, or you just die without anyone knowing. The first day you play the game, you will need to find the proper things to live in, a shelter, food and water, and rest. After your first rigorous day of survival, you will eventually see a raft wash up in the shore. Inside the raft is a girl in as bad as shape as you were when you washed up and her name is Skye. Skye and you will have to work together to both survive in this island. Your choices and actions will make the difference from life, and death.

Having a partner helps you a bunch in the game. Skye will be able to give you some of your human needs for she can cook, and make baskets and rope, and you will be able to retrieve the food, and also help her. Konami somewhat stereotyped a girl's job and a boy's job but then again it is just a game. Certain obstacles will be put against you, and you will need to know your way around the island for if you need to cross over the coastline, you will need to wait till the river settles and the exposed rocks will help you get across also when the tide goes down, you will be able to collect the certain seafood that get washed up on shore, like crabs, and lobsters. I am guessing this game will be using real time so I wouldn't get this game if you are looking for a pick up and play game for this game will need time to complete and to get a good experience with this game.

The gameplay of Lost in Blue is probally what sets this apart from most DS games for it has very different elements to it. For instance, when playing the game you will need to monitor and keep track of yours and Skye's health, you will need to constantly check howmuch energy, food and water you have and not doing so can be deadly. Also the monitor will keep track of howmany days you have been on the island and the time. You will have to put down Nintendo everytime and check on Sky and you! To increase your stamina and food and water, you must eat food, keep hydrated and get enough rest to keep you going for the whole day. Simple you say? Well the monitor is much more intertwined and complicated then that. If you eat a lot and have a daily rest but don't keep yourself or Skye hydrated enough, you will not be able to eat so you need to be sure to cover all of your needs.

The second big gameplay element and probally most recognizable area is the survival aspect. Bringing back food and getting the nessacary supplies will keep you living longer and surviving longer, any mistakes or problems will have to be taken into consideration, so if you forget to bring back food, both Skye and yourself will suffer cause of your lacking in help. Your teamwork will need to flow and working together is the big aspect of this game you need to put attention to. Inventory is also another big part of gameplay, collecting items like maybe lumber, food, water and other important surviving mechanisms is needed. So you will frequently be needing to go out by yourself to collect items. The more the merrier, and well the more the more chances you have against achieving the odds put against you.

Now for graphics of Lost in Blue. I am sure many of you will be a tad bit disappointed since these aren't the best graphics the DS is capable of, but I am sure you will live with them, and they aren't to bad either. The texturing seems a little lacking in some areas of the game, for instance the various landscapes won't be too realistic. Also the character modeling looks kind of like Lego people, but the rendering is pretty nice. Hopefully Konami will take this to consideration for the final version of the game, since the graphics aren't mindblowing, but I guess the gameplay is what matters in the game. Even the lighting isn't too great, and anyone can tell not much effort is being put into this area of Lost in Blue.

The use of Touch Screen makes me a happy camper. Lost in Blue will be using the Touch Screen of the DS at many stages of the game, so even though some capabilities won't be put to good use in Lost in Blue, some will take major advantages to created a good experience. Some parts of the game when you use the Touch Screen is like when you are fishing, you get a spear and when you see fish in the river, pierce a fish by jabbing your stylus into the fish. Another time in the game, you will be able to play the furniture making game, which you will have to quickly trace the symbols put at hand with the stylus, also when hunting you can pull your bow with the Touch Screen, then aim good and hopefully you can take down your prey!

Some parts in the game you will need to use both the Microphone and Touch Screen feature, for example you can first get yourself a set of twigs, and begin rubbing them together with your stylus. Once a spark or two fly, you can fuel the embers by blowing into the Microphone Port, creating the fire. A bit challenging I would say the least. But it seems a ton of fun and I can't wait to make a few fires of my own!

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