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Publish By: Gamistry
Developed By: Gamistry
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1
Rated: 4+
Release Date: February 23, 2012
Screenshots: Link
iTunes: Buy Now!
Written By: Marcus Prunty

May 19, 2012 - It never tires playing with cute little characters that put things in their mouths. In Munch time by Gamistry, you play as a loveable little guy named Munch who is green and reminds me of a gecko with who will swing from flowers to feed himself. This is a physic-based platformer that requires you to swing and collect three stars on each level with a nice slug meal to finish it off with.

In the beginning levels, as usual it is easier and gets progressively more complicated as you advance. Some levels I played several times repeatedly and could never quite figure out how to get all of the stars but the good thing is you do not need all three to advance to the next level. Munch cannot jump or climb so once you land on the ground all you can do is run back and forth; but if you happen to fall in a little spot, unless you can reach a flower the level is over for you. So planning your next move is important. Munch long sticky tongue is your weapon to swing back and forth so you can reach the stars and your slug meal. The speed and momentum you have from swinging with your tongue will let you reach farther flowers or fling yourself somewhat over a distance.

The downfall to the game is that flowers can only be used once unless they are permanently rotating ones, so there is no real backtracking that can be done in most of the levels. To add a bit of spice in later levels, there are cannon flowers that will shoot Munch like a cannon ball. In the early levels, everything is benign in that there is no way to die just a way to be stuck, but in later levels there are spiked walls and pits that will kill our loveable little guy.

This is a good puzzle game and the graphics and animation are sharp. They look good and pleasant to the eye as your playing. The game is listed in the appstore for a $1.99 for the HD version and $0.99 for the regular version and I assume this means that you get access to more levels over the lite version. However, this game is not hardcore enough to purchase the full version over the lite version. The main reason I say this is a flaw in the game. The stars are not a necessity to pass each level getting the slug is. The stars are just a collectible that people who like that type of thing will play for hours upon hours to get them all. Once you notice that you do not need them the game gets a hell of a lot easier just swinging from flower to flower to get the slug. Therefore, my suggestion is get the lite version of the game if you like it enough then grab the paid version(s). You can blast through the game in a half hour of fun or hours of competitiveness in reaching for the stars.


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