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Published by: Midway Games
Developed by: Pipeworks Software
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-2
Release Date: Spring 2006
Written by: Matt D.

Also on the PLaystation 2 consoles...

Rampage is not the most well known game franchise but it does have a place in video game history. I remember playing the game on my friends house on his N64. We had so much fun demolishing things and I think for those who think the game is stupid should give the game a chance. The popular franchise started in the arcades in the late '80s and put you in control of one of three mutants, Lizzie, Ralph, and George, who are doing what massive mutated creatures do: run around and demolish stuff. Lizzie is the gargantuan lizard, Ralph is the enormous wolf and George is a massive ape. The series got a face-lift in the late '90s with Rampage: World Tour (an N64 exclusive), a graphical update of the sprite-based original that featured rendered incarnations of the trio. World Tour was also an example of the Nintendo Power article 2-D or not 2-D. Rampage was a game that showed what a 2-D game was capable of. Rampage: Total Destruction marks a new look and a brand-new direction for the series that adds to the core gameplay in some promising ways.

From Rampage: World Tour (N64

The game is being developed by Pipeworks Software, which has monster-meets-metropolis credits with Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. Unlike the Godzilla games Rampage gives Pipeworks the freedom to give this game a comedic feel. Of coarse its Rampage, its meant to be funny. Like the original, gamers can unleash their inner beasts by playing as George, Lizzie, Ralph. And this time there are even more monsters to unlock and play as. More monsters equals more destruction and chaos. There was only one video released to the public of the game. The video also only had 2 controllable characters. One was old time favorite, George (the giant ape) and the other was a completely new character. It was a merman who clearly had some relation to the Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Rampage isn't a complex game at all. The object is to run rampant destroying skyscrapers, fell helicopters, and eat a few hapless citizens. Yes the gameplay is well destroy and have fun doing it, while having a wonderful Roast Human for dinner, yum. You'll be able to punch buildings and climb up them and bash them from the top down. In addition, you can use cars you pick up as blunt objects to speed up your destroying. A secondary meter onscreen lets you power yourself up so you can do more damage for a limited time. As before, you can chomp on civilians running from the building for dear life to keep yourself healthy and entertained. But you won't have free rein over the city, as local military forces will be on hand to try to stop you (emphasis on "try". Classic Rampage action, gotta love it.

Rampage: Total Destruction is slated to ship in the spring of next year for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. At the moment it appears it will retail for $19.95. Being a Rampage fan I have to get this game, and I all hope you give this crazy, wild game a chance as well.

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